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Best Women Hack for Camping Trips

Camping and outdoor activities are something that keeps you alive and well. Some folks naturally love being near nature while others like traveling and exploring the world. Either way, your packing skills, and hacks should be on point.

If you don’t know how to pack little but enough for all the days and how to keep everything readily available and avoiding over packing. This is especially required by women who need a hundred different things to keep in handy. There are a few hacks by experienced women campers that have helped them inefficient camping without causing inconvenience.

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Laser hair treatment:

Yes! This is weird in a camping and outdoor activity article, but don’t you think having to shave your arm and leg hair during camping is a hassle? Yes, it definitely is. The most convenient solution to this is laser hair treatment at home. It not only helps you save money but also restricts the growth of hair at unwanted places. A typical laser treatment at spa costs around $300 but the whole laser hair removal equipment for home costs $500. Isn’t this a good bargain?

Laser hair removal works by damaging the hair follicles and by constant usage, this way the growth of hair becomes restricted and there comes a time when total hair growth diminishes. In the past, laser treatment at home was inefficient and caused severe damage to skin as well. The damages included breaking of skin, darkening of skin and dryness.

With the advanced technology used in home laser removal machinery nowadays, neither the skin gets dark nor it starts getting dry. This treatment help women who have long camping trips get rid of hair permanently, so they don’t have to worry about taking waxing strips or razors along. There are many home laser hair removal equipment available on the market. To find the best home laser hair removal machine go to


This is the worst part of packing. How will you feel if you open your makeup bag and all the highlighters and blush on are broken into pieces? Only thinking about it gives me cringes. Well, don’t worry! There is a solution for this-this too. Investing in a makeup carrying package is the easiest and efficient way to carry your makeup without breaking it. A makeup carrying package lets you pack your favorite blush on, highlighter and eyeshadows in one place without having to carry a separate box for all. This way, you can pack the single pack in between your clothes for the require padding and your makeup will be as safe as ever.

For foundation, you can use lens packs, they won’t let the foundation leak and it is very easy to use as well. For moisturizer, the lens package works ideally. Now, what about makeup removing pads? If you don’t want to use wet wipes because they can be rough, you can take a small airtight jar, add your cotton pads or balls in it and then drench them in makeup remover. You are good to go now.


This is the most important part of packing, but usually, girls end up with no clothes on camping trips because:

  1. They have to pack everything together which is why the clothes end up ruined due to leakages of food items or other things.
  2. The clothes get wrinkled and unpresentable due to the way they are packed.

An easy method to get rid of these two problems is that you make sets of your clothing and roll them together. This way they won’t get wrinkled while packing and to keep them safe, put every set in a different ziplock bag.

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