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Survive Pet Allergies without Getting Rid Of Your Beloved Pet

Everyone deserves to have a dog or cat.  These charming animals are wonderful for cheering you up when you are down, keeping you warm during the winter, keeping you company when you are bored or lonely and they can often be so funny.

Sadly, not all animal lovers find it too easy to keep a pet.  Lots of people have terrible pet hair allergies that cause all sorts of symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing, a stuffy nose, respiratory conditions, sinus problems, swollen eyes, eye infections, skin rashes and more.

If you are one of these people with pet hair allergies then don’t get rid of your beloved animal just yet.  Here are a few great tips to help you survive your allergies and enjoy the company of a furry friend.

Survive Pet Allergies without Getting Rid Of Your Beloved Pet
Survive Pet Allergies without Getting Rid Of Your Beloved Pet

Vacuum Your Home Regularly

One of the worst things you can do inside your house is to sweep and dust.  These cleaning methods send too much hair flying into the air which can trigger allergies.  A vacuum cleaner will suck up all the hair and seal it tightly within the machine. These machines are also much better for getting the hair out of your upholstery, carpets, and linen.  On you can see all the best vacuum cleaners to help get or pet hair with ease.

Get an Air Purifier

Air purifiers also make home life with a pet much more comfortable.  These devices destroy allergens so they won’t cause damage to you and they also improve the air quality and general smell of your home dramatically.

Get Your Pet His Own Bed

Don’t snuggle with your pet in your bed.  The allergens will get trapped in your linen and can cause breakouts even if you no longer enjoy cuddle time with a dog or cat.  Your pet should have his own bed, preferably a pet bed that you can toss into the washing machine on a regular basis to keep it hair and odor free.

Bathe Your Pet Regularly

It is important to give your pet regular baths.  Clean pets don’t have quite as many allergens or loose hair.  Just be careful not to wash dogs or cats too frequently.  They need natural oils to protect their skin.

Brush Your Pet

Grab a mask and give your pet a proper brush every other day to remove loose hairs.  This will make cleanup much easier and will help you enjoy play time with your pet without having to suffer.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

You should wash your hands often, especially after handling your pet.  Hands are the highest risk factor when it comes to spreading germs and diseases – or in your case allergens.

Get an Allergy Shot

Allergy shots can help you breathe easy for up to size months.  These shots or allergy vaccines are very helpful and helps you create protective antibodies to fight off allergy breakouts on a regular basis.

Choose the Right Pet

Choosing the right pet can make a world of difference in your comfort and health. There are quite a few pets that are allergy safe such as Yorkshire terriers.  If you don’t have a pet quite yet then do some research on the best breeds for allergy sufferers.

10 Essential Hiking Gear

There are many ways that we can spend our free time, especially on weekends or when we are off from work. One of those is hiking, which isn’t only healthy in the way that it keeps us fit, but is a way of discovering new things. The countryside is probably one of the best places to hike because it has a lot of space and fresh air. It is also a great change from the cities, where we spend most of our time. When hiking, there are several things that we need to have to ensure safety and comfort during the hikes. We don’t want to get injured or fall sick due to something that we could have avoided. It is important to buy the best gear, preferably from well-known companies, and in the event that the gear fails us, we can always sue the companies for compensation. In this article, we are going to discuss 10 essential hiking gear.

10 Essential Hiking Gear
10 Essential Hiking Gear

Navigation – Map, Compass, and GPS System

Nobody would want to get lost while hiking in a place that they aren’t familiar with, which is why they should orient themselves with the area that they intend to hike before heading out. It is also important that they have navigation gear and also acquaint themselves with the use of maps and compasses before going hiking.

Sunglasses, Sunscreen, and Hats for Protection

During the hike, people can be subjected to a lot of sun, which also means UV rays. UV rays can cause sunburn and skin cancer, while the bright light can have negative effects on our eyes. It should therefore be a basic requirement to carry sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and clothing that will ensure minimal contact with the sun. these clothes should include long sleeve shirts and pants since they hide the skin.


You never know what the weather could be like in a matter of hours and it is always good to be ready for the worst. Bring along clothing that can handle the most extreme conditions that you might come across during the hike. These clothes could include jackets, hats, gloves, rain protection, and thermal underwear.

Flashlights, Lanterns, or Headlamps

One of the most important things when you’re outdoors is lighting. It is important if you intend to spend the night, when the weather turns bad, and during emergencies. This is the reason why one should always carry lighting sources such as flashlights, lanterns, and headlamps. They should all have extra batteries for emergencies.

First Aid Kit

You never know when an emergency can happen and that is why you should always be prepared in the event that it does. Bring along a first aid kit that can take care of medical needs during the trip, and preferably one with an emergency guide. Ensure that any medicines in the kit haven’t expired.

Matches or Lighters

When people relate fire and hiking, the first thing that comes to mind is camp fires, and cooking. The truth is that fire is one of the most important emergency signals and can save you at your wildest point. Always bring along a pack of waterproof matches, a lighter, or a fire starter, and also get familiar with the regulations on the use of fire before your hiking trip.

Tools and Repair Kit

You never know when they could come in handy, but it is always important to bring along a tools and repair kit with basic things such as duct tape, knife, screwdrivers, pliers, and scissors. A Swiss knife comes with many of the things that you might need in one package.

Nutrition – Food

Hiking uses up a lot of energy and that is why you should bring along high energy snacks such as nuts and granola bars. They can recharge your energy during meal intervals. You will also want to pack enough in case there are changes during the trip.


Hiking is a physical activity that uses up a lot of water and salts, especially if the weather is hot. This means that you will have to hydrate often or else you could risk getting dehydrated, something that could lead to other health complications. You need to know if there are points where you can get or purchase water, prior to heading out. This way, you won’t have to carry heavy water bottles that will add to your weight during the hike. It is wiser to carry water treatment supplies instead.

Emergency Shelter

Imagine getting stuck or stranded during the hike and you don’t have a shelter? It would make survival more challenging since there would be nothing to protect you from the severe weather conditions and exposure to the elements. This is the reason why you should always bring along things like tents, sleeping bags, and other shelter equipment. There are many lightweight options available on the market.

Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding

There are many things that could go wrong during the hike, that could lead to personal injury. If that injury was due to something that isn’t your fault, such as a faulty zip line, you can sue the manufacturer. While the lawsuit is ongoing, you will want to get medical aid but might not have the funds for it. this is where pre-settlement funding comes in. companies like Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding offer lawsuit pre-settlement funding, whereby you are funded while the case is ongoing, based on the amount of settlement money that you will be paid when the lawsuit is finished. In this section of the article, we are going to take a look at what you need to know about non recourse lawsuit loans, checking out some of the questions on the Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding website.

  • Does pre-settlement funding come with benefits? Yes, one can settle their bills before the court settlement is complete.
  • Isn’t it better to go for a bank loan instead? No, a bank loan would only add to your debt, while a pre-settlement funding doesn’t.
  • How do you tell a lawsuit settlement funding company that is good? They should be direct funding sources. Fake ones use brokers.
  • What does ‘fees’ mean in pre-settlement funding? The fees are the rates you’re charged by the funding company in regards to your pre-settlement funding.
  • What of credit checks and your employment history? They aren’t considered in pre-settlement funding.
  • What are the interest rates? Anything between 1.99% to 3.99% per month.
  • Do you give up your rights if you apply for pre-lawsuit funding? No.
  • What is the role of my lawyer here? He will act as your advisor.
  • What does it take for it to be approved? Once they get your application, they confer with your lawyer regarding the case, and based on the expected value of your case, your funds are expedited. Depending on the specific situation, release of funds can take a couple of days.


It is important to take extreme precaution when hiking. Follow all the instructions on the gear religiously, but in the event that the gear fails you, you can always take the manufacturer to court and sue them. Pre-lawsuit funding can help you get medical attention while you wait for the case to settle.

How to Survive Past the First Week of Your Spinning Challenge

Spinning is one of the best cardio workouts you can enjoy.  The cardio workout gets your heart pumping which is good for strengthening your heart and for promoting good cardiovascular health.  These exercises also help you burn fat and develop your leg muscles at the same time.  If you adopt the right sitting position then spinning can even help you flatten and tone down your tummy.

The only problem with taking up a spinning challenge is that you can get terribly sore during the first week.  The first week is always the worst.  Your muscles aren’t used to the sudden workout and your body isn’t fit just yet which makes it hard for you to spin through your entire workout.

How to Survive Past the First Week of Your Spinning Challenge
How to Survive Past the First Week of Your Spinning Challenge

Here are a few excellent tips to help you survive past the first week of a new spinning challenge.

Get a Good Bike

The best way to spin for better health is by using a good quality spinning bike.  You need something that is durable, easy to use, that monitors you as you work out and that allows you to set the intensity levels differently.  On this website, you can check out all the latest and best spinning bikes that will help you get fit without having to visit a gym.

Drink Plenty of Water

It is important to drink lots of water throughout the day.  A hydrated body heals much quicker and lots of water makes it easier for your body to get rid of toxins and fat.  Don’t drink too much water before or while you are spinning because this will make you feel nauseated.  Sip water while you spin just to keep your throat moist and try to fit in 2liters of water through the rest of the day.

Don’t Eat a Full Meal before Spinning

Don’t try to spin on a full belly.  Your body is already working hard trying to get nutrition from the food you just absorbed.  Wait until after your workout to eat something or break your meals into smaller plates so you won’t feel too full to move.

Listen To Music

Music distracts your mind from your workout and the right type of gym music also gives you a lot more energy and endurance while you are working out.  Avoid slow and romantic songs at all cost while spinning because you will only become discouraged.

Warm Up Before You Start

This is the most important tip for surviving your first week of spinning.  Always warm up with a good stretch before you get onto your bike and spin slowly for about three minutes so your muscles can loosen up and prevent from tearing.

Warm Down After Your Workout

When you are done with your spinning program, take a few extra minutes to cool down.  Spin slowly for three minutes, get off the bike and do a bit of stretching.  Warming down relaxes your muscles so they won’t’ tense up.

Use a Muscle Cream

If you do get sore then use a muscle cream such as deep ice or muscle relaxing cream on all of your sore muscles before going to bed and before working out.

10 Survival Techniques You Should Know

Hard or complicated as it might sound, mastering survival skills is actually very easy. Many people would be surprised at how easy some of them are and yet they would never have thought of them when they needed to use them the most. As a matter of fact, it is important to teach people some of these survival techniques when they are still children. This is because it is easier for kids to master some things and live with them for life. In this article, we are going to take a look at 10 survival techniques that everyone should know.

10 Survival Techniques You Should Know
10 Survival Techniques You Should Know

How to Build a Shelter

A shelter protects against extreme climate and prolonged exposure, and this makes it a very important part of survival. This could be against extreme heat or cold, which could otherwise lead to disease. Wind and rain are some of the things that shelters protect us from, keeping us dry and warm.

Starting a Fire with Sticks

This is something that was actually done by early man, if science is anything to go by, and it can still work today. It involves putting a stick between your palms and sticking it against a larger piece of wood, before rubbing the stick between your palms. The sticks all have to be dry as this cannot work in a damp environment. The fire could be used for heating, signaling for help, and for generating heat during the cold.

Getting Drinkable Water

In the wild, you can either get safe drinking water or water that will have negative effects on your body. Going for three days without drinking water could kill you due to dehydration. The good thing is that finding water shouldn’t be a problem. The problem will be purifying it to make it safe for drinking since it could be riddled with harmful bacteria, algae, and other toxins. You could use purifying agents such as bleach, and purification tablets. You could also boil the water, or use a moisture filter.

Edible Plants

You could come across many wild animals, but you could end up losing all of your energy chasing them around unsuccessfully. This leaves you with the option of looking for edible plants. Many plants are poisonous and one has to be very careful or else they could end up dead. You need to figure out plants that are not dangerous for consumption, such as dandelions.


Chances are very high that you won’t have a compass on you, but there is a way that you can find your way around in any jungle or wilderness. You can use landmarks to determine certain directions, or you can use the sun to determine east from west since it rises in the east and sets in the west. Night navigation can use the stars, whereby you can determine your position and then have a directional reference using the stars. The North Star has been used by many to guide the direction in which they are moving.

Signaling for Help

Your primary motive when in a survival situation is to get yourself out of there and one method that can get you out of there is by signaling for help. A good tip is to go to the highest point or an empty space and then using fire as a signal. You can also use visible formations in an empty space to spell the word SOS. Reflective materials also work effectively by pointing the reflection towards the search party.

Minifigs with Mega Prices

I don’t know about you, but one of the things that triggered some of the survival skills I know was Lego. It taught me how to quickly build shelters, or how to get my Lego idols out of tough situations. It was innocent child play but to date, I still have the most valuable lessons that I learned from that. That is the reason why in this part of the article, we are going to take a look at what LEGO Ways has to say about minifigs. A minifig is one of those little figures that bring Lego to life. These mini-figures shine in their world, and they are rare with a huge following.

Minifigs include comic con superheroes such as Shazam, Bizarro, Venom, and Phoenix which retail between $150 to $180 dollars. Star Wars Lego also comes with precious collections that include Boba Fett and Mandalorian bounty hunter, which fetch close to $200. Star Wars also has the Yoda, retailing for up to $250, as well as the gold-chrome plated C-3PO that goes for close to $500. The most expensive minifig of the all is Mr. Gold that goes for a whopping $1,000.


It is important to learn and master survival techniques since we never know when we will need to use them next. If you follow the stories by some of the Lego minifigs we have looked at above, you will realize that they might actually give you survival tactics.

Choosing The Best Vaporizer for Survival Needs

If you are a smoker and a lover of tobacco to be specific, you must be already aware of vaporizers.  Many smokers need to smoke for survival and a vaporizer would make a great survival kit. Smokers swear by vaping and how it makes them feel. If you are however new into vaping, it may be very confusing on the products to choose since everything will be new to you. There are also foreign terms that are used which may all sound very confusing for example tanks, coils, juice mods, and clearomizers mean totally different.

In vaping, you inhale the vapor which is formed when the tank of your vaping device holds a liquid which is heated up when the device is activated. It somewhat sounds complicated but that is what it is.

In order to get the most out of vaping, you should bear the following factors in mind:

Choosing The Best Vaporizer for Survival Needs

Choose the right vaporizer

It is only the right vaporizer that will make sure that you have the best experience. The best one is relative as it all depends on an individual need, for example, suorin air may be best for one person and not the other. Despite the fact that it depends on the need of an individual, it is advisable to go for the portable kind since it is convenient and you can carry it along with you when the need arises. Some of the things you should bear in mind when looking for a vaporizer include:

Tank: The tank is where the liquid is stored that will later convert to vapor. There are different types of vape tanks though they all function in the same way. It is only that there are those that will use cotton or those that use a wick to the coil which will heat the liquid to vapor. When looking at the tank, the volume is very important to consider.

Coil: The coil is made of different materials and that determines its durability. It is important that you choose the right material. The best type is stainless steel.

Select the right material

It is important that you have the right material. That is in terms of the heating material used to produce vapor. It is also important that the substance you are going to vape is in sync with the specific vaporizer. They should be compatible. There are some vaporizers that can only be used with some substances.


In choosing a vaporizer, it is good to consider the kind of accessories that can be used with it. As much as some vaporizers already come with vaping accessories, most of the time you will have to purchase the accessories separately. Most of the time people do not consider the accessories they can use since they don’t have an immediate need for that. A need may arise in the future but an accessory will enhance your vaping experience. Some of the accessories commonly used are charging tools and glass water creations.

Familiarize with your vaporizers

Vaporizers have all been made differently and hence it is mandatory that you get to know more about your vaporizer of interest prior. You can only maximize from it if you know how to use it well. For examples there are some models that one has to prep them before getting to use them, for example, there are those that you need to heat them before getting to use them.

How to Survive Moving Houses

Moving out of your home can be quite stressful and draining. You can be excited and happy to be going to a new place, but at the same time, you might not want to leave behind what you have. After all, a home is not just four walls, rather a story of ups and downs of your life. However, it is not impossible to deal with the way you feel. You are not alone. 

How to Survive Moving Houses
How to Survive Moving Houses
  1. You don’t have to take everything with you.

You might feel like you have to move everything from your old place to your new one but that’s not true. Before you start packing up, declutter. Throw away the things that are unnecessary and of no use to anyone, or hold a yard-sale for the stuff that can be sold for good price. Do not think that something you haven’t used in years may come in handy later- it won’t; let it go.

  1. Make a budget.

Before you do anything else, make a budget to keep your expenditure in check. You will not want to spend more than you can actually afford at this point. So plan accordingly.

  1. Avoid stress eating.

Stress makes people lose control over what they should or should not eat. You might avoid healthy eating and just reach out your hand to comfort foods. Try to keep your diet in check. You should not become unhealthy and sick in the process of moving houses. If you cannot do it yourself, have a family member keep an eye on you and you can do the same for them.

  1. You need to rest too.

Continuous work and tiredness can exhaust you physically and mentally. An exhausted brain usually overthinks and is prone to being more stressed than necessary. Take breaks and rest. You do not have to pack up and think about moving 24/7. Take the time in your home to gather fond memories and have a good time as long as you are there. Leave it to a reliable company to do the heavy work for you, like Umzugsfirma Luzern. 

  1. Ask your friends for help.

If you work with your friends, the stress and overthinking will take a backseat. They can always give you a helping hand and good company, all at once. This way, you will get to be with your friends, get the work done, and be in a much better and peaceful state of mind throughout.

  1. Explore your new locality.

In case you are moving to a new locality, it is a great chance to discover new places and welcome the change in your life. Meet your new neighbors, ask them about the best local stores, and what to try in the area. You might find a library or two if you like to read and meet like-minded people! 

  1. Decorate your new home.

Spend your time setting up your new home. Mix and match things. Set up a personal corner for your alone time. Get cheap craft supplies and make decorations or wall-hangings. Do not dwell over what you left behind, rather make most of what you have now.

Basic Tips To Survive A Boring Trip

Taking a trip is done so that you have a change in scenery. But not all trips are fun. There are countless examples of trips which turned out to be boring and the people barely survived those trips.

There are numerous ways you can make trips fun but if you have given up and survival is your main aim then you need to know these tips. They will not only help you in getting through that long trip but also enlighten you on how to avoid trips that might just be a waste of time.

Basic Tips To Survive A Boring Trip
Basic Tips To Survive A Boring Trip
  1. Distract yourself

The number way to survive a boring trip is to distract yourself from the things that are making this trip boring. There are so many ways to do this but the simplest one is to redo your packing. If you are lucky enough to have one of the best luggage brand bags then this task will be fun for you. Some of the names of the industry include Samsonite and Rockland. Each brand offers a different aspect that makes it unique and can make your experience better.

Packing helps you concentrate on your things and reminds you that this trip is only temporary and that you will go back home soon. Other than this it also makes you more organized which gives you a sense of accomplishment. If you have already repacked your things then reward yourself with a nice meal.

Food is always a good distraction however people take it a bit far and eat a lot which results in weight increase. When you are on a trip you need to be smart. You cannot get overweight and add to your lists of problems. Distraction really does a lot for someone who is not having fun on a trip.

  1. Shopping

When you are going on a trip you always have time for shopping. Especially if the trip is boring then that just means you get more time for shopping. This does not mean that you go to branded shops and buy expensive things. You should not waste your money. The idea is to visit the local places and get small and cheap things which help you pass time.

Shopping has been proven to be therapeutic. This does not only apply to ladies. For all the men who are not having a good time on a trip, just go to a store and go to the aisle that interests you the most. Spend some time looking at the different items and you will forget you are not having a good time. Shopping in a new place also makes you learn a lot about that place and the people.

  1. Write a journal

Go to the local park and sit on a bench. Breathe the fresh air and relax. After this do some stretching exercises to get your muscles out of the knots. After relaxing your body, take out your journal and write. Just write whatever comes to your mind no matter if it is good or bad. No matter if you are a good writer or not. Just write random sentences.

Once you have scribbled you will feel relieved. Writing helps to release emotions that are pent up. Especially on a boring trip where you cannot even complain about anything writing will really help you make sense of things. To make things even better it will be a memory of the time you hated the trip. Plus, you will know never to put yourself into such a situation again.

Tricks To Survive Europe Trip With A Limited Budget!

A trip to Europe can have your travel fund disappearing in no time. Especially, if you have not planned it before landing in those beautiful and extremely expensive countries. The point where you think you now have just enough money for a Europe trip and you can pack your bags; stop fooling yourself right there.

No amount of money is enough for such trips unless you plan your budget beforehand. Yes, those cities are expensive but you can still survive and have the best experience.

Tricks To Survive Europe Trip With A Limited Budget!
Tricks To Survive Europe Trip With A Limited Budget!

How would you do that? You would find here in this article:

Do not miss out on the freebies:

There are plenty of places in Europe where you can enjoy eating and drinking without reaching for your wallet. Do not expect to enjoy a full meal for free. We are here talking about some drinks, sweets, or whatever side dish the place has to offer.  Moreover, if museums are your thing, you would find a lot of them and some would even have free days or free hours.

The tour desk in the hostels can tell you about that. Granada in Spain offers a free tapa with every drink. Hostels also provide free cups of tea and coffee. They might sound like nothing but you would be saving a lot.

Be wise with your transport options:

Do not go for the popular choice, instead, go for the cheap one. Trains in Europe are the most used transport, but it is not cheap. You might get excellent deals if you book in advance, but getting a ticket in the nick of a time would cost you a lot more.

Buses are also a good option for long distance route. The ticket price is very reasonable even it is bought in the last minute. Low-cost carriers are available if you prefer flying from one place to another.

Eat Local:

You need to be smart when it comes to buying your food. Eating in the restaurants or cafes that are near major attractions of the cities would pinch holes in your pocket. They are extremely expensive.

However, if you go for locally prepared food, you wouldn’t have to have your budget go out of your hand. Ask at your guesthouse about the places where you can eat at an average price. Local markets have a lot of food options to offer. Visiting them can be fun too.

Book a room in a hostel rather than a hotel:

Hostels are way cheaper than hotels. When you have more than one city to visit and most of your time is going to be spent exploring, it wouldn’t be wise to book in a hotel for each spot. If Prague is on your list, Ananas Hostel is giving the best services. It is located in the lower part of the famous Wenceslas Square. Rooms of various sizes are available. These rooms are big enough to accommodate a maximum of twelve people with every person having his/her own space. They provide a comfortable and stress-free environment. The staff there would be present 24/7, in case you need any help during your stay.

They also have a tour desk that can help you plan your day. They would tell you about the places to visit in the city. Moreover, there is no compromise on cleanliness. They provide daily maid service to keep the place clean and tidy.

You would also be provided with a shared kitchen that you can use at any time. There is a long list of facilities that you can find on their website. Furthermore, you can instantly book a room from there.

Getting The Best Gutter Cleaners

Gutter cleaning is something we cannot avoid in as much as it is done once in a while. With many companies in the market, it may be confusing to choose the right one. While there are those that prefer to do that gutter cleaning on their own, it is best to get a professional to do it for you so that incase of anything they are liable. With the gutter high, you can succumb to an accident which will cost you. You would also not want to mess up with the gutter of your house. Some of the factors you can keep in mind to make sure that you choose the right gutter cleaners include:

Getting The Best Gutter Cleaners
Getting The Best Gutter Cleaners


If they have been in the industry for long it means that they have done the same thing over and over again and hence they are likely to do the right thing. With more experience they may also have additional skills and tips that may be of help. When looking at experience, be sure to check if they have a physical location that has been in operation for at least two years. With that you will be sure that incase of anything it will be easy to get hold of them.


When doing gutter cleaning there are chances that you may get accidents in the process. If the company has not covered for those that are doing the gutter cleaning for you it means that incase of anything you will be in charge. It is therefore important to go for a company that is insured to avoid additional costs. To be sure you can ask for proof of cover just to make sure that the policy is up to date.

Method of cleaning

There are different methods that may be used for cleaning and they are not effectively the same. For examples there are companies that may use robots for cleaning and it will not give the same effect as when you are manually cleaning the gutter. It is therefore important to enquire prior the method used for cleaning and the tools used.


One of the signs that a company is offering quality services is that they should be able to offer you a guarantee/warranty of their services even if it is for a short period. Of course, with a gutter cleaning service you don’t expect a long warranty as debris and dirt tend to accumulate within a short time though that depends on where you live.


Different companies charge differently depending on the pricing policies, scale of work and the method of cleaning used. For example, a company that is insured is likely to charge more than a company that is not. So before looking at the cost, check what comes with the cost.


One of the sure ways to get the right company is by asking for referrals or going through reviews. That will give you a glimpse of what other customers experienced with the company. Good thing is that there are many great gutter cleaning companies that will do the job right such as .

How to Survive a Heart Attack

More than 1.5 million people will have a heart attack in any given year. What is worse, heart disease accounts for 25% of all deaths in the U.S. every year. That’s roughly 610,000 people who die from heart disease annually! If you don’t want to be a statistic, you need to know how to survive an acute coronary event, like a heart attack or arrhythmia (electrical problem in the heart). Here are some ways to survive severe heart problems.

Recognize the Symptoms of Heart Attack

Most heart attacks are not instantly fatal. If you know the signs and symptoms of a heart problem, you’ll know when to get help. The first few hours following a heart attack are critical to preventing long-term complications and death. It is important to note that women and men don’t experience heart pain the same way, so take note of the differences below and don’t hesitate to call 911 if you have any of the following symptoms.

  • Chest pain that also affects just one arm or the jaw (usually the left side)
  • Chest tightness (described as “an elephant on my chest”)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea, indigestion, or abdominal pain (more common in women)
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness (more common in women)
  • Cold sweat
  • Fatigue (sudden and unexplained)

Treat Heart Attack

If you think someone is having a heart attack, call 911 immediately. You don’t have to wait for EMS to arrive to start treatment though. You can do any or all of the following things to help treat a heart attack and decrease its severity.

  • Administer aspirin. The recommended dose is 325 milligrams (that’s about 4 “baby” aspirin) and it should be chewed. It won’t taste great, but absorption is faster when aspirin is chewed.
  • If there is defibrillator (AED) nearby, retrieve it in case you need to use it.
  • Have the person lie down to reduce the work that the heart needs to do. Keep them as calm as possible.
  • Keep the person warm, this will keep blood vessels open and improve tissue perfusion.
  • DON’T TAKE ANY CHANCES. If you are in doubt about whether it is really a heart attack or not, it is better to get medical attention. Let the experts figure out what is going on, that’s their job. This is one case where it is better to be safe than sorry.

BPC-157 peptide has been shown to Prevent Heart Attack

The best way to survive a heart attack is to prevent it in the first place. Scientists are currently investigating a compound known as BPC-157, which is known to reduce electrical abnormalities in the heart and may be useful in preventing heart pain from turning into full cardiac arrest. In the future, people may be able to buy BPC-157 to use as a preventative agent against heart disease. Heck, they may even be able to buy BPC-157 like any other over-the-counter supplement or medicine to have around just in case. You can learn more about BPC-157 research here;

Until then, you can help prevent a heart attack by doing the following things.

  • Stop smoking. Smoking is the worst thing you can do for your heart.
  • Limit alcohol intake. A little alcohol may be beneficial to the heart, but too much will lead to serious heart issues and even heart attack.
  • Manage diabetes if you have it. Diabetes causes serious heart problems.
  • Be physically active. People who exercise, even if it is just walking a couple times of day, are much less likely to have a heart attack than those who sit for prolonged periods. The more you move, the better.
  • Get enough sleep. Too little sleep is dangerous to heart health.
  • Treat sleep apnea. Not only does sleep apnea interfere with sleep quality, it causes a low-oxygen condition known as hypoxia, which can lead to serious heart damage if left untreated for too long.
  • Eat right. Eat nutrient-rich fresh foods rather than process foods. Choose high-fiber foods, avoid trans fats, cut down on sugar, and limit your consumption of red meat.
  • Manage your blood pressure. If you blood pressure is too high, get it under control. If eating right is not enough to keep your blood pressure under control, see your doctor about medications that can help.

Your Heart Won’t Heal

The reason that heart attack is so problematic is that the heart has little, if any, capacity to heal after injury. It can form scars, like your skin does, but scars aren’t functional and thus can’t help the heart do its job of pumping oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body. Once it is damaged, the heart never fully recovers. Avoid the damage in the first place with the preventative measures above and seek to limit damage by doing the right things if you do experience a heart attack. Time is of the essence following a heart attack, so don’t hesitate to get help.

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