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Being Prepared for Disasters

Whether it be an earthquake, a tsunami, or any other disaster that you can think of, we all know just how difficult it can be to lose your home. No one wants it no matter how difficult life at home may have been for you, as that is always something that you could have come back to. Losing your home also means being put at a risk of several other risk factors, such as PTSD, hypertension, etc., as these are common among those that have experienced trauma or stress of a great magnitude.

Being Prepared for Disasters

Staying alert

No, one can never be too prepared for something as unforeseen as a natural disaster, for instance. However, precautions can be taken. If you live in an area that you know is a danger zone of some form of natural disaster or any other disaster imaginable, then be sure to do everything that you can to have at least the necessary supplies nearby.

Food and water are necessities that you must have nearby, as they will ensure that you can at least manage to survive the disaster. There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind when storing food and water. The foods will need to have a storage life that is long, for instance. It will also need to be something that will not require cooking or special form of preservation, meets the needs of all family members as well as babies, is not very spicy or salty, as that will require drinking more water which may or may not be in short supply already.

When it comes to storing water, however, make sure to store enough water that will last each person or pet, if you have any, at least 3 days. Aside from food and water, there are other things that you need to keep nearby, such as cooking utensils, flashlights, fuel for cooking, heavy-duty aluminum foil, paracord, as well as other survival gears.

What really happens when someone loses their home?

Although income taxes would be the last thing on your mind in the case of a disaster, they are affected when the disaster is nationally declared to be a federal disaster. No matter what it is that you lost, whether it be your home, furniture, vehicle, or any other item, they could all potentially be considered to be tax deductions.

There are various thresholds to overcome, however, which is why many people stop to think twice about whether or not they should claim a certain item that they have lost. Most people only claim that which they think they really need, however, in this case, you do have a choice, as this is a deductible casualty and because it has been declared a federal disaster. You can always check out the official website for more information.

If you want to learn more about how things work in the case of a federal disaster and how your income taxes are affected by it, you can also check out

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