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10 Survival Essentials for Your Car

Driving on our busy roads is already dangerous enough but now you also endure terrible dangers and risks if a breakdown happens.  Breakdowns can be life threatening because there are so many thugs out there that won’t think twice about robbing you or even claiming your life.  It is also nearly impossible to get someone to stop and help you when everyone is afraid of getting hijacked.  You can easily end up stuck beside a busy road for hours without getting any help.  And when help does pull over… you better hope that it is the right kind of help.  With the right survival essentials in your car you can be just a little bit safer while being stuck beside the road and you might just be able to get your car up and running all on your own.  Here are the 10 essentials that should always be in your car;

10 Survival Essentials for Your Car
10 Survival Essentials for Your Car
  1. Multitool

The multitool is the most diverse tool in the world.  This is an absolute must for your car because you can do so many things with this simple and small tool.  Multitools can vary a lot but they usually contain a wide range of different tools in one simple foldable kit.  Most multitools consist of scissors, pillars, a file, bottle opener, screw driver and a knife.  With one of these tools you can do a lot of minor vehicle repairs and you can handle a lot of other small tasks like to get things open or to cut things on your journey. Check out the Leatherman Wingman reviews to get more info on all the best multitools currently on the market.

  1. Flashlight

This is a simple yet very important tool.  With a flashlight you can spot all types of dangers if you are traveling at night.

  1. Spare tire

Of course you need a spare tire.  It is so easy to get a flat tire and the solution is so simple.

  1. Jumper cables

Car batteries can be unpredictable and with jumper cables any passerby can help you be on the go again in minutes. 

  1. Duct tape

This is the all-time DIY tool.   Duct tape is incredibly useful on the go because you can secure so many things and even temporarily patch up wounds.

  1. First aid kit

Accidents can happen at any moment.  You never know when you are going to fall over some loose tree trunk.  A first aid kit can help you stay in good shape until you can get proper medical care.

  1. Matches or lighter

This is a good investment even if you are a non-smoker.  With a lighter you can at least start a small fire to protect yourself or to signal someone if you are in need of help.

  1. Water bottle

An extra water bottle is always handy even if it is just to cool down your radiator if you didn’t check the levels.

  1. Energy bars

We all know how dangerous it is to fall asleep behind the wheel.  Energy bars are superb for keeping full, energized and wide awake on long journeys.

  1. Reflective triangle

It is against the law to go without one of these.  A reflective triangle is a must for signaling other drivers so they won’t crash into you.

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