Best Paracord Survival Gear Review

Get the Best Voice Overs for Your Business

One of the greatest benefits of technological devices such as phones, websites and the internet is that you can serve your customers even when there is no one in the office or when you are on holiday.  Websites are fantastic at supplying your customers with the needed information on products and services while phone systems can handle heavy duty calls or calls when you are out of the office. With voice overs, you can serve your customers even better and be sure to supply each and every client with the best possible service even when you are understaffed.

Get the Best Voice Overs for Your Business

Voicemail messages

Phone voicemail greetings are a perfect way to guide your clients towards the right phone channels, to inform them of problems or new services and to keep them busy when you are understaff.  It is incredibly offensive to clients if they phone a company with no answer.  With voicemails you can treat each and every customer with dignity and direct them correctly even when there is no one in the office or even during afterhours.

Website greetings

Websites are becoming simpler in design but livelier to help guide clients towards certain products and to inform them easier.  A great way to welcome clients to your website and supply them with urgent information is to create a website greeting voice over that automatically start up the moment they visit your site.

Website explanations

People don’t like to read simply because so many products are explained in unnecessary long detail that is just consuming their time.  The easier information is to process by the public the better.  Product and service explanations are a perfect way to keep your clients informed without forcing them to read terribly long texts.  They can find out everything they need to know about products without even glancing at their mobile phone’s screens.


Adverts are becoming more and more vivid thanks to voice overs.  You can now create an engaging and explanatory advert for websites, social media sites and for email newsletters that your clients can view on just about any internet device.

Get the right voice over expert

It is important to choose wisely when you consider voice over experts.  Some voices are terribly annoying to the public and you absolutely need a clear and attractive voice if you want your products to sell.  It is worth it to invest a bit more in a good quality voice over expert because they can supply you with a crisp clear recording and they know how to filter in some special effects and sounds to make your adverts, explanations and greetings come to life and feel more exciting.

If you don’t have the right voice over system in place then it is time to start looking for experts so you can treat your clients well and so you can be sure that everyone understands your products and feel as welcome at your work place as possible.  The best part about voice overs is that they can be re-used on different sites so you won’t have to spend too much on the promotions.

Being Prepared for Disasters

Whether it be an earthquake, a tsunami, or any other disaster that you can think of, we all know just how difficult it can be to lose your home. No one wants it no matter how difficult life at home may have been for you, as that is always something that you could have come back to. Losing your home also means being put at a risk of several other risk factors, such as PTSD, hypertension, etc., as these are common among those that have experienced trauma or stress of a great magnitude.

Being Prepared for Disasters

Staying alert

No, one can never be too prepared for something as unforeseen as a natural disaster, for instance. However, precautions can be taken. If you live in an area that you know is a danger zone of some form of natural disaster or any other disaster imaginable, then be sure to do everything that you can to have at least the necessary supplies nearby.

Food and water are necessities that you must have nearby, as they will ensure that you can at least manage to survive the disaster. There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind when storing food and water. The foods will need to have a storage life that is long, for instance. It will also need to be something that will not require cooking or special form of preservation, meets the needs of all family members as well as babies, is not very spicy or salty, as that will require drinking more water which may or may not be in short supply already.

When it comes to storing water, however, make sure to store enough water that will last each person or pet, if you have any, at least 3 days. Aside from food and water, there are other things that you need to keep nearby, such as cooking utensils, flashlights, fuel for cooking, heavy-duty aluminum foil, paracord, as well as other survival gears.

What really happens when someone loses their home?

Although income taxes would be the last thing on your mind in the case of a disaster, they are affected when the disaster is nationally declared to be a federal disaster. No matter what it is that you lost, whether it be your home, furniture, vehicle, or any other item, they could all potentially be considered to be tax deductions.

There are various thresholds to overcome, however, which is why many people stop to think twice about whether or not they should claim a certain item that they have lost. Most people only claim that which they think they really need, however, in this case, you do have a choice, as this is a deductible casualty and because it has been declared a federal disaster. You can always check out the official website for more information.

If you want to learn more about how things work in the case of a federal disaster and how your income taxes are affected by it, you can also check out

Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing

Outsourcing your payroll comes with a lot of advantages. Not only does it save you a lot of time but also saves you from a lot of hassle that comes your way. In addition to that, it has various other advantages that are listed below:

Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing

Free Up Your Time

Payroll processing by hand is a period devouring procedure. Payroll outsourcing can free up staff time to seek after more essential worth included and income producing exercises. Inc. magazine as of late recognized the #1 undertaking for little business to outsource is payroll, alongside most bookkeeping errands.

Decrease Costs

The immediate expenses of working so as to handle payroll can be significantly decreased with a payroll supplier. Our examination shows that a little business with 10 workers will normally burn through $2,600 every year in direct work costs connected with payroll.

Keep away from IRS Penalties

By IRS, 40 percent of little organizations pay a normal punishment of $845 every year for late or erroneous filings and installments. Most national payroll administrations give a duty ensure, guaranteeing that clients will acquire no punishments in light of the fact that the suppliers assume liability for punishments when they do happen. In numerous cases, this cost-sparing instantly legitimizes outsourcing payroll.

Ease Pain

Manual payroll is a cerebral pain in the best case and a bad dream in the most pessimistic scenario. Entrepreneurs who outsource payroll wipe out a tedious wellspring of individual torment.

Offer Direct Deposit

Giving direct store is troublesome if an organization doesn’t utilize an outside payroll administration. Progressively, little organizations perceive that workers need direct store. Not making a trek to the bank is an essential comfort for them. All the more imperatively for entrepreneurs, direct store disposes of tedious and mistake inclined paper taking care of and the need to accommodate singular payroll checks each month.

Maintain a strategic distance from Technology Headaches

A steady question for little entrepreneurs is whether they have the most recent rendition of their payroll programming and the latest expense tables introduced on their PC. Utilizing the wrong expense tables can bring about hardened punishments. Outsourcing payroll uproots those migraines and keeps payroll running easily.

Influence outside Payroll Expertise

Most entrepreneurs and controllers don’t have room schedule-wise to stay aware of always showing signs of change regulations, withholding rates, and government shapes. By outsourcing payroll, a little business can exploit skill that was beforehand accessible only to enormous organizations.

Keep away from Payroll Knowledge walking Out the Door

In the event that your accountant or controller lands another position, they will exit the entryway with their insight into the payroll procedure and how you do it. Utilizing an outside company saves you from that hazard.


We have gathered some testimonials for you from people who have used payroll outsourcing services.

“The excellence of outsourcing payroll is that I at long last can offer direct store to my workers. They’ve been irritating me about it until the end of time. I’m generally as glad as they are not to need to manage printed checks any longer.” — Ross Kasner, SurePayroll Customer

“I generally needed to begin a business, yet once I began I understood that doing payroll is dreary, agonizing and no good times. When I at long last outsourced payroll, the torment was gone and I began having some good times once more.” — Jolene McMorran, SurePayroll Customer

“Not worrying about IRS fines is something I’ve delighted in most since I outsourced payroll. I absolutely don’t miss getting those punishment takes note.” — Gary Choates, SurePayroll Customer

“Regardless of the possibility that I have low maintenance accountant helping, despite everything I wind up paying a great deal more than I pay to outsource payroll.” — Bruce Beerbower, SurePayroll Customer

“Outsourcing payroll has given me additional time to concentrate on offering. That has been awesome for our business. I’ve additionally figured out how to go to a couple of my little girl’s soccer matches, now that I don’t need to invest the energy planning payroll.” — Mike Kerrigan, SurePayroll Customer

Benefits of Bookkeeping for Your Business

It’s difficult to contend with the reason that each small business ought to spending plan for bookkeeping services. The advantages you increase far exceed budgetary or different drawbacks. The rates are regularly so sensible that new businesses can bear to contract one and develop with the bookkeeping services as their endeavors develop. Here are only a couple of the advantages that bookkeeping services can offer to small organizations:

Benefits of Bookkeeping for Your Business

  1. Never Pay a Bill Late

Maintaining a business everyday is tedious, and now and then the seemingly insignificant details are left fixed. Not paying a bill is one of those everyday undertakings that can bring about significant outcomes, and it’s critical to delegate this errand to somebody with the abilities and time to supervise paying organization bills. A bookkeeping service exceeds expectations at this since that is its employment. Orchestrate to have articulations sent to the clerk in “consideration of” your small business, or give him or her entrance to online records to check proclamations and make installments on the web. So find a good bookkeeper melbourne and forget your bill payment worries!

  1. Track Multiple Income Sources

In case you’re a small entrepreneur who cherishes the comprehensive view parts of working a business, you presumably fear the itemized bookkeeping required to keep up the business. Getting an agreement is fun and remunerating. Opening a product program, making receipts and entering installments got are hopeless in the event that you couldn’t care less for the subtle elements. Enlist a bookkeeping service to deal with those errands for you. Quickbooks Pro and Peachtree are two samples of small business bookkeeping programming programs that permit various clients and offer online projects. The clerk can sign in from his or her office or home and make those sections for you from bank articulations or reports that you forward.

  1. Finance

You might be the main representative now, or maybe you’re in an association. Some time or another your business might develop to incorporate more representatives, and bookkeeping services are an incredible choice for taking care of the majority of your finance needs. They’ll compose and make checks for you to sign, and a few administrations will mail them out to representatives or convey them to your office for you to provide for laborers. The same is valid for specialists and temporary workers that you work with. Notwithstanding installments, some bookkeeping services will set up a W-2 or Form 1099-MISC for every representative or temporary worker for duty purposes.

  1. Reports

Numerous small entrepreneurs don’t have a clue about the genuine money related condition of their business. In the event that you don’t break down your funds and keep focused of them, your business is certain to fizzle. Having entry to basic money related reports is critical, and bookkeeping services create the reports you require as regularly as you need them. Most organizations require budgetary reports on a bi-week after week premise, yet some need one week by week, and a small business might require reports just once per month. Whatever recurrence you pick, an accountant will set up the reports for you with the goal that you can see where your business stands and keep issues from happening.

  1. Evade Overdraft Fees and Additional Interest Payments

One obligation that is frequently assigned to bookkeeping services is bank compromise. Try not to depend on your bank articulations to give you an exact photo of your money related main concern. A clerk will handle your records payable and records receivable and enter the data in your money related programming of decision with the goal that you recognize what your genuine parity is. You won’t commit the error of composing checks for more than you have accessible, which can bring about an overdraft charge and extra enthusiasm on remarkable obligations.

44 Amazing Uses of Paracord

Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope that was initially utilized as a part of the suspension lines of US parachutes amid World War II. Warriors, in any case, found that this supernatural occurrence rope was helpful for much more than their paratrooper missions. In the following years, both the military and regular people alike have discovered hundreds if not a large number of employments for paracord.

It is accessible by length, commonly 50 to 100 feet (or more) and in an assortment of hues. It is additionally accessible is vast amounts by the spool. Numerous explorers and outside games lovers make or buy “survival arm ornaments” made of a few feet of paracord which is woven into minimized wrist trinkets that can be unwound in the field.

44 Amazing Uses of Paracord

Incidentally, you will regularly see paracord alluded to as Paracord 550 implies that it has a breaking quality of 550 pounds or more. Now that is solid!

Paracord can be utilized for some reasons, for example, securing things, uprooting overwhelming trash and altered items, strapping things together, as a bridle to get away from a smoldering building, controlling seeping as a tourniquet, and the rundown goes on. You can even disentangle the rope and utilize the individual strands as an angling line or as string to sew on a catch. Brilliant stuff!

Talking about survival, surviving in this world monetarily can just be as tough as surviving physically. That is why it would be a good idea to invest into setting up self managed superannuation funds to help you through and after your retirement period so you can survive with ease and enjoy the better things in life.

Meanwhile here are 44 ways you can use paracord:

  1. Secure a tent
  2. Secure a covering between trees
  3. Hang apparatuses from your belt
  4. Hang apparatuses from around your neck
  5. Secure things to the outside of your rucksack
  6. Make a tourniquet
  7. Secure a prop
  8. Make a sling for your arm
  9. Make a crisis belt to hold your jeans up
  10. Make crisis suspenders
  11. Supplant a broken bra strap (it happens)
  12. Supplant broken or missing shoe bands
  13. Repair a zipper pull
  14. Secure your pontoon or dinghy to a tree
  15. Make a tow line; twofold or triple up for additional quality
  16. Make a stopgap cord
  17. String a clothesline
  18. Hang something up off the ground
  19. Rig a pulley framework
  20. Make traps and catches
  21. Supplant harmed or missing attract strings packs, sacks and sweat pants
  22. Keep moved up things secure
  23. Make a neckerchief slide
  24. Entwine objects for less demanding transport
  25. Make a rope
  26. Make a loft
  27. Make a sack for conveying basic needs or rigging
  28. Group stuff together
  29. Tie tall patio nursery vegetable plants to stakes
  30. Make a pet rope
  31. Make a pet restraint
  32. Secure a junk sack downpour poncho around your body to keep you dry
  33. Hang sustenance in trees to keep the bears away
  34. Secure stuff so it won’t clear out in a tempest
  35. Make an outing wire
  36. Make alternative binds
  37. Tie awful folks or interlopers to a tree or seat
  38. Entwine individuals on a trail with the goal that they keep together
  39. Distinguish individuals from a gathering utilizing diverse shaded armbands or arm ornaments
  40. Use as sewing string (inward strings)
  41. Use as angling line (inward strings)
  42. Crisis dental floss (inward strings)
  43. Crisis suture material (inward strings) when there is nothing else accessible
  44. Make expressions and artworks to fight off wearine

Paracord Lanyard

Paracord Lanyard

Paracord.  You probably have seen this versatile nylon sheathed cord at some point in your life. Maybe there is some in your garage being used to tie down a tarp or your teenager is sporting a paracord bracelet. Paracord lanyard is common and favorite cordage incorporated into everyday uses.

This slim nylon rope is composed of 7-9 strands of nylon. Inside the strands are 2-3 threads, all meant to be unraveled for many different uses. Paracord lanyard was originally used on parachutes for the suspension lines.  The utility function of paracord is to have it as a quick access tool for situations where cordage is needed immediately.

 Paracord lanyard made the jump from the military using it right into a premiere survival tool for everyone.   After World War II it became a military surplus item available to civilians. Since then, paracord has been applied to rigging applications, retention, survival and even fashion. Between MILSPEC paracord lanyard and fashion lanyards, nylon paracord covers a broad spectrum of purposes.

Why you should have paracord

Arguably the most common reason to have some kind of quality paracord available is because it is invaluable in an emergency situation.  It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned outdoorsman or someone who only takes evening walks on a beaten path, at some point you will wish you had some paracord on you. All parts of paracord lanyard is useful as in fashioning a splint, rigging a shelter or making a fishing line, this is the essential number one item to carry.

Even the person who tackles a garage sale and needs to strap down a good find, paracord is always the answer.  The material is slightly elastic, and provides a great grip for snug wrapping around everyday items.

Knives have a lanyard hole for the purpose of adding paracord to it for easy retrieval.  Anything you might carry in your pocket or purse can benefit from adding some paracord to it in a couple of ways. First, it is going to be there and easily accessible when you need that extra cordage. Second, it helps in grabbing that item quickly, like keys or a pocket knife.  Finally, it does add visibility to those essentials that are tucked away tight, so brightly colored paracord is definitely going to make things easier to find and harder to lose.

Paracord is a very low profile carry item, yet once you start using it you will find a way to add this lanyard to much of your personal belongings. It is available in a vast amount of colors, types, and patterns offering the creative edge to personalize in a practical way. It has become a huge business in the DIY marketplace, as people eagerly find ways to up the ante on the functionality and look of paracord lanyard.

Efficient ways to carry paracord

Long lengths of paracord can take up space, but it is still advisable to keep a rope set tucked away in home or car. The number one less noticeable way to have paracord on you is a paracord bracelet.  They are referred to as “survival bracelets” and can be found almost anywhere. The bracelets can be 550 military (this is the preferred choice by most) or a simple braided DIY bracelet. Those who are in a survival mindset will choose paracord bracelets with hidden functions and compartments, and include hanks of paracord lanyard in their survival bug-out –bags.

Other ways to include paracord into your daily life is through clothing, like using paracord as boot laces, or a paracord belt. Paracord belts are fast becoming the favorite next to the paracord bracelet. These bracelets are now being worn around the ankles as well.  If you own a pet, think about the functionality of a paracord lanyard leash compared to other types of available pet gear.  Paracord is stronger with slight stretch, is inexpensive and if you are the creative type, you can make a personalized braided design for your pet.  The leash becomes your emergency access tool should it be needed. This is how you use paracord.

Paracord lanyard is a quiet tool, subtle in carrying but incredibly indispensible.  Think of all those times when you could have used cordage, everybody has had one of those moments.  This is a common occurrence.  Paracord is inexpensive, but necessary. You will fast discover this once you purchase anything with paracord. It becomes intriguing and fascinating as you learn more about the uses, or the designs.  If only to keep it near as a utility function, it is advisable to always have some kind of paracord lanyard in home, car, and person.

Paracord Dog Leash and Collar

Paracord Dog Leash

A paracord dog leash and collar is a winning combination between man and his best furry friend.  Paracord animal gear is the hottest pet items on the market right now. In fact, paracord is here to stay for the long haul. As it is seen in everything from survival gear to utility functions in home, to fashion statements, paracord is the essential wonder tool of today. You might even say it is the duct tape of the fiber world.

Why would you want a paracord dog leash and collar?

If you are familiar with paracord, then you know this cordage is not only tough but indispensible in alternative uses. The nylon sheathed rope is derived from military applications such as suspension cords in parachutes, for tying rucksacks and securing camouflage nets. Civilians were able to get their hands on this wonder cord after WWII in military surplus stores.  Since then, the uses of paracord have become endless and entirely left up to the imagination.

With the onset of paracord ‘survival’ bracelets, people caught on to the idea of wearing low profile paracord as an easy access tool in necessary, even emergency situations. This concept has exploded into other areas of daily life, even with our beloved pets. Paracord dog leashes and collars are another way to carry your essential life wear. Not only is your dog your safety, but your dog is wearing your safety. Sounds a bit crazy? Not necessarily, if you consider how many times you could have used some quick help with cordage. Take a quick look at some of the practical applications of paracord in common situations:

  • Braiding for even more combined strength
  • Tent and Pole support, building shelters
  • Clothes Line
  • Tow Line
  • Tarp Tie Down
  • Equipment Guy-lines
  • Pack Strap, Fasten, lash and secure gear to backpack
  • Shoe Lace, Boot Lace
  • Garden Lines
  • Shelter Making
  • Fire Bow
  • Lanyard
  • Survival kit
  • Knife Handle Wrap
  • Lifeline, since it will support the weight of a human
  • Inner strands: sewing, fishing, trapping-snares, dental floss, emergency stitches (boil first)

While you probably wouldn’t dare think of unraveling Fido’s favorite leash, remember chances are you may never have too. But what if you did? Luckily, paracord is very inexpensive and a fascinating creative endeavor for those who want to quickly make their own specially personalized paracord dog leash and collar.

Paracord comes in a huge array of different types, colors, and designs. Your best friend could get a different paracord dog leash for every day of the week for dirt cheap!  Making paracord weaves and knots is addicting once you realize how easy paracord DIY projects really are. This is the fun part of paracord. It is difficult to pair together the idea of how crazy creative paracord is, yet at the same time, remains a subtle instrument of survival. It is no wonder paracord is exploding into every home across America!

Fitting your best friend with paracord

The easiest way to add a paracord dog leash and collar is obviously to hop on over to store and check specifically for this type of gear. Remember, there is an endless selection of quality paracord products. Paracord has become so dependable; they are now using it for senior pets with a new technology called Active Edge which uses electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) to treat a variety of conditions.

Paracord is going to benefit your dog and you in some way. Whether it is only a super tough durable leash and collars that last forever or aiding a senior dog to go on that walk better, paracord is the very best decision you could make when picking out your dog supplies. You can take it to extremes with military standard dog tag collars or keep it light and fun with creative choices. If you enjoy walking your dog at night, there are some exceptional paracord leashes made with actual paracord reflective fibers.

Thinking outside the box is pretty standard these days, especially with pet products. We love our pets, they are family. The pet industry is prospering and will continue to do so as we feed the need to treat our beloved pets well. Paracord has made yet another way for us to not only take care of our dog’s safety, but at the same time, help us as well. Take your pet and your life to the next level, invest in a quality paracord dog leash and collar.

Best Paracord Knife: Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife

Wrapping handles in paracord has been around a lot longer than the concept of tactical. It has been used to tame grips on many tools such as machetes and tomahawks.  Leave it to Gerber to continue old traditions with an exceptional knife along with the king of survival, Bear Grylls leading the way.

The Ultimate Survival Knife

The Gerber 31-001901 Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade Survival Knife is a solid survivalist tool, made to be a bare-bones survival knife that stays with you.  It is a sturdy 10 inch full tang knife made with premium steel. The blade features a full fine edge, a drop point blade, and a paracord wrapped handle. The paracord is removable with 60 feet of paracord. There is also an emergency lanyard whistle. The paracord is made of nylon.

The Bear Grylls paracord fixed blade knife is optimal in cutting performance with a 4.8 inch steel blade. It Measures 10 inches long when fully opened, weighs 3.5 ounces (5.75 ounces in the sheath), and is made of 5Cr15MoV stainless steel. The strength of the steel is definitely understated, as the knife will take some abuse and still maintain excellent integrity.

This perfect knife comes with a well- designed slim sheath with removable belt loop, and can be used for either left or right handed carry.  It has a carbide pull-through sharpener, a vertical mounted ferrocerium fire starter and a hole in the bottom of the sheath for water drainage.  Also included is a pocket guide which shows you how to perform life-saving tasks, like making a fire, building a shelter, navigation without a compass and water collection. The sheath is also waterproof and reversible so the tip can be pointing up, down, or sideways. Some have modified the sheath to carry it horizontal on the back of their belt, so they can access easy with either hand.

There are knife lovers who either love or hate paracord handles. Those that don’t like the paracord say the handle gets filled with dirt, mud or other undesirable elements which get trapped in between the paracord. The easy solution to this would be to remove the paracord and clean it. Or never remove the paracord and cut the smell by epoxy soaking.  Avid outdoorsman who love fixed blade paracord knives will find this ideal for a quick-access knife suited to handle pretty much anything.

This is an impressive knife. The only complaint ever heard regarding this sweet survival tool was the knife is a bit on the heavy side, and even that complaint was minimal at best. Even after putting some serious stresses on the knife, the coating held up, the knife didn’t falter or chip; if anything it only needed sharpened again. If it is awkward to put back into sheath or feels like it won’t sit securely, simply use the knife or a bastard file to wear down the notches on the blade side of the sheath. By filing these down will offer more secure fit for the blade to be inserted and removed easily, especially in an upside down carrying position.

Gerber has been making the best survival tools for generations. Whether it is for seasoned explorers or new backcountry hikers, paired with Bear Grylls, you are going to get a knife which can be relied on for survival tactics. This knife holds up to all the elements. It is tough and innovative, kind of like Bear himself. If you had only one tool you could take into the wild with you, this would be the knife strictly based on design and all the extras included.

  • Knife Features:
    • ½ Serrated High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade – Ideal for edge retention and cutting rope
    • Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip – Maximizes comfort and reduces slippage
    • Stainless Steel Pommel – At base of handle for hammering
    • Emergency Whistle – Integrated into lanyard cord
  • Sheath Features:
    • Fire Starter – Ferrocerium rod locks into sheath, striker notch incorporated into back of knife blade
    • Nylon Sheath – Lightweight, military-grade, mildew resistant
    • Land to air rescue instructions
    • Diamond Sharpener – Integrated into sheath for on-the-go sharpening
    • Priorities of Survival – Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials

The Gerber 31-001901 Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade Survival Knife is an outstanding tool definitely worth the title of the best paracord handle knife and can definitely beat out most survival knives in other categories. This one deserves a first and second look. When Gerber and Bear Grylls got together to design this, you can tell they didn’t want to leave one survival necessity to chance.

Best Paracord Bracelet

best paracord

Paracord Bracelets are a hot fashion trend with reason. More importantly they were born out of the skill sets of survival enthusiasts who mimicked the original use of paracord. Paracord is also parachute cord or 550, when referring to type III paracord. Originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes, it is a lightweight nylon kern mantle rope. How did it become marked as a survival tool? During the 82nd Space Shuttle, our astronauts used it to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

The paracord bracelet went into two directions: one, being fashion and looking absolutely cool on the arm, and in ways of key chains and koozies. The other, was survival and hiking niches digging into what they could do to make this bracelet an absolute lifesaver in times of outdoor struggles. They have exceeded all expectations on this concept, developing everything from paracord bracelets with hidden knives, hidden fire starters, hidden compartments…you name it, a paracord bracelet most likely has it included in it. You can store essential survival gear in these bracelets. Even medical alert paracord bracelets are being used now. Dog leashes and collars have joined this innovation too.bracelet

So What Is So Special About Paracord?

It is just a rope right? Not really, it is more than just a rope. When woven into a bracelet, they become a tool. When unwoven they will create more than 8 to 20 feet of rope which can be helpful in a wide variety of emergency situations.  No wonder they are so cool to wear.  It is now a sign on your arm that you are prepared.

Know Your Paracord

If you want true Paracord you must know how to identify the construction of the authentic sheath.  The military uses a 550 parachute cord, but no doubt, you will not be able to purchase your paracord from their suppliers.  The description for authentic paracord is Mil-C-5040H Type III.  Don’t be fooled by a cheaper cord which might say something like Mil-spec, or Military grade.

If you want to buy an already made paracord bracelet or you are going to make your own paracord bracelet look for the paracord with the traditional 7 strands in a finely braided sheath. Each of these strands are made up of 3 small strands (knock-offs will only have 2, pass on these).

To get an idea of what a good paracord looks like check out either or E.L. Wood.

E.L. Wood makes their cord distinguishable with one of the seven strands made up of some black fibers (as some knock-offs do), but, they add some yellow fibers (none of the knock-offs)

cordHere is a close-up of the good E.L. Wood Braiding Co. cord so you can see the one strand of seven that is made up of black+white, yellow+white, and yellow+white.

If yours doesn’t look like this, it’s not what the military is currently using. However if you did get it at a surplus store it might be an older version of true paracord. Be cautious of Chinese knock-offs which have some kind of teased up white extruded filler.

This only applies to those people searching for true military-survival types of paracord bracelets. We will cover the ‘hobby’ side of these bracelets and their prism of uses later on in article.

It is a pretty common occurrence to see the true paracord bracelets in a bug-out bag (BOB). Basically this is a short term portable survival kit. Generally, people put together BOBs so they can survive and escape from catastrophic events such as natural disasters. They are stored in home and cars for when emergencies happen. Survival 550 has a pretty good BOB item list to get a better idea about where the survival type paracord bracelet fits in. In fact, there happens to be the world’s most extreme BOB all within one paracord bracelet at Wazoo Survival Gear. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

Know Your Paracord

Brand is a major factor according to what your use is for the paracord. If you actually want to have an emergency paracord bracelet, then yes the brand is crucial. If you are into the craft side of paracord with key chains, dongles and other curious doings, you basically want strong and trustworthy paracord, not necessarily the Military 550 strength.

Brand does matter if that brand is ripping you off, trying to sell you fuzzy little junk instead of a 7 strand rope. If it does not have 7 strands, it is merely rope.

Learning the Weaves and Designs of Paracord Bracelets

The best way to understand paracord bracelets is to buy your first one.  Try to get one which has the most popular pattern called the King Cobra.  It looks like this:

best bracelet

Notice the intricate “V” pattern to the bracelet.  Now take it apart. If you bought a good one you should be able to unravel it into rope. Once you have done this, check the measurement for the length and do a strength test. Remember, a 550 paracord bracelet will support 550lbs. For the more brave who wish to dig deeper into learning about paracord, cut open the end and see how many strands are in your paracord. Is there 3 strands? What do they look like?  Now try to rebuild your bracelet.

How to Make a Pretty Awesome Paracord Bracelet

If you need help with this process, Instructables is where to go. You will notice the King Cobra paracord weave step by step. This site also includes a variety of different patterns like the Fishtail, Sidewinder and Mamba.  Paracord Bracelet HQ offers some pretty unique designs and ideas for using your creations. They also include instructional videos to help you become a master at paracord items.

Once again, we want to differentiate between paracord ‘survival’ bracelets and simple ‘hobby’ bracelets. The two are on extremely different sides of the spectrum in every way.

There are plenty of paracord bracelet kits available if you are interested in paracord as a hobby.  Paracord Planet carries oodles of different styles and patterns in kits, whether meant for kids or adults, they have this covered. Locally, any hobby store like Michaels will have some selection of paracord bracelet kits, but don’t expect aisles and aisles of these offerings. They tend to offer just a little bit of everything in all hobbies supplies.

And naturally, Amazon is going to assist you once again with a pretty helpful drawer of unique kits. When shopping at Amazon take a moment to check out the section below of what customers bought along with the item. There is much learning and new avenues to explore by doing so.

A survival paracord bracelet is going to use the absolute authentic paracord with some high standard brands, and weaves.  These bracelets are used for actual emergency type scenarios, like if you get into a bad situation hiking. Survival gear is evolving rapidly to make the most out of items which can be carried easily and on the person.  This is not a fad, but for a baseline population who believes survival preparation is a necessity in today’s world. This forward thinking is growing exponentially as are the many new ‘useful’ creations of paracord bracelets.

The other type of paracord bracelet also has its place in the marketplace. It is used as a monetary hobby such as for fundraising with friendship bracelets, or watchbands; even dog toys and koozies.  If you would like some fun and interesting ideas for paracord hobbies AND some survival paracord ideas, Survival life will keep you on their website for awhile.

Buckles and No Buckles

The ingenious design of paracord bracelets warrant a second look, some have pretty clever open/close methods. There is the typical buckle clasp system and with this there is an endless variety of different kinds of buckles you can use. Whether you want a side clasp or a metal shackle or the traditional 3 prong plastic clasp, you are going to find the perfect buckle for your bracelet. The advantage of using a buckle, a great buckle on your military style paracord bracelet is so the lifesaver stays on your wrist and not lost in deep woods or water. Now, if it is the other kind of ‘fun’ bracelets then learning the hoop knot and loop method is going to be easier, especially for kids. The functionality and purpose are the main considerations when deciding to buckle or not buckle. The avid paracord bracelet enthusiast most likely will learn to do both, and everything else you possibly can make with paracord.

So You Would Rather Buy the Bracelet

If you are not intrigued by the grand work of building your own paracord bracelet, you can easily find a pretty nice one either in Army Surplus stores, or a survival website online.  There are some stores which advertise authentic paracord bracelets, and if you did the above test with unraveling a bracelet, now you can probably identify easy what is real and what a knock –off is.  The craziest thing about paracord bracelets, the prices are typically pretty good and can be around the same price as the knock-offs. Even the hobbyist ‘friendship’ bracelets can come it at the same price range.  What you end up buying will strictly depend on its use.

With that being said, there is always the trusted Amazon to deliver some pretty amazing paracord bracelets. What is great about getting one from Amazon (other than fast delivery) is you have all the information you need right before your eyes.  The product specs are listed, as are, importantly, customer reviews. Always read the reviews.  Reviews are always going to be split, but an informed decision can still be made wisely.

To give you an idea of the wide variety of ideas that have gone into the progression of paracord items, Survival Straps definitely will open the imagination up for what people are doing with paracord and it also offers ideas for perhaps gift giving or medical alerts.

best paracord

There are plenty of paracord bracelet kits available if you are interested in paracord as a hobby.  Paracord Planet carries oodles of different styles and patterns in kits, whether meant for kids or adults, they have this covered. Locally, any hobby store like Michaels will have some selection of paracord bracelet kits, but don’t expect aisles and aisles of these offerings. They tend to offer just a little bit of everything in all hobbies supplies.  And naturally, Amazon is going to assist you once again with a pretty helpful drawer of unique kits. When shopping at Amazon take a moment to check out the section below of what customers bought along with the item. There is much learning and new avenues to explore by doing so.

The Endless Uses of Paracord Bracelets

Paracord bracelets are practical, functional, and becoming a necessary item to own. First and foremost, the main use of a true paracord bracelet is emergency preparedness, whether it is to help you or someone else in time of need. Wearing the bracelet brings a stronger sense of self in survival situations. No one wants bad things to happen, but they do especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast who pushes the limits. What type of bracelet you will need to wear depends entirely how committed you are to the mindset of survival.

Survival comes in other ways as well with paracord bracelets. You will discover quickly emergency services like firefighters, EMT’s, and law enforcement wearing paracord bracelets. You will also witness those with serious medical conditions or allergies using these bracelets as an alert should something with their health go wrong. This is another reason paracord bracelets are a necessity.

On the lighter side of these awe-inspiring bracelets is the secret other things they do. As mentioned, they can be used in fundraisers, marathons, and other charity events as a token of the cause. This is pretty cool. On top of that, nothing says ‘friends’ more than exchanging one of these little bracelets with your best buddy.

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