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Workwear to Help You Survive Dangerous Jobs

One of the most iconic photos of all time is called “The Kiss of Life”.  The photo was taken in 1967 by Rocco Morabito and consisted of a utility worker named J.D. Thompson giving mouth-to-mouth to co-worker, Randall G. Champion.  The two workers were working dangerously high on a low voltage line when Champion got electrocuted and fell unconscious.  His safety harness kept him from falling hundreds of feet to the ground and Thompson was able to save Champion’s life by providing CPR. While quick thinking and basic CPR knowledge was important for saving Thompson’s life, we can all agree that the safety workwear he was wearing was one of the most critical lifesaving factors in the entire incident.  The right workwear can mean the difference between life and death and is vital to help you survive some of the terribly dangerous jobs that so many people take on each and every day.

Workwear to Help You Survive Dangerous Jobs

Workwear must haves for dangerous jobs

Hi Craft Workwear & Safety is the best website to get access to all the workwear that you may need for any type of job.  They offer a wide range of safety solutions for any job type including all of the following must haves for taking on dangerous jobs;

Personal protective equipment – PPE must haves like hard hats, ear protection, gloves and eye protection are the basic essentials for most dangerous jobs.

Hi-Vis Workwear – This type of workwear improves your visibility so those that drive or deal with dangerous equipment can easily spot you.

Confined space equipment – Convinced spaces are a little bit safer when you wear the right harnesses and have the right tripods and winches.

Dangerous goods storage & containment – Secure dangerous products and gear with good quality storage containments.

Emergency equipment – First aid kits, fire safety gear and safety signs are just a few of the emergency equipment that helps improve your chances of survival when chaos strikes.

Industrial footwear – Safety footwear is important for all jobs and especially for dangerous jobs where you can easily lose a foot or toe.

Height safety gear – Randal G. Champion owes his life to good quality height safety gear and that is exactly why this is one of the ultimate must haves for working on heights.

Industrial workwear – This type of workwear gives your body the maximum protection against dangerous chemicals, warm elements and ricocheting objects in the workplace.

When do you need to wear safety gear?

Safety workwear is important for all jobs that are potentially dangerous.  Sure, it is especially important to wear and use safety gear when you are working dangerous jobs like logging, sea fishing, piloting aircrafts, fixing roofs, farming, working on structural steel or iron or working on heights.  But in truth all jobs can be terribly dangerous if you are dealing with dangerous tools or doing dangerous tasks.  The best way to ensure your survival for dangerous jobs is to always wear suitable safety workwear for each and every job you take on.

Equipment to Carry in Your Backpack on An Adventure

Once you have decided to experience an adventurous trip, now it’s time for lots of pre-planning because it is not just a sightseeing trip or a picnic. Hiking, hunting, trekking, camping, rock climbing and water adventures like kayaking are some of the few that you might consider when planning an adventure. All these activities require you to bring forward a full-fledged plan that would help you to make the tour worth remembering. Following are some carry-along items that you would need to make your journey care-free.

Equipment to Carry in Your Backpack on An Adventure

Necessary gears:

The equipment you would be hurting for depends on the type of adventure you are heading for. For instance, if the adventure you choose is rock-climbing, the essentials would be a helmet, rock-climbing shoes, hooks, and a rope. Omitting any these can make you face a situation. It is better to do research while making a basic checklist according to the specific adventurous activity. Check all the necessary items twice before leaving to avoid any kind of havoc.

Water and food stuff:

Water and food are the necessities, and you cannot risk going without them. A lot of stamina and energy is needed when you are up of such venturesome activities. Water is something that you are going to need the most so carry enough water, or you can also keep the energy drinks. Now talking about the food you should take along is the type that can give you quick energy. Food stuff like nuts, seeds, freeze-dried fruits or veggies, energy bars, et cetera are the best for a trip like hiking.


All you require to pack is whatever you are comfortable in. Grab some of your most comfy clothes and keep it all aligned in your bag. Don’t put yourself in trouble by taking any fashion clothes that you are not comfortable in. Yes, comfort is the key, but it is not the only thing you should keep in mind.

You must have awareness about the weather condition of the place where you are heading to. It is better to keep the clothes that do not expose much of your body. Full-sleeve shirts and full-length pants would be perfect as these do not allow bugs creep on your body.


Adventurous outdoor trip means you are away from home. You would be at some place that doesn’t have a city nearby or a doctor in case of an emergency. To avoid such type of situation, carry all the necessary medicines. Other than this, antiseptic cream, sunscreen lotion, bandage and a sprain spray would be of great help if you get yourself in a situation. If you are already seeing a doctor and suffering any disease, consult your physician and take the guidance before planning such type of trip.

Photography equipment:

You would certainly not want to miss snapping special moments on your trip. Keep your camera fully charged to capture all the splendid sceneries that would come in your way. You don’t have to bear a camera if the phone you are carrying is latest and provides the best results.

However, you would need a trail camera if you are planning to go for hunting. These are the trail cams for the cell phones that send pictures to your phone. These are a waterproof camera you can take to the trail to record the animals’ activities. The motion sensors on the camera tell it to start the recording by itself. Do not forget to carry a trail camera if you love hunting.

How to Survive a Bee Attack

You may notice that there are a lot of bees that are circling your property at present time. There are some bees that will not really attack you. Rather, what they will do is wreck your property and the rest of your home.

If you suspect that you have carpenter bees in your property, you have to act fast because they may do a lot of damage to your property that will be harder to repair. They do have preferences when it comes to the types of wood that they love to live in and thrive in but if you suspect that they are making a home out of your property, you can check This will allow you to trap the bees safely while you keep your home safe too.

While carpenter bee stings are scarce, the stings of other types of bees may be more common and are sometimes deadly. This is because a lot of people are allergic to bee stings and they may die when the bees sting them too hard.

How to Survive a Bee Attack

If you love being outdoors, you have to be aware of how the different nests look like. If you come across any nest which you suspect may be that of a wasp, bee or hornet, contact a professional immediately. They will be in charge of safely removing the nest from your property. If you fail to remove it, you will never know what is going to happen next.

There is an option that you will remove the nest on your own but doing this may be dangerous especially if you do not have the right equipment to do it.

Remember that you need to escape the bees that are trying to sting you. If you suspect that you are going to be attacked, try to run as fast as you can. Do not stop to pick up anything that falls from your pockets because they will catch you. The faster that you run to safety, the higher your chances of surviving a bee attack.

Here are a few more tips to remember:

  • Even if you jump in water, this will only give you temporary relief as the bees will wait for you to resurface and attack you again and again.
  • Pull your shirt over your head. You need to protect your face, your eyes and your ears most of all as they are the most vulnerable to bee stings.
  • Do not try to swat the bees. The more movement you do, the more those bees will attack you. At the same time, even if you are able to kill bees, the smell of dead bees may attract other bees to you more and this can cause even more problems.
  • The moment that you are safe, you should still call an ambulance or have someone bring you to the hospital to ensure that you are safe. Remember that some bee stings have venom that can cause severe allergic reactions.

No matter how many stings you get or how you are feeling, it is important that you have yourself checked by a medical professional after you have been attacked.


When it comes to hunting boots, there are many kinds of them in the market and to find one that will work out for you, you have to first define your needs. Once your need is defined, you will know what to look out for and that will help you to make an informed choice and get the best hunting boots. One thing you have to remember is that best is relative and it depends on a user, best for someone else may not be necessarily best for you. Some of the basic things that you have to consider however include:

Material used

Boots are made of different materials and the different materials define their durability. Some materials are more durable than others. The common materials used for making hunting boots include leather and nylon among many others. The material used will determine which environment the boot is best suited for and thus you need to consider this before buying a boot to get one that will best meet your need.

Height and weight

The height and weight of boots is made to fit different terrains. Some terrains require more height and weight like tough terrains to provide high insulation. Different people would need different height and weight depending on where the will use the boot. It should also be compatible with your body

Boot Fit

A boot with the right fit will make sure that you are comfortable and this will make your hunting a success. It should have the right foot size and the right height and weight. The material used should also give you a comfortable fit. You should however note that as much as different manufacturers may have the same size, the sizes may have a different fit and thus it is better to personally try the boot before purchasing it.


The kind of insulation you need will depend on the kind of environment you are using the boot. Proper insulation will make sure that you are comfortable and this will make your expeditions a success. Most companies have labels for insulation and it is measured in grams. The more the grams the more the insulation the boot has. Winter climates will need an insulation of 1200-1800, mid-season climate insulation of 600-800 and summer may not need insulation or if it is to have any have an insulation of between 200-400 grams. Technological advancements have made the boots not to be necessarily heavy to provide proper insulation. You should therefore consider insulation as a factor depending on the kind of environment you are planning to use the boot.


As seen above, finding the best hunting boots is not a hard task. Reading user reviews also goes a long way when shopping for a hunting boot as it gives you the experience of other users which can guide you in shopping for a boot. When it comes to hunting boots, you can never go wrong with renowned brands. On you can find the best boots and at great prices.

To Use A Full Face Snorkel Mask or Not

A full face snorkel mas is a mask that completely covers the face while combining a breathing regulator and a diving mask. Unlike the traditional snorkel, with a full face snorkel mask, one can have regular breathing while they are under the water. Different divers have different experiences but understanding how it works as well as the pros and cons can help you in making an informed choice on whether to go for a full face snorkel mask or not. Some of the advantages of full face snorkel masks include:

To Use A Full Face Snorkel Mask or Not

Enables verbal communication under the water

Since with a full face snorkel mask you can breathe normally under water, it can also help you to have verbal communication under water. Therefore if you need to communicate with fellow divers, this may be a good route to take especially if you are doing an underwater search or recovery mission.

Chances of losing the mask under water is minimal

A full face snorkel mask comes with multiple straps that help to increase its reliability. Once the straps are secured well, the chances of losing the mask underwater is minimized.

Great range of vision

With a full face snorkel mask, you can enjoy an expansive range of vision, with up to 180 degree range of vision under water. The mask is a good size and the breathing tube as well increasing your level of visibility while you are on a swim. Surface visibility helps to minimize the chance of an accidental collision.

It’s comfortable for long swims

The full face snorkel mask covers the whole face and this means that the mask pressure is evenly distributed around the face making it very comfortable especially for long swims.

Low chance of mask fogging

A full face snorkel mask comes with an inbuilt dual vent system that expels every breath and hence preventing mask fogging concerns.


The mask is made from polycarbonate material which is very durable and shatterproof.

Some of the cons of a full face snorkel mask include:

Set up time

Because of the multiple straps it uses, it requires more time to set it up correctly. Not setting the mask correctly increases the chances of the mask flooding with water or falling off while you are under water.

Expelling water

As much as the chances of water seeping in the mask is minimal, once the water gets into the mask, it is very difficult to expel it as compared to the traditional snorkel. If the mask has water, breathing is also obstructed.


It is more costly than the traditional snorkel and basic diving mask combined.


It is heavy and may cause a drag during a swim

Pressure buildup

When you are using this mask, the pressure buildup increases as you go deeper underwater. It may be hard to relieve pressure build up

Prescription glasses

It cannot work with prescription glasses if you have to use one for increases vision under the water.

Things A Survival Kit Should Embrace!

If you are one of the few folks in this world that are lucky enough to fulfill their dream of going on adventures like hunting, you would know how vital it is to pack a survival gear for any adventure. Several people think that survival gear is unnecessary and they have a pessimistic approach. However, it is better to be safe than sorry. Each surviving kit is designed for a particular activity, nevertheless; most tools are the same things.

If you are a fan of hunting, then one thing that is not usually in a surviving kit, yet you should have is a climbing tree stand. A climbing tree stand allows you to climb any tree with ease; this can provide assistance to you in situations where an animal sees you as prey and you need to save your life, or you require to hunt for an animal and want to take a shot. You should find a best climbing tree stand that is of high quality, robust, portable and runs on your budget online on various websites.

Things A Survival Kit Should Embrace!

However, if you are headed to out sea, or in the jungle, or anywhere else, it is essential you pick up a surviving kit for you and your loved ones. You may not need it, after all. However, safety is more important. The following items are highly suggested by experts to have in a surviving kit. It is imperative that you update your survival kit as often as possible to ensure no chaos occur in an emergency.

  1. Sources of fire:

As dangerous as fire can be, it is also a necessary aspect of your lives. For cooking, cleaning, keeping warm, and several other purposes people use fire. Your surviving kit needs to have sources of fire like a matchbox or a lighter. It is ideal to keep one or more lighters or boxes of matches for extra safety since the lighter can get wet and useless. Additionally, you can keep pocket tinder to burn to start a fire; it is light and easily consumed.

  1. First-aid kit and clothes:

A first-aid kit is probably the most important thing you can keep. Your first-aid kit should include painkillers and versatile pills that help you with your temperature. Ensure that the pill bottles are tightly packed with duct tape. Keep gauze pads, cotton, disinfectant tissues, dry tissues, medical tape, rubber bands, and duct tape to treat a bleed temporarily. Moreover, keep long gauze and ointments for sprained body parts and their treatment. You need to keep a jacket along with a blanket and some socks to keep you warm. Try to keep an umbrella as well.

  1. Food and water sources:

Since you do not know how long you will be surviving on the kit, it is significant to keep a source of food and water. You should take durable stainless steel water bottles and fill these with fresh water. In addition, you can keep water purifying tablets so in case you find dirty water, you can filter it. For food, dry and energy filled foods are recommended. You can use energy bars with high contents of energy.

  1. Tools:

It is imperative to have a few tools around for small or big tasks you might do. One of the smartest things to have is a Swiss army knife that has a pair of scissors, knife, and all other small tools available. Your tools should include a watch, a compass, an altimeter, and a barometer. It is crucial for you to keep tabs on wherever you go. Furthermore, you can keep a small waterproof cell phone. However, you might not receive signals sometimes. A torch is an additional tool that will help you see things at night.

Tips for Surviving the First Few Months of a Body Transformation Process

Are you skinny, timid and want to take on a challenge to bulk up into a muscular beast?  Or are you obese and want to transform your body by losing weight and building strong muscles so you can enjoy better health?  Well, the biggest challenge is not your body transformation.  The biggest challenge is surviving those first three months on your new program.  The first few months is always the worst because your muscles will be aching, you will feel exhausted, you can even feel nauseated and trembling and sticking to your daily workout program is the worst when you are sore before you even start out.  The important thing is sticking to it for these first three months because once the first few months is over with, your body will start getting used to your new program, you will actually see great results and feel the change and working out becomes part of your daily habits instead of a big challenge.  Here are some good tips to help you survive those first few months of your new challenge.

Tips for Surviving the First Few Months of a Body Transformation Process

Get the right program right from the start

No one likes to give it their all with no good end result.  The best way to get good results is by consulting an expert regarding your diet, workout program and supplements, especially since these three needs to be well balanced for effective results.  A fitness expert will give you the right program that will help you transform your body right from the start.

Consider using Anavar

Anavar is a steroid that was once commonly used by athletes because it has such astronomical bodybuilding and fitness benefits. The Anavar steroid boosts your energy levels, endurance, performance and muscle growth so you will bulk up quicker, get fit and strong faster and gets great results in much less time than just toughing it out on your own. The steroid is often prescribed for conditions like osteoporosis and to boost weight and growth gain in children to name a few.  If you are struggling to build muscles or to find the energy to stick to your gym routine then you can definitely consider a steroid like this one to help you reach your transformation goals much quicker.

The importance of water

Water is important for good looking skin and for staying hydrated but it is also a great aid for those first though three months when you have to watch what you eat.  If you get too hungry, grab a glass of water before you resolve to snacks and you might just overcome the craving.

Use motivational quotes everywhere

Fitness and motivational quotes are great!  They help you stay focused and they motivate you to keep trying. Frame a few motivational quotes and hang them where you work out or pass by every day. Save quotes on your phone and share these quotes on your social media page and with friends.  You are much more likely to stick to your program when you follow quotes.

Set up your own reward program

Reward yourself every time you reach a new goal and by reward I don’t mean snacking.  Buy yourself a gorgeous new gym outfit or running sneakers as reward because these lasting rewards are much better than snacking anyway.

How to Dress For Wilderness Survival

It is great fun to put your skills up to the test during a camping trip but the popularity of survival TV shows like Survivors, Out of the Wild, Extreme Survival and Man VS Wild are inspiring more and more adventure lovers to tough it out in extreme wilderness situations.  These wild nature lovers usually start out with minimalist camping and gradually work their way up to ultimate wilderness survival where they have to rely on basic tools and no food to survive.  If you have decided to take on this fantastic and wild adventure then the one thing you should never neglect is your clothing.  The first rule of survival is staying dry and the type of clothes you wear on your wilderness survival trip will greatly affect your ability to do just this.

Hiking boots

Hiking boots are a must for your wilderness survival trip.  Get an expert in footwear to help you choose because the wrong shoes can be terrible for your foot posture and if you choose a pair that is slightly too small you could end up losing all your toenails.  Choose sturdy, waterproof and light shoes that you know won’t let you down no matter what.  For this you have one of two options; for extreme cold, go for high hiking boots like Caterpillars or Hi-Tec shoes.  For extreme wet situations where you know moisture is unavoidable, go for something that will dry off quickly even after diving into a river.

How to Dress For Wilderness Survival

Workout clothes are best

Workout clothing is designed to insulate heat even when you are wet.  They are also made of lightweight synthetic material that is breathable and quick to dry.  This makes workout outfits the best possible choice you can make for a wilderness survival trip.  On The Fitness Recipes you can get great discount codes and coupons on top rated gym clothing like the all popular Gymshark brand and more.  The website also features gift cards that you can buy if you would like to gift great looking gear to some of your team members.

Layer up

Always wear one extra layer warmer than you need.  When you are in the wilderness you won’t be able to go and fetch your coat if it gets chilly but you can easily undress and simply tie your coat around your hips as you keep moving forward on your extreme survival challenge.   An extra piece of clothing can also be great for making a pillow, securing belongings and for many other odd tasks you may want to do to survive.

Wear a hat

Your skin is an important organ of your body.  Extreme damage to your skin can be just as fatal as damaging an internal organ and skin cancer is no joke.  The best way to stay safe during a wilderness trip is by wearing a hat that cannot be lost easily.  For this a cap is probably the best solution since you can secure it tightly around your head.

Wear a belt

A belt can have many functions on your trip.  You can use it as a sling or rope to tie something down or to carry something heavy and you can also use it to save your own life if you get hurt and need to stop the bleeding.

Learn To Survive and Live With Chronic Disease

For some people it is a challenge to survive in the wilderness with minimal gear and just the sheer strength of their bodies to get them through.  For others each and every day of their lives becomes a struggle to survive after they are diagnosed with chronic disease.  Chronic diseases aren’t easy to live with and what you do today determines your health tomorrow, over-morrow and even for the rest of the week or month.  Surviving with chronic disease is all about managing your health on a daily basis and learning to take the best possible steps each and every day so you can live easier and happier tomorrow.

Learn To Survive and Live With Chronic Disease

Live and survive through True Health Diagnostics

Surviving and living with chronic disease is only possible if you have the right diagnosis, use the right medication and follow the right health program.  But getting the right program and medication for your specific condition is no easy task.  Different bodies are affected differently by chronic diseases and different bodies have different health requirements in order to generate the best possible health outcome.  This makes it extremely difficult for medical experts to establish the right program for you right from the start.  You can expect several changes to your medications and your medical program once you are diagnosed and these changes can be greatly discouraging if a medication you take or a program you follow backlashes and leads to deteriorating health or even permanent damage.  True Health Diagnostics is the best medical organization that you can consult for the best possible outcome for your specific condition.  True Health Diagnostics is setting the bar for chronic medical treatments because they are the ones that are informing medical experts of the latest and best ways in which to provide their patients with the best possible care.

Get a proper diagnosis

True Health Diagnostics has their own laboratory and can properly test any patient to give them an accurate diagnosis for their condition.  This medical organization’s laboratory is also open to other medical firms and practices that need proper and quick results for tests.

Get the best medication

Once you are diagnosed properly, a medical expert will prescribe the best possible medical treatment for you while considering your personal body type, other medical conditions that you might be battling and your personal circumstances.

Get the best life program

Surviving chronic disease is all about disease management and boosting your own personal health so your body can naturally cope with the disease much better.  At True Health Diagnostics they provide patients with the best possible program that is established according to the latest research and technology findings.

With proper diagnosis and a good health plan any chronic disease fighter can manage their condition much better and cope better with daily challenges.  The right program will enable these patients to survive much longer despite their condition and to enjoy life and living for much longer despite the fact that each and every day is a lot more painful and challenging.

How to Survive in the Wilderness Without Food

It is unlikely that it is going to happen to you someday but you do not know what the future holds, right? It may be as unlikely as Stephen Collins being a part of the reunion of 7th Heaven after all of the scandals that he has gone through. It was so bad that his co-stars do not want to work with him anymore.

This is probably the way that you feel about being in the wilderness without food, water or without anything that can help save you from perishing of thirst and hunger but if in case it happens, do you know what to do? It will help if you are always being prepared. No matter how small your package is, it will help if you always have a few supplies with you like a paracord and a Swiss knife. If in case you truly do not have anything, then get to know some of the tips that you can do.

How to Survive in the Wilderness Without Food

The first thing that you have to do is to stay calm. It is only normal that you are going to panic because you know that you are going through something that you will find hard to get out of but a lot of people who get lost are usually found within 3 days. There is a possibility that you will be rescued even before the 72 hour rule is over but even then, you still have to assess your situation so that you can make a plan on how to be somewhat comfortable with your situation.

  • You need to remember that more than food, the one that you need more is water. It will be hard for you to survive without water for more than 2 days. You can survive without food without 2 weeks or sometimes even more.
  • Try to find shelter. Even if you are already feeling thirsty, your thirst has to wait. You should look for your shelter immediately and make sure that it will keep you safe even if it rains or when the heat from the sun becomes too extreme. The shelter you will see will depend on the place where you are stranded. You have a choice to look for a cave wherein you can stay or to create a lean-to.
  • Find a source of water. Now that you have already fixed your shelter, you need to find water first as this is more important than food. The place where you are in may not be surrounded by water but does not worry, in this case, go downhill. The lower you are, the more likely there is going to be water available. Of course, you should not immediately drink water when you see it, if you have tools, boil the water first. It will make a lot of difference. If you do not have anything, get flowing water as this may be a better option.
  • If you need to get food, remember to look at the fruits that are around you. Do not just pick random berries as they may be poisonous.

Your main goal of course is to get found. This is possible by creating a distress signal wherein people can probably see you or try to create the letters SOS wherein passing planes and helicopters will see your call. It will help a lot.

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