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Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

It is important to learn survival skills from a tender age. There are many different survival skills that could be learned, depending on different situations such as where you are. Are you in a desert or jungle? In an area without clean water? The circumstances are many. In this article, we are going to take a look at some survival skills that could save your life. The first step is to know the rule of 3, which is as below:

  • A person can go without air or stay in icy water for only three minutes
  • In harsh environments, people can survive for three hours
  • People can survive for three days without water
  • People can survive for three weeks without food.
Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life
Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

Below are the survival skills

Survival Skills: Air

You can’t survive without air for three minutes. Some of the tips for ensuring clean air include ensuring you have air filtration masks if you’re ever in emergencies or other dangerous scenarios and using the Heimlich maneuver, which is a first aid method involving thrusting of a person’s abdomen to dislodge something stuck in the throat. 

Survival Skills: Shelter

You need to know how to come up with housing in different scenarios, which can include having emergency tents on he ready in the event of emergencies, creating tarps in between trees, and using nature (branches, clay, mud, leaves, etc.) to create structures.

Survival Skills: Water

You need to know how to find and purify water in the wilderness through things such as knowing the natural water sources such as underground springs and Rivers, tapping clean water from trees such as birch and hickory trees, tapping rainwater, and following animals like antelopes, which will lead you to their drinking sites. Once you get the water, you can purify it by boiling, distillation, use of iodine tablets, and through water filtration.

Survival Skills: Food

Knowing that you can survive without food for up to three weeks, you have to know plants that are edible such as grass, pine seeds, and acorn seeds. It is advisable to boil the seeds. You can also hunt for animals and insects, which are usually very rich in proteins. Remember that eating can dehydrate you and you shouldn’t do it if you don’t have water. Dehydration can kill you faster than hunger.

AngelCare Baby Monitor Review

Just the same way that we need to know how to survive, we also need to ensure that our babies are okay wherever they are. That is what brings us to this next part, the AngelCare Baby Monitor review. It comes with the following features:

  • It has under-the-mattress wireless movement sensors which detect any movements in the bed
  • An alarm system that goes off when movement (breathing) isn’t detected after 20 seconds
  • The parent unit is both portable and rechargeable, making it ideal for traveling
  • The nursery unit has an LED ring that shows the temperatures in the room, glowing blue (cold), red (warm), or white (right temperature)
  • The parent unit also displays the room temperature
  • You can talk two-ways using the monitor
  • The nursery unit comes with a tabletop stand
  • The sensitivity levels are adjustable
  • It can be connected to the mains or operated by battery


It is important to ensure that your baby is always safe when you’re not in the same room, and that is what makes the AngelCare Baby Monitor a very important device to have.

Survival Tips for Hair Removal

Hair removal is not necessarily a walk in the park. You will find that if it is not painful it is not long-lasting. Most people struggle with hair removal since once you start getting rid of the body hair it has a way of growing back faster. Luckily with the right tips, hair removal should not be a struggle anymore. Some of the tips to keep in mind include:

Survival Tips for Hair Removal
Survival Tips for Hair Removal

Know your needs

Different people have different needs as they have different types of skin with different rates of hair growth. Once you understand your needs, it will be easier to choose what is best for you. If you have sensitive skin, for example, some hair removal methods will work best for you than others.

Understand the different methods

Before going ahead to choose a hair removal method, it is good to understand the different methods of hair removal in the market. They are all good but all have their pros and cons. After defining what you need, then know the tradeoffs and what you are willing to compromise.

Use the right tools

Once you are set on a particular hair removal method, make sure that you have the right tools. If it is a razor, for example, make sure that it is the right one for your needs, for example, has the right number of blades, the right spacing, and the right length of the handle. If you are using waxing, make sure that you go for the highest quality you can afford since it will be finally worth it. The right tools make all the difference and maybe the reason why a certain method is working for someone else and not you. To know more about high-quality razors, click here for more.

Go organic

Currently going organic can be applied everywhere including hair removal. Sugaring is natural hair removal that is worth trying out. It involves the use of sugar and lemon to remove hair from the root. That makes it last longer before the hair is grown. The best part about sugaring is that it is completely natural and hence you don’t have to worry about skin irritation. If you especially have sensitive skin then it’s worth giving it a try.

Permanent hair removal

Several permanent hair removal methods are worth exploring. The most common ones are laser and electrolysis. A laser is best suitable for people with black fine hair and smooth skin. It can work for any skin but it is most efficient for those. Electrolysis, on the other hand, works for any skin type and any type of hair and involves destroying the hair root so that there is no more hair growth. Both methods can work out but also need one to follow the rules involved for example for the laser you have to do it severally.

There is no right or wrong method of hair removal method, it depends on an individual and their needs.

Emergency Kits

Depending on where you live, the emergency items in your emergency kit could vary greatly. In places like Western Australia, there are many hazards that you can come across such as storms and bush fires, which are usually very unpredictable and Swift. This makes having an emergency kit in the household an essential for you, your family, and even your pets. In this article, we are going to take a look at emergency kits.

The things in the emergency kit should cover both emergencies and natural disasters, and the kit should be in a place that is accessible to everyone in the family, and in a dry place. You should check it regularly to ensure some of the things haven’t expired, and to restock the provisions. Below are some of the things that should be in an emergency kit:

Emergency Kits
Emergency Kits

Food and water

The water should be enough for everyone in the family and should be able to last a couple of days. The food should be non-perishable, and you should also include things like can openers, cooking equipment, and cutlery.

Other essential items

Some of the other things that you might need can include blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, and face and dust masks.

Medical and sanitation supplies

A first aid kit and manual are essential in any emergency kit and should come with medications such as pain killers, salves, and bandages. Sanitation supplies and toiletries should also be included in the emergency kit. Sunscreen and insect repellants shouldn’t be left out either.

Baby supplies

Don’t forget to have things such as diapers/ nappies, food and drink, change of clothing, and even include toys that they like playing with so that they can keep them preoccupied during the emergency.


In the event that it is dark, rainy, or you need to signal for help, you will need to have a battery-operated waterproof torch, candles, spare batteries, and waterproof matches. 


Having a battery-operated radio will keep you up to date with the progress of the emergency or disaster, and where you can go to for help. You should also have a fully charged mobile phone for communication, along with a list of emergency contacts. A paper and pen could also come in handy.

Tools and supplies

You should always have a survival knife along with a basic tool kit and supplies. You’ll also want to throw in some duct tape that could come in handy.

Floormania – Maintaining a Bamboo Floor

You can also ensure more safety by having the right floor in your house. You would probably want to have a soft floor that isn’t skiddy where the kids play, and that kind of thing. That is what brings us to Floormania, your number one-stop-shop for quality wooden floors in Australia. Among the floor types that they sell are bamboo floors, and they even show us how to maintain bamboo floor types. Some of their tips include:

  • Protect the surface from scratches by placing mats at the entrances to stop dirt particles coming in, avoiding heeled shoes, and placing protectors at the base of furniture legs.
  • General cleaning
  • Be bamboo friendly by avoiding extreme temperatures and lighting
  • Recoating


It is important to have an emergency kit on standby at all times, and especially when we live in areas that are prone to natural and emergency disasters.

Camping Survival Kit: What Should Be in Your Backpack

Backpacks play a very important role in any camper’s life because they usually carry the things that they will need for their camping expedition, including survival items. This is especially for those that are going on hiking camping trips. People that go to campsites with cars can carry a wide variety of things such as gas stoves, heaters, and bulky cooking equipment, among other things. This isn’t possible with hikers since the items would be too heavy and bulky. In this camping survival kit article, we are going to take a look at the survival items that should be in your backpack.

What Should Be in Your Backpack
What Should Be in Your Backpack

First Aid Kit

This is an important part of the trip, and especially if you intend to be out camping for more than a day. Some of the things in the first aid kit should be bandages, antibacterial creams, sterilized tissues, pain killers, and personal medication.

Water Bottle

This is yet another important item to carry on your camping trip, and it should preferably be in aluminum or some other lightweight material. Make sure that they are durable so that when things like falls happen, they are still intact.

Water Purification Tablets

These are important because the water out there could contain dangerous elements, and especially if it is river, borehole, rain, or lake water. Unless you’re at very high altitudes where the risk of water contamination is low, you should avoid drinking water from nature. You could also carry water filtration systems.

Maps and Compasses

You need to familiarize yourself with using maps and compasses and ensure that they are packed. When you’re lost, they could play a vital role in getting you back to the starting point of your hike.


Remember ‘The rule of three’ when it comes to shelter, which refers to not staying exposed to harsh weather conditions for more than 3 hours, not staying longer than three days without drinking water, and not going for three weeks without food. Ensure that you have a dry shelter with enough water and food.

Ropes or Cords

This could be important for several things such as manipulating shelters.

Sleeping Bag

This is important in protecting you from harsh weather conditions, bringing comfort and warmth. They should be used no matter the type of accommodation, van, tent, open-air, etc.

Warm Clothes

Always ensure that you carry warm clothing even if it is the middle of the summer. These should include gloves, socks hats, underwear, pants, and waterproof jackets.

Emerald Ash Borer

Hiking and camping are all about enjoying nature, which includes flora and fauna. There are however some species of plants and animals that are being threatened by extinction. The ash tree is one such plant, with the Emerald Ash Borer threatening the existence of the tree. The beetle eats into the trunk of the tree and deposits its larvae there to develop. This action prevents water from efficiently being supplied to the tree, leading to the death of the tree. The US government has spent more than $120 billion yearly trying to find a solution to the menace in more than 20 states across the country. There is a cure whereby treatment is administered every two years without fail. The only other solution is cutting the trees and planting other species that aren’t affected by the beetle.


Above we have mentioned some of the basic survival things that should be in your backpack the next time you’re out there. There are many more, which we will take a look at another day.

Survival Tips for Dealing With Acidity in Coffee

Coffee is acidic for sure which may be a problem with ulcer sufferers or people with certain health conditions but that is not an excuse not to indulge in your favorite drink thanks to low acid coffee k cups. As much as all coffee is acidic, there is a way that it can be made such that it is less acidic.  The acidity in coffee does not necessarily relate to the taste of the drink. It is the content of the coffee which includes phosphoric acid, citric acid, acetic acid, tartaric acid, and Quinic acid. Even though most people fail to realize the effect coffee can have on them, it can lead to adverse effects on some people such as:

Survival Tips for Dealing With Acidity in Coffee
Survival Tips for Dealing With Acidity in Coffee

Enamel damage: The acidity in the drink can damage the enamel of your teeth which will make you get tooth decay or sensitive teeth.

Discoloration of teeth: Due to the tannins in coffee it may change the color of your teeth with time makes it have a yellow-brown tinge.

It can cause acid reflux: Due to its low PH levels, it can affect the esophageal sphincter which with time may trigger the backward flow of your stomach contents.

It can perforate the stomach lining

The best part is that as much as coffee may have those negative effects and it’s scary, it will not affect everyone in the same way. If you are one of the people it affects it is good to understand how you can reduce acidity.

The many compounds in coffee are normally altered in the process of making coffee. It is affected by both heat and moisture and all that affects the acid level in the coffee. That means that you can actually control the acidity in your coffee. Some of the ways of reducing acidity in coffee includes:

  • Cold brewing of the coffee as it has been said to reduce its acidity level.
  • Dark roasting the coffee beans. As much it may not reduce the acidity of the coffee, it produces a compound that helps to protect the stomach lining.
  • Using alternative roasting processes such as steam and water processes as it helps to reduce the acid levels in the coffee.
  • Using low acid coffee k-cup: This is whereby the coffee beans are roasted using a unique process to make sure that even though it reduces the acidity it can still maintain other important components such as antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. It makes sure the coffee is not very acidic with a ph. of lowest 5.8 which is safe for most people. In addition to that, the coffee is less bitter. There are many types of coffee k-cups and all have different features that differentiate them.
  • Basically, to end up with the best you will have to do your research and comparison in order to know what will best suit your needs. What is best for someone else may not necessarily be the best for you.

Survival Tips for Maintaining Your Health

Health is wealth and thus should be the priority of everyone to look after their health. When it comes to health, most of the time it is influenced by the diet. The way you run your life and the choices you make basically will influence your health. Luckily there are many simple things that you can do that can make sure that you are healthier. Some of the survival tips to make sure that you are healthier include:

Survival Tips for Maintaining Your Health

Healthy diet

As mentioned earlier, our bodies are a reflection of what we eat. It is important that we strive to maintain a healthy diet and that means a well-balanced diet. Optimum functioning of the body requires all the food groups as they all play an important role. In addition to that, we should avoid processed foods as much as possible since they have empty calories. It is good to monitor our calories intake as a lot of calories is not healthy and leads to a lot of weight gain. In maintaining a healthy diet, whole foods are good since they will help us to feel full for longer, a lot of fruits and vegetables to help flush out toxins from the system. You also need to take a hearty breakfast as it is what will determine your eating habits through the day.

Drink lots of water

Water is very important for everyone. It is what will flush toxins from the body as it helps the kidneys to function properly. Water also helps the metabolic process to be fast which helps digestion and all to be fast that it would have. Dehydration comes with may disease apart from lagging the body system.

Have a good sleep

Sleep is important for the body to recharge. It is recommended that one sleeps at least 8 hours at night for the body to recharge. Enough sleep is not only good for the body but the mind too. Research indicates that those who have enough sleep tend to be more creative and less irritable. On the other hand, enough sleeps allow all systems in the body to function optimally.


As much as you may be having a healthy diet and all, adding in exercise makes it even better. It helps in fat burning and increasing metabolism. It also helps to flush out toxins from the body. With regular exercise, your body will b in the best state. With exercise, you don’t have to have a trainer to do it. There are many apps that can guide you and help you to exercise.

There are many other things that one can do to maintain good health. Sometimes, your body will dictate what you should do in order to be healthier. There are many diets for example that one can try depending on what they plan to achieve. There are also supplements that can work out. As much as research is important, you should also go through reviews too. For example, if you want to do the oxidized cholesterol strategy, you should read the oxidized cholesterol strategy review. It is also important to note that achieving your goals is all about patience.

Survival Tips for Making Money at Home

With the rise in the cost of living, there is a need for increasing our sources of income. While they say money is never enough, more is better than less. The good thing with having more money is that you can easily achieve your financial goals and live the life of your dreams. Luckily, technology has made making money much easier as it creates a platform for making money. Some of the alternative ways of making money at home include:

Content writing

There will always be demand for content as more and more people are in need of information. This is, therefore, a lucrative way of earning some extra money. When it comes to content creation, you can either do it for your website or blog or you can choose to be a freelancer. There are many freelancing sites where you will get clients that are in need of content.


If writing is a hobby, you can do blogging on your favorite topics. For a blog to start earning you money however, you need to be committed and be in the right niche. There are some niches that are on more demand than others. You will also have to monetize your blog which will mean investing some money as well. In addition to that, you will have to write quality content to give readers the reason to subscribe.

Take surveys

There is a need to get customer opinions on different things or products. Companies will therefore always be in need for people to take surveys in order to get customer opinions on different things. There are many sites that will pay you to take surveys such as survey monkey that are worth checking out.

Survival Tips for Making Money at Home
Survival Tips for Making Money at Home

Play games

Yes, you read it right. You can get paid to play games, isn’t that fun? If you are interested in earning some cash for playing games maybe you can check on Kingged Tips For Making Money Playing Games.


Everyone loves beautiful pictures, if you are gifted at it then it can be a great way of making extra income. The best part about photography is that it is so diverse and you can earn money in many ways. You can either go out to look for customers to take pictures of them. You can turn your house into a studio and take pictures. You can also take pictures of your favorite things and sell them online. Isn’t that amazing? All you need is hands on a good camera and have some basic skills and you are good to go.

Affiliate marketing

There is more and more need for affiliate marketing. If you have a website, you can earn extra from being an affiliate for different products. In order to get started on affiliate marketing, be sure to read more on it so as to get as much information as possible. Also, choose the right products as they have an influence on your success rate. Some products have more demand than others. At the same time, it should be relevant to your site.

How to Stay Safe in a Foreign Place

You may be someone who loves going on adventures and you may love to travel to different places. It is one of the things that can make you very excited. Being in a different country will allow you to experience cultures that may be different from your own.

It can be exciting to be in an entirely new place but you still need to be wary when you travel anywhere. A lot of times, traveling the world can be safe but there are also instances when traveling can be a downer. You need to know some safety tips that will help you stay safe even when you are in a different place.

Have you ever considered taking martial arts? You can learn real world self-defense techniques by taking classes on martial arts. There are different martial arts available so choosing may be a bit complicated. It will help if you would research the different types of martial arts first before you choose the one that will work best for you.

How to Stay Safe in a Foreign Place
How to Stay Safe in a Foreign Place

Aside from taking martial arts, there are still other things that you can do so that you can stay safe in a foreign place like the following:

  • Make sure that you will get all the right vaccines to ensure that you will stay healthy while on vacation. Your vacation will not be that great if you would not feel good while you are traveling. It is best to know about the potential health concerns that the country is currently facing.
  • Have electronic copies of your important documents. You need to have electronic documents of your passport, your visa, and your different IDs so that you can get backup data if needed. Make sure to have digital copies of your plane tickets too and your insurance card. You can save these electronic documents on your email so that you can access them if needed.
  • Separate your money from some of your important items. You may think that placing all of your items can be placed right at the hotel’s safe. How sure are you that the safe is safe? This is the most obvious place where thieves will look. Place your important items elsewhere and your money in various items that you may carry with you. This will make sure that not everything will be stolen if someone attempts to steal your important items.
  • Avoid placing your wallet in your back pocket. There are a lot of people who are fond of placing their wallets and phones in their back pocket. This may be the most ideal for you but it does not mean that it is the smartest thing that you can do especially when you are in a foreign place. There may be a lot of pickpockets in the area. They may end up getting your money and other important IDs.
  • Always look back before leaving restaurants or other stores that you will visit while you are in a different place. This is to make sure that you have all of your important things with you. More often than not, people leave their valuables behind.

When you are in a foreign country, try not to be too flashy. Do not wear your treasured jewelry and your most valuable possessions. These are items that are best left at home.

How to Physically Prepare for Your Next Hike

Hiking outdoors is something that some people genuinely like. They usually have a lot of fun viewing the great outdoors. Smelling the fresh air especially on top of the mountain, and smelling the natural smell of nature.

Hiking is known to be good for a lot of people. This does not only come with several physical benefits. It can make a lot of people happier too. They feel that their mood greatly improves the moment that they reach the peak of the mountain or the hill that they have hiked.

How to Physically Prepare for Your Next Hike
How to Physically Prepare for Your Next Hike

Some of the physical benefits that you can get are the following:

  • You will lower the chance of getting heart diseases.
  • You can also improve your blood sugar and your blood pressure levels so that they will not be too high or too low.
  • You can also improve your overall bone strength.

People who love hiking do not need to be reminded of the benefits because they generally enjoy it and also appreciate the results that they get. The question is, are you physically prepared for the different hikes that you do?

There are some people who have started to incorporate healthier food items in their diet. They have started consuming moringa because they have heard about its many benefits and the vitamins that they can get from it. They have also noticed that because of this, their immune system has greatly improved.

It is good to know that there are also some more things that you can do so that you will be strong enough to endure your next hike. Some of these things that you can do are the following:

  • Always give yourself time to prepare for the next hike. There is no need to rush especially when you are going to hike in order to help you relax. You may start working on your fitness and it will take three months before you will see some noticeable differences in your fitness level.
  • Try doing more cardio. Are you able to do some aerobic activities? You can do some jumping jacks, squats, cycling, and even running so that you can allow your body to become prepared for the bursts of energy that you will need when you are going up a mountain.
  • You also need to pay a lot of attention to your legs. It will be your legs that will take the most strain while you are hiking. It needs to be prepared to carry the rest of your body weight effectively.
  • You have to remember that your backpack will also be heavy. It is best that you will also try to exercise with a heavier backpack. This will make a lot of difference when you need to prepare for your next hike.

With all of these details in mind, do you think you are ready for your next hike? It may seem complicated to prepare but as long as you are determined, you might even become the hiking leader the next time that you climb.

Survive Pet Allergies without Getting Rid Of Your Beloved Pet

Everyone deserves to have a dog or cat.  These charming animals are wonderful for cheering you up when you are down, keeping you warm during the winter, keeping you company when you are bored or lonely and they can often be so funny.

Sadly, not all animal lovers find it too easy to keep a pet.  Lots of people have terrible pet hair allergies that cause all sorts of symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing, a stuffy nose, respiratory conditions, sinus problems, swollen eyes, eye infections, skin rashes and more.

If you are one of these people with pet hair allergies then don’t get rid of your beloved animal just yet.  Here are a few great tips to help you survive your allergies and enjoy the company of a furry friend.

Survive Pet Allergies without Getting Rid Of Your Beloved Pet
Survive Pet Allergies without Getting Rid Of Your Beloved Pet

Vacuum Your Home Regularly

One of the worst things you can do inside your house is to sweep and dust.  These cleaning methods send too much hair flying into the air which can trigger allergies.  A vacuum cleaner will suck up all the hair and seal it tightly within the machine. These machines are also much better for getting the hair out of your upholstery, carpets, and linen.  On you can see all the best vacuum cleaners to help get or pet hair with ease.

Get an Air Purifier

Air purifiers also make home life with a pet much more comfortable.  These devices destroy allergens so they won’t cause damage to you and they also improve the air quality and general smell of your home dramatically.

Get Your Pet His Own Bed

Don’t snuggle with your pet in your bed.  The allergens will get trapped in your linen and can cause breakouts even if you no longer enjoy cuddle time with a dog or cat.  Your pet should have his own bed, preferably a pet bed that you can toss into the washing machine on a regular basis to keep it hair and odor free.

Bathe Your Pet Regularly

It is important to give your pet regular baths.  Clean pets don’t have quite as many allergens or loose hair.  Just be careful not to wash dogs or cats too frequently.  They need natural oils to protect their skin.

Brush Your Pet

Grab a mask and give your pet a proper brush every other day to remove loose hairs.  This will make cleanup much easier and will help you enjoy play time with your pet without having to suffer.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

You should wash your hands often, especially after handling your pet.  Hands are the highest risk factor when it comes to spreading germs and diseases – or in your case allergens.

Get an Allergy Shot

Allergy shots can help you breathe easy for up to size months.  These shots or allergy vaccines are very helpful and helps you create protective antibodies to fight off allergy breakouts on a regular basis.

Choose the Right Pet

Choosing the right pet can make a world of difference in your comfort and health. There are quite a few pets that are allergy safe such as Yorkshire terriers.  If you don’t have a pet quite yet then do some research on the best breeds for allergy sufferers.

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