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How to Dress For Wilderness Survival

It is great fun to put your skills up to the test during a camping trip but the popularity of survival TV shows like Survivors, Out of the Wild, Extreme Survival and Man VS Wild are inspiring more and more adventure lovers to tough it out in extreme wilderness situations.  These wild nature lovers usually start out with minimalist camping and gradually work their way up to ultimate wilderness survival where they have to rely on basic tools and no food to survive.  If you have decided to take on this fantastic and wild adventure then the one thing you should never neglect is your clothing.  The first rule of survival is staying dry and the type of clothes you wear on your wilderness survival trip will greatly affect your ability to do just this.

Hiking boots

Hiking boots are a must for your wilderness survival trip.  Get an expert in footwear to help you choose because the wrong shoes can be terrible for your foot posture and if you choose a pair that is slightly too small you could end up losing all your toenails.  Choose sturdy, waterproof and light shoes that you know won’t let you down no matter what.  For this you have one of two options; for extreme cold, go for high hiking boots like Caterpillars or Hi-Tec shoes.  For extreme wet situations where you know moisture is unavoidable, go for something that will dry off quickly even after diving into a river.

How to Dress For Wilderness Survival

Workout clothes are best

Workout clothing is designed to insulate heat even when you are wet.  They are also made of lightweight synthetic material that is breathable and quick to dry.  This makes workout outfits the best possible choice you can make for a wilderness survival trip.  On The Fitness Recipes you can get great discount codes and coupons on top rated gym clothing like the all popular Gymshark brand and more.  The website also features gift cards that you can buy if you would like to gift great looking gear to some of your team members.

Layer up

Always wear one extra layer warmer than you need.  When you are in the wilderness you won’t be able to go and fetch your coat if it gets chilly but you can easily undress and simply tie your coat around your hips as you keep moving forward on your extreme survival challenge.   An extra piece of clothing can also be great for making a pillow, securing belongings and for many other odd tasks you may want to do to survive.

Wear a hat

Your skin is an important organ of your body.  Extreme damage to your skin can be just as fatal as damaging an internal organ and skin cancer is no joke.  The best way to stay safe during a wilderness trip is by wearing a hat that cannot be lost easily.  For this a cap is probably the best solution since you can secure it tightly around your head.

Wear a belt

A belt can have many functions on your trip.  You can use it as a sling or rope to tie something down or to carry something heavy and you can also use it to save your own life if you get hurt and need to stop the bleeding.

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