Best Paracord Survival Gear Review

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Paracord.  You probably have seen this versatile nylon sheathed cord at some point in your life. Maybe there is some in your garage being used to tie down a tarp or your teenager is sporting a paracord bracelet. Paracord lanyard is common and favorite cordage incorporated into everyday uses.This slim nylon rope is composed of 7-9 strands of nylon. Inside the strands are 2-3 threads, all meant to be unraveled for many different uses. Paracord lanyard was originally used on parachutes for the suspension lines.  The utility function of paracord is to have it as a quick access tool for situations where cordage is needed immediately.

Paracord lanyard made the jump from the military using it right into a premiere survival tool for everyone.   After World War II it became a military surplus item available to civilians. Since then, paracord has been applied to rigging applications, retention, survival and even fashion. Between MILSPEC paracord lanyard and fashion lanyards, nylon paracord covers a broad spectrum of purposes.

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