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How to Choose a Snowboard – Online Buyer’s Guide

Snowboarding is a popular sport amongst many, and more and more people are taking it up. It is a sport that young and old, men and women, can participate in. it has several advantages such as improving the cardiovascular health, flexibility, strength, and a host of other benefits. Choosing your snowboard for the very first time can be quite a problem because you might not know what to go for. This could lead one to choosing one that isn’t suitable for them, or one of poor quality. In this article, we are going to look at how to choose a snowboard.

  • Board Type
  • Length
  • Snowboard width and boot size
  • Riding ability
  • Binding compatibility
  • Rocker / camber profile
  • Flex

Board Type

There are different types of snowboards as you will see below:

  • All mountain – suitable for beginners and great for a wide range of landscapes
  • Directional – are suited for a dominant stance other than switching
  • Freeride – these are great for those that love the thrill of speed and are usually directional
  • Freestyle – these are suitable for freestylers that love snowboarding in mini-parks and other such areas
  • Powder – these are made for crushing fresh pow, and being wider and longer, float easier on deeper snow
  • Split boards – these come with a separate down the middle and can be used as cross country skis

Binding Compatibility

This refers to the snowboard hole patterns compatible with different snowboard binding disc mounting systems, which are usually four in number.

Rocker / Camber Profile

This affects the way that a snowboard performs and feels on the slopes.

How to Choose a Snowboard - Online Buyer's Guide
How to Choose a Snowboard – Online Buyer’s Guide

Best Snowboards for the 2017-2018 Season: Men’s, Women’s and Kids

Now that we know what to look at when we are out getting a snowboard for the first time, we might as well go ahead and view more of the best snowboards for the 2017 – 2018 season. They all vary in features and sizes, and they come customized for men, women, and children. Below is the list of snowboards:

Top 10 Best Men’s Snowboards 2017-2018 Season

  • Ride Berzerker – freestyle snowboard
  • Ride Alter Ego – freeride snowboard
  • K2 Carveair – freeride snowboard
  • DC Space Echo – all mountain snowboard
  • CAPiTA Ultrafear – park snowboard
  • Salomon The Villain – freestyle snowboard
  • Burton Process Off-Axis – freestyle snowboard
  • Rossignol One MagTek Wide – all mountain snowboard
  • Burton Flight Attendant – freeride snowboard
  • Gnu Zoid Asym C2X – all mountain snowboard

Top 10 Best Women’s Snowboards 2017-2018 Season

  • Rossignol Frenemy Magtek – all mountain snowboard
  • Ride Women’s Rapture – all mountain snowboard
  • CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy – freestyle snowboard
  • GNU B-Nice BTX Dots – freeride snowboard
  • Roxy Sugar Banana – freestyle snowboard
  • Arbor Poparazzi Rocker – all mountain snowboard
  • Burton Day Trader – freeride snowboard
  • CAPiTA Paradise – freeride snowboard
  • Never Summer Aura – all mountain snowboard
  • Burton Lip Stick – all mountain snowboard

Top 10 Best Kids Snowboards 2017-2018 Season

  • Millenium 3 Star Jr – Girls’ Snowboard – all mountain snowboard
  • Burton Chicklet – Girls’ Snowboard – all mountain snowboard
  • Flow Micron Velvet – Girls’ Snowboard – all mountain snowboard
  • Burton Chopper Series – Boys’ Snowboard – all mountain snowboard
  • Roxy Poppy Snowboard Package – Girls’ Snowboard – all mountain snowboard
  • Gnu Recess Asym BTX – Boys’ Snowboard – freestyle snowboard
  • Burton Deja Vu Smalls – Girls’ Snowboard – all mountain snowboard
  • Capira Children of the Gnar – Boys’ Snowboard – freestyle snowboard
  • Rome Label – Boys’ Snowboard – all mountain snowboard
  • Nitro Future Team – Boys’ Snowboard – all mountain snowboard


Snowboarding is an exciting way of spending time during the winter season, and with a little practice, one can master the sport. You might want to consider getting one of the snowboards mentioned above that fit your bill. In most instances, if you’re buying a snowboard, it means that you have rented one and tried it out. That will make it easier for you to make your pick.

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