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Guidelines for Choosing A Water Filter

A water filter is no longer a luxury in any home but a necessity.  It is highly unlikely not to find any contaminants in any water. Some of the common contaminants in water include chlorine, bacteria, lead, nitrates and hard water. Hard water may not be a health risk but due to the reason it has an excess of minerals, it can cause buildups in pipes and appliances. Sometimes it is salty and not so pleasant to drink. There are other contaminants that you may also find in water depending on where you live and your source of water. That is why there are waterborne diseases such as typhoid and cholera. Good thing is that all those diseases can be avoided and we can still get clean water especially for drinking.

Guidelines for Choosing A Water Filter

While one of the options is buying drinking water, it may not be a viable option especially in the long-term since it may be expensive regardless of the size of household. A viable option would be investing in a water filter. Luckily there are many kinds of filters and hence you are likely to get what you are looking for. Some of the factors to keep in mind therefore when you are looking for a water filter include:

Water quality

The kind of water quality in your home will determine what kind of filter will be suitable for you. The quality will be determined by its hardness, salinity and TDS among many other factors. The kind of filter that you choose should be able to address your needs well.


Normally water contamination depends on the source of water. The common contaminants include bacteria, nitrate, lead and dissolved pesticides. They can be harmful to your health and may have many other adverse effects. The exact contaminants in the water can be determined in a lab. If the water is high in terms of contaminants and microbes, then it would be better to go for UV based kind of filters. The UV rays will penetrate the cells of the contaminants killing any ability to reproduce and killing them. It will get rid of all the gems and contaminants making the water fit for consumption.

Water pressure

The water pressure depends on the source of the water; some sources give the water more pressure than others. Some filters require more pressure than others hence may not work if the water filter does not have enough pressure. If you have less pressure of water in your home, it is better to go for activated carbon purifiers.

Mode of operation

As much as most water filters operate using electricity, not all of them do. There are some manual water filters, basically it depends how advanced the water filter is and that is influenced by the kind of impurities in the water. You therefore have to consider the power supply in your home. If there is inconsistent power supply in your home, then it would be better to go for the activated carbon purifiers.

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