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How Can You Survive The Birthday Party of Your Spouse?

Your spouse always does something spesh and delightful on your birthday and now you want to do the same on his/her birthday? This becomes a big deal especially when you haven’t done something like that before. Or, you want to do something exceptional this time. You can only do this with some flawless planning. The planning includes knowing what kind of parties your spouse desires and doing it in view of that.

The main thing is knowing how to get started. You would find some amazing tips below that can have you arrange a party that would leave your spouse in awe.

How Can You Survive The Birthday Party of Your Spouse?
How Can You Survive The Birthday Party of Your Spouse?

Discover something meaningful for your spouse:

It’s not always the expensive gifts that can make your partner happy. Sometimes, a rose and a romantic dinner make him/her happier than some expensive piece of jewelry. Be acquainted with what’s meaningful to your spouse. If he or she likes to remember the important events of life, we would recommend you to get custom star map.

You might have not heard about it before but this is something really amazing. You can convert an important date of your life into a star map. ‘Modern Map Art’ does this for you with massive star database they have. They get a picture of the sky on a particular day. They will tell how the sky looked like when your spouse proposed to you, or when you got married, or the first time you dated, or you went on vacation for the first time.

They use a very fine quality of canvas to print your star map. You can choose the size between 8×10 and 24×36. What makes it more special is that there is no other map same as yours. They use specific time and place to create a stunning piece for you. They provide a design tool that you can use to design your piece. You can choose the style of your own choice. Order with the offer of free delivery and your map will be at your door in a few business days. Your partner is definitely going to love it.

Suggested locations:

You shouldn’t choose a location because it is pretty and cheap. Look for the meaningfulness of a place. Seek a place that can make your spouse feel special. Prefer splurging on something you partner truly love. We have here some ideas;

  • Go to Local Park and make it a bit romantic.
  • If your spouse is an art lover, go to some art council or gallery.
  • A museum that offers some events and tours.
  • Arboretum if your partner is a nature
  • His/her favorite eating place.
  • Beech
  • A dance party
  • Home is the best option if your spouse is stay-at-home kind of person. Make something special for dinner and enjoys it in the light of candles.


The theme is not necessary though. However, it is for the loved one and things should go as per his/her choice. If your spouse is into themes or something similar, just go for it. After all, everything is for him/her. The theme can be based on your spouse’s favorite, favorite place, or favorite movie. Add some kind of twist to make to more fun.

Here is a list of ideas:

  • A romantic movie that you both love.
  • Scavenger hunt with the clues your lover love.
  • A musical party with your spouse’s fav decade like 60’s, 70’s, or 90’s.
  • Moveable meal.
  • A picnic at a favorite

You can add more to these options. You can definitely survive it even if you haven’t done this before.

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