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Money-Saving Tips for Surviving the Recession or any Financial Emergency

It is important for us to know how we are going to manage ourselves during times of recession or financial emergency. This means that we should always have a backup plan with our finances, because during those times, it is very difficult to make any considerable income. Managing finances is not everyone’s cup of tea, and especially those of us that have the habit of impulse buying. It becomes very hard to save for anything when we end up spending more than we had budgeted for. It therefore requires a great sense of discipline when one is saving their money, since one has to avoid falling into temptation. In this article, we are going to look at money saving tips for surviving the recession or any other financial emergency.

Money-Saving Tips for Surviving the Recession or any Financial Emergency

Identify all your monthly expenses

Those little things that you overlook are the ones that drive your expenses up without you even knowing it. You need to identify what your expenses are, from rent, utilities, cell phone bills, the number of vehicles that you use. You could reduce the other vehicles and only use one to save some money. You need to know what your children’s extra-curricular activities are costing you, what your own social activities are costing you. You can cut down on some of the ones that you don’t really need, even stopping or reducing those party nights out with friends.

Establish a budget

It is important for people to have a budget, although it could take some time getting used to when you’re not used to working on a budget. You should not be in the sort of situation where the moment that you get your paycheck, you pay your bills and realize that there’s nothing left. With that, you’ll never be able to make it through the recession, since they won’t have any savings.

Utilize a paycheck planner

If you rely on a paycheck, it is good to always have a paycheck planner to help you plan on how you’ll spend the money when you get it. If you have an insurance payment that you’re supposed to make, you can set out some money for it every month, so that when it finally comes, you don’t have to dip into credit. That won’t be making any progress in the right direction at all.

Econsult Solutions Inc.

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If you’re an organization that is looking for ways to make it through the recession, you might want to seek the services of ESI. They will look into your financial situation and advise you on the best path to take for you to remain on top of things.

Root for Yourself When on A Trip!

You surely won’t wish for a journey after which you come up with nothing, and that would bring no change to your state of mind. Therefore, as far as trips are concerned most acknowledged fact about that is they are for relaxation and alter the daily routine to gain positivity.

Nothing else is going to assist you in this scenario. You got to lend a hand to yourself so that you can live every moment of it. You will have to keep your thoughts on a positive track to get most out of your trip even if you have all the marbles.

However, keep a record of everything that is related to your trip and doesn’t miss out the slightest chances of getting fullest of your journey. Just make a little effort and hinge on finding ways to do things better in your professional life as well.

Root for Yourself When on A Trip!

Plan everything in advance:

A trip without planning can leave you in an unpleasant situation. To skip out on such scene, give a big chunk of your time to the planning phase. Planning is itself a fun part. Talking about the joy will boost your pleasure. However, you might find it troublesome at some point, and that is where you can take help from a vacation club. Leave everything on the Occidental Vacation Club, if you choose to go somewhere near water. They know it exactly how to get you to your dream vacation.

This club takes you to whole new level if you become a member of their club, that too without cutting your corners on something. Holidays become more relaxing when everything is just planned as you imagined. As a member, you get all their services at discounted prices and their team members take care of everything. Occidental resorts are in various locations and the benefits you would enjoy, include bonus time discounts, car rentals at discounted price, yacht access, golf club access, spa discounts, and much more.

Keep the necessary gears ready:

You are going to need various equipment if your trip includes some adventurous activities. An essential gear one shouldn’t forget a camera. Others can be snorkel mask for sea diving; tree stands for tree climbing, a backpack for hiking, a first aid kit, et cetera. Nobody is going to take care of the necessary gadgets but you. Carrying all this can make the trip a lot easier and more fun.

Say Goodbye to hassle:

We go to the trips to recharge our batteries. That is only possible when you get all the stress out of your mind and body. It boosts your energy level when you care more about yourself, doing new things that bring happiness. You are supposed to say goodbye to your routine when you are on a trip. Your holidays wouldn’t turn out to be productive if your routine keeps on intriguing upon.

Split off from internet devices:

You won’t be able to enjoy the most of your vacation if you do not reduce your online time. Spend more time on exploring the place. Staying online and sharing things is not really unavoidable. Capture the incredible scenes and make videos that you can share with your friends when you get back.

Do new things:

Enjoy the adventures you have not experienced before. Doing new things mean learning something new as well. Get with the sports such as kayaking if your holiday spot is a beach. Doing some physical exercises would help you stay active and have fun during your stay and even after.

The Link Between Democracy and Safety

Democracy is very important for the wellbeing of a community including its safety. When members of the community do not receive democracy then they are susceptible to do acts that compromise safety of the community. When citizens feel that their democratic rights are violated, they will cause protests or react in a way that will make sure they are heard. Unfortunately some of these acts may be destructive and m ay have a lot of negative effects.

When democracy is practiced, then citizens will feel they have freedom to make the decisions they want and will make them feel accountable for their actions hence are less likely to violate safety.

Freedom Citizens

With a functioning democracy, citizens have freedom, more opportunities, prosperity and a comfortable life. That will make them to live at peace with the surroundings. Most people are at war because of lack of freedom. Most people crave for freedom to be able to make the decisions they want and live where they want.

Where democracy is practiced, there is a sense of protection whereby people from the minority group or women have sense of entitlement to access what they want just like anyone else. They have the right for protection against assault and infringement and have the right to participate in politics and hold top leadership positions just like anyone else.

Democracy creates equality and fairness. As humans, it is natural to crave for equality and fairness and that is why democracy is important. If people have a feeling they are treated with equality and fairness than they are likely to be more confident with their surroundings and live with harmony and thus ensuring peace and safety in the surroundings. Before the law, we are entitled to equality and fairness, and everyone has the right of expression to express themselves as they wish.


As seen above, democracy is important in that it ensures everyone gets freedom, security, equality and fairness hence equal chance of opportunities. It is only through democracy that we can be able to ensure there is harmony in the society.

It is the importance and need for democracy that led to the formation of some organizations such as Foundation for defense for democracies was formed to make sure that democracy is practiced and everyone can get to exercise their democratic rights. The foundation has different programs and activities to make sure it can be able to achieve its goal. It has done this successfully and the leaders who may plan to deny others democracy may be prosecuted hence it reduces the chance of that kind of behavior. The foundation runs across different countries and is not limited to Israel alone. It however focuses its operations on countries where Islamic extreme groups exist and where democracy is not practiced. The fruits of the foundation can be clearly seen as there is now a higher record of democracy than it was a few years ago and the situation is getting better.

Survival Tips to Avoid Insects While You Are on A Hiking Adventure

Hiking involves long adventurous journeys which may include long walks, climbing the hill or mountains and taking long walks on trails along the country side. Hiking is a healthy exercise. It keeps you physically fit and mentally active. Outdoor hiking makes you fresh. It keeps you close to nature. Hiking is way better than gym exercises.

Trekking can help you burn calories, depending upon the weight of the backpack you are carrying and incline which you’re ascending or descending. This activity makes you happier and healthier. When you are on your trip, you must take care of some important factors. You must have all the essentials which you might be needing during your hiking. You should have first aid kit in your bag. A person new to hiking must be prepared for the worst. He should not take long adventures.

Survival Tips to Avoid Insects While You Are on A Hiking Adventure

One thing you must keep in mind while going in woods, and that is how to prevent yourself from bugs out there. Bugs can be very dangerous. There are a number species of insects around the World. Every bug is different, and if it bites you, the result is unknown. So you must know, how to take care of yourself from those. Read some safety precautions you may take to protect yourself:

  • Properly dress up yourself. Take care of your pants. These must be in your boots or must be covered by socks. So that, no body part is naked.
  • Wear a proper sized shirt/vest. The shirt must be in your pants. Moreover, the shirt should have full sleeves. Moreover, if required, keep gloves with you to protect your hands.
  • The neck is the most common part; insects attack that. You must take care of your neck. Wear a shirt with high collar, so that it may protect you from bug-biting.
  • Avoid use of perfumes, deodorants or any other cologne, so that the bugs may not get attracted towards you.
  • Avoid wearing bright colors.
  • You can also carry insecticides or termite control system, to keep yourself and your camp free from termites, bugs, et cetera they are handy and can be easily held within your luggage.

Let’s go one step ahead. Read some of the tips that can be used in daily life to avoid termites and bugs for indoor and outdoor purposes:

Bug Sprays-Chemicals:

Bug sprays can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. It can be easily carried anywhere and is widely used for bug treatment across the globe. The spray contains chemical, that is very helpful in killing the bugs within no time.

Mosquito Netting/Clothing:

Numerous people use a mosquito net to keep themselves free from mosquitos and other bugs. The net has such tiny holes that it allows only air to pass through it and not allowing the insects to enter it. Thus it can be carried with you while traveling, or even used in homes for outdoor sitting purposes.

Termite Treatment:

Termite treatment is used to kill insects entirely from your home. You can use this treatment indoor as well as outdoor. There are professionals, who can carry out this treatment. You just have to contact and hire them to do so. For such purpose, you can always count on They are professionals and can assist you with the treatment of different kinds of insects. They will guide you according to you every bug type. Not only providing you with enough knowledge, but they also give you an estimate for your treatment. So you can live a bug-free life.

Bite Remedies:

These include ointments and several creams. That work as insect repellents and they do not allow the bugs to bite you. These are readily available at drug stores on the counters. These are handy, so you can always keep them with you.

Foot Survival Necessities

Lots of people talk about survival tactics. In fact, there are too many survival sites to count. However, many people don’t think about foot survival necessities and yet, without healthy feet, your chances of surviving in the wilderness are severely limited. Maybe you’ve actually considered the issues that might occur out there in the great beyond. But have you seriously invested any time in contemplating how best you will care for your feet? Hopefully, we can help!

Of course, if you are dealing with diabetic neuropathy, will be a better option than this article. They can provide you with various tested and reviewed treatment products necessary for that medical condition. Perhaps these treatments could be brought with you on an outdoor excursion but you’ll need to visit the link for additional information.

Foot Survival Necessities

Survival Care for Your Feet

Many people gear up for extended times in survival mode without considering the health and well-being of their feet. This can lead to some very serious health problems. If you’re planning on becoming a survivalist you will need to understand how best to care for your feet while out there on your own.

Historic Perspective

The issues with foot survival can probably be traced farther back than World War I but this seems to be an interesting turning point in foot survival. At that time, soldiers were known to develop “trench foot” which is better known today as “immersion foot.”

This problem is caused by situations in which the feet are kept wet all the time. And, it can cause tissue death in your feet. It’s certainly not a condition you want to develop. But, as the soldiers of World War I discovered, due to spending inordinate amounts of time in the trenches, there are specific ways in which to deter this malady.  Read more.

Two Major Problems

We’ve discussed immersion foot but an additional foot problem that is common in the midst of survival mode is the ever-painful blister. While immersion foot is generally caused by allowing your feet to remain wet or damp for extended periods of time, blisters have a different causality. Many people experience blisters on their feet due to ill-fitting shoes.

When you’re out wandering the wilderness, chances are you’ll be wearing boots. Boots should always be a little bit larger than your ordinary shoes. This is because you’ll need room for your thicker boot specific socks. You’ll need to ensure there’s enough room in your boots for your thick socks and your feet to still be able to move without rubbing. Learn more.

Both these foot issues are quite painful and they don’t really take a very long time to become a significant problem on your adventure.  Though immersion will take longer than a blister to show up, you might see additional cracking and dead tissue before the problem is completely obvious.

Identifying Immersion Foot

Look for your toes and feet to turn white. They will get those same wrinkles you see in the bathtub or pool when you’ve been in longer than you should. Then your toes and feet will begin to crack and bleed. You might notice that the bottom of your foot at the heel or ball is painful. Finally, skin will begin to peel off when you take off your socks or even touch the affected foot.

Certainly this sounds heinous, but it can be treated with foot powder and keeping your feet dry. To learn more about immersion foot read this.

Keeping a Safe at Home for the Safety of All Your Valuables

Almost all homeowners have numerous valuable items at home that require more than normal protection. These are items like cash, jewellery, guns, important documents, and so on that require a little extra protection. They don’t always have to be expensive items, even items that are close to our hearts need to be kept safe. That is where a safe box comes in handy at home. We have the reasons why you should think about keeping a safe box at home to ensure the safety of all your valuable items, whatever they maybe.

Keeping a Safe at Home for the Safety of All Your Valuables

Provides Extra Protection

A safe box keeps your valuable items protected. It allows you to store valuable items within your home rather than at a bank, so you can have access to the items whenever you want. It also allows other not to have access to it as they would need a code or key to access the box. Most safe boxes aren’t easy to break, so even when if someone breaks into your home, they won’t have an easy time getting to your valuables. So you can easily put away that wonderful Moti Ferder expensive diamond jewellery in the safe, your family heirlooms, or any other valuable items.

Protection from Fire

Not only will you get protection from burglars but also fire. Most safe boxes now a day are made of fireproof material so in case a fire is to occur at your home, your valuable items will be protected from it. Be sure to check with the manufacturer of the safe to ensure it is fireproof. This is added protection you get and is quite a wonderful bonus to have as a fire can occur at anytime.

Provides extra safety

Children at home love going through stuff. Having a safe box will allow you to keep away items that you don’t want your children to easily access, like your guns. You can keep items that may pose a threat to them and the family in the box also so they do not have easy access to them.

Gives you a peace of mind

When you have a safe in your home, you have a sense of security at least as far as your valuable items go, no matter what they are. You don’t have to constantly stress about if your jewellery or gun is safe, cause once it’s in the box only you and anyone else that has the key or code can access it. So you can easily go out of your home with a care in the world about your valuable items because they are securely kept away in the safe box.

Workwear to Help You Survive Dangerous Jobs

One of the most iconic photos of all time is called “The Kiss of Life”.  The photo was taken in 1967 by Rocco Morabito and consisted of a utility worker named J.D. Thompson giving mouth-to-mouth to co-worker, Randall G. Champion.  The two workers were working dangerously high on a low voltage line when Champion got electrocuted and fell unconscious.  His safety harness kept him from falling hundreds of feet to the ground and Thompson was able to save Champion’s life by providing CPR. While quick thinking and basic CPR knowledge was important for saving Thompson’s life, we can all agree that the safety workwear he was wearing was one of the most critical lifesaving factors in the entire incident.  The right workwear can mean the difference between life and death and is vital to help you survive some of the terribly dangerous jobs that so many people take on each and every day.

Workwear to Help You Survive Dangerous Jobs

Workwear must haves for dangerous jobs

Hi Craft Workwear & Safety is the best website to get access to all the workwear that you may need for any type of job.  They offer a wide range of safety solutions for any job type including all of the following must haves for taking on dangerous jobs;

Personal protective equipment – PPE must haves like hard hats, ear protection, gloves and eye protection are the basic essentials for most dangerous jobs.

Hi-Vis Workwear – This type of workwear improves your visibility so those that drive or deal with dangerous equipment can easily spot you.

Confined space equipment – Convinced spaces are a little bit safer when you wear the right harnesses and have the right tripods and winches.

Dangerous goods storage & containment – Secure dangerous products and gear with good quality storage containments.

Emergency equipment – First aid kits, fire safety gear and safety signs are just a few of the emergency equipment that helps improve your chances of survival when chaos strikes.

Industrial footwear – Safety footwear is important for all jobs and especially for dangerous jobs where you can easily lose a foot or toe.

Height safety gear – Randal G. Champion owes his life to good quality height safety gear and that is exactly why this is one of the ultimate must haves for working on heights.

Industrial workwear – This type of workwear gives your body the maximum protection against dangerous chemicals, warm elements and ricocheting objects in the workplace.

When do you need to wear safety gear?

Safety workwear is important for all jobs that are potentially dangerous.  Sure, it is especially important to wear and use safety gear when you are working dangerous jobs like logging, sea fishing, piloting aircrafts, fixing roofs, farming, working on structural steel or iron or working on heights.  But in truth all jobs can be terribly dangerous if you are dealing with dangerous tools or doing dangerous tasks.  The best way to ensure your survival for dangerous jobs is to always wear suitable safety workwear for each and every job you take on.

Equipment to Carry in Your Backpack on An Adventure

Once you have decided to experience an adventurous trip, now it’s time for lots of pre-planning because it is not just a sightseeing trip or a picnic. Hiking, hunting, trekking, camping, rock climbing and water adventures like kayaking are some of the few that you might consider when planning an adventure. All these activities require you to bring forward a full-fledged plan that would help you to make the tour worth remembering. Following are some carry-along items that you would need to make your journey care-free.

Equipment to Carry in Your Backpack on An Adventure

Necessary gears:

The equipment you would be hurting for depends on the type of adventure you are heading for. For instance, if the adventure you choose is rock-climbing, the essentials would be a helmet, rock-climbing shoes, hooks, and a rope. Omitting any these can make you face a situation. It is better to do research while making a basic checklist according to the specific adventurous activity. Check all the necessary items twice before leaving to avoid any kind of havoc.

Water and food stuff:

Water and food are the necessities, and you cannot risk going without them. A lot of stamina and energy is needed when you are up of such venturesome activities. Water is something that you are going to need the most so carry enough water, or you can also keep the energy drinks. Now talking about the food you should take along is the type that can give you quick energy. Food stuff like nuts, seeds, freeze-dried fruits or veggies, energy bars, et cetera are the best for a trip like hiking.


All you require to pack is whatever you are comfortable in. Grab some of your most comfy clothes and keep it all aligned in your bag. Don’t put yourself in trouble by taking any fashion clothes that you are not comfortable in. Yes, comfort is the key, but it is not the only thing you should keep in mind.

You must have awareness about the weather condition of the place where you are heading to. It is better to keep the clothes that do not expose much of your body. Full-sleeve shirts and full-length pants would be perfect as these do not allow bugs creep on your body.


Adventurous outdoor trip means you are away from home. You would be at some place that doesn’t have a city nearby or a doctor in case of an emergency. To avoid such type of situation, carry all the necessary medicines. Other than this, antiseptic cream, sunscreen lotion, bandage and a sprain spray would be of great help if you get yourself in a situation. If you are already seeing a doctor and suffering any disease, consult your physician and take the guidance before planning such type of trip.

Photography equipment:

You would certainly not want to miss snapping special moments on your trip. Keep your camera fully charged to capture all the splendid sceneries that would come in your way. You don’t have to bear a camera if the phone you are carrying is latest and provides the best results.

However, you would need a trail camera if you are planning to go for hunting. These are the trail cams for the cell phones that send pictures to your phone. These are a waterproof camera you can take to the trail to record the animals’ activities. The motion sensors on the camera tell it to start the recording by itself. Do not forget to carry a trail camera if you love hunting.

How to Survive a Bee Attack

You may notice that there are a lot of bees that are circling your property at present time. There are some bees that will not really attack you. Rather, what they will do is wreck your property and the rest of your home.

If you suspect that you have carpenter bees in your property, you have to act fast because they may do a lot of damage to your property that will be harder to repair. They do have preferences when it comes to the types of wood that they love to live in and thrive in but if you suspect that they are making a home out of your property, you can check This will allow you to trap the bees safely while you keep your home safe too.

While carpenter bee stings are scarce, the stings of other types of bees may be more common and are sometimes deadly. This is because a lot of people are allergic to bee stings and they may die when the bees sting them too hard.

How to Survive a Bee Attack

If you love being outdoors, you have to be aware of how the different nests look like. If you come across any nest which you suspect may be that of a wasp, bee or hornet, contact a professional immediately. They will be in charge of safely removing the nest from your property. If you fail to remove it, you will never know what is going to happen next.

There is an option that you will remove the nest on your own but doing this may be dangerous especially if you do not have the right equipment to do it.

Remember that you need to escape the bees that are trying to sting you. If you suspect that you are going to be attacked, try to run as fast as you can. Do not stop to pick up anything that falls from your pockets because they will catch you. The faster that you run to safety, the higher your chances of surviving a bee attack.

Here are a few more tips to remember:

  • Even if you jump in water, this will only give you temporary relief as the bees will wait for you to resurface and attack you again and again.
  • Pull your shirt over your head. You need to protect your face, your eyes and your ears most of all as they are the most vulnerable to bee stings.
  • Do not try to swat the bees. The more movement you do, the more those bees will attack you. At the same time, even if you are able to kill bees, the smell of dead bees may attract other bees to you more and this can cause even more problems.
  • The moment that you are safe, you should still call an ambulance or have someone bring you to the hospital to ensure that you are safe. Remember that some bee stings have venom that can cause severe allergic reactions.

No matter how many stings you get or how you are feeling, it is important that you have yourself checked by a medical professional after you have been attacked.


When it comes to hunting boots, there are many kinds of them in the market and to find one that will work out for you, you have to first define your needs. Once your need is defined, you will know what to look out for and that will help you to make an informed choice and get the best hunting boots. One thing you have to remember is that best is relative and it depends on a user, best for someone else may not be necessarily best for you. Some of the basic things that you have to consider however include:

Material used

Boots are made of different materials and the different materials define their durability. Some materials are more durable than others. The common materials used for making hunting boots include leather and nylon among many others. The material used will determine which environment the boot is best suited for and thus you need to consider this before buying a boot to get one that will best meet your need.

Height and weight

The height and weight of boots is made to fit different terrains. Some terrains require more height and weight like tough terrains to provide high insulation. Different people would need different height and weight depending on where the will use the boot. It should also be compatible with your body

Boot Fit

A boot with the right fit will make sure that you are comfortable and this will make your hunting a success. It should have the right foot size and the right height and weight. The material used should also give you a comfortable fit. You should however note that as much as different manufacturers may have the same size, the sizes may have a different fit and thus it is better to personally try the boot before purchasing it.


The kind of insulation you need will depend on the kind of environment you are using the boot. Proper insulation will make sure that you are comfortable and this will make your expeditions a success. Most companies have labels for insulation and it is measured in grams. The more the grams the more the insulation the boot has. Winter climates will need an insulation of 1200-1800, mid-season climate insulation of 600-800 and summer may not need insulation or if it is to have any have an insulation of between 200-400 grams. Technological advancements have made the boots not to be necessarily heavy to provide proper insulation. You should therefore consider insulation as a factor depending on the kind of environment you are planning to use the boot.


As seen above, finding the best hunting boots is not a hard task. Reading user reviews also goes a long way when shopping for a hunting boot as it gives you the experience of other users which can guide you in shopping for a boot. When it comes to hunting boots, you can never go wrong with renowned brands. On you can find the best boots and at great prices.

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