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First Time Hunting? This is How You Can Survive it!

Hunting is a thrilling time pass and it’s always a good idea if you are considering getting into this game. Hunting comes with challenges and as a novice, you may not be able to put up with these challenges unless you are well-prepared. It might cause frustration when you are unable to catch the game after multiple attempts. You’ll be crazy to think that you can pull this off in the first attempt. However, you can make it a good first-time experience. We aim to help you with these amazing tips:

First Time Hunting? This is How You Can Survive it!
First Time Hunting? This is How You Can Survive it!

Get the right gear:

Hunting can be done in several ways. You could use a gun or a bow. Doing it with a bow makes it more adventurous. If you are already thinking of getting a bow, make sure you grab the right one. It requires skills to use a bow and practicing it with a wrong tool makes it difficult. You only get the top bow for hunting when you know what you are buying. The first thing to keep in mind is a reputable manufacturer. Go for the brands that are known for the quality. The second thing to look for is a lightweight bow. The lighter the weight, the easier is to carry. Also, you would be able to shoot for longer.

Then comes the draw weight – the amount of force you need to pull the string back. The one with minimum draw weight is the right one. You would find both short bows and longbows. The long ones are able to shoot further and accurately. A bow less than 60 inches is an average one. Moreover, the riser should be of good quality and comfortable to hold. Also look for the good quality limbs.

Put all of your focus on one animal:

You are not an expert. Therefore, it is better for you to hunt one type of animal at a time. Laser-like focus is the requirement to make your first time a success. By focusing here is meant to know everything about the species you are after. Know its feeding habits, the environment they like to live in, their mating habits etc. Learn the places where these species are mostly found. Also, carry the type of gear accordingly. Same gear cannot be used for all kind of animals.

If you want to hunt a deer, just go for that instead of focusing on any other animal you find along the way.

Stick to a small area:

Again, you are a rookie. Don’t make the mistake of covering too much of ground. It takes you to travel more that requires more energy and you shouldn’t be wasting all your energy on hiking for miles. Doing it while carrying a rifle and other gears, is quite a hard work. You are likely to end up suffering from injuries, dehydration, and disorientation. Prefer stationery hunt for your first experience. The best example is setting up a tree stand and waits for the animal to show up instead of stalking them. Moreover, that’ll help you to learn noise discipline.

Consider trying a private hunting ground:

Private hunting grounds are the best to start with. The main benefit of it is that you would find the game for sure. There are no such chances that you spend all day outdoor looking for an animal and not see a thing which can happen otherwise. Game reservations help you to gain some valuable experience on how you can engage an animal target. Prefer sportsmanlike environment when picking some private hunting ground.

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