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How to Maintain A Weed Eater

Maybe you just landed yourself a weed eater to take good care of your organic garden and you are wondering How long your weed eater will last. Well truth is how long something lasts depends on the care that it is given regardless of the kind of quality you have. If it is properly maintained it will definitely give you value for money. It also depends on the kind of weed eater you have. They may either battery powered, gas powered or electric powered. In those versions, the one that requires most maintenance is the electric powered version since there are many complex mechanisms involved. The easiest to maintain are gas trimmers since there are less things involved, only the air filter, carburetor and spark plug. Regardless of the kind of weed eater you have, some of the things that you can do to make sure that your weed eater is well taken care of include:

How to Maintain A Weed Eater
How to Maintain A Weed Eater

Read and understand the user manual

The user manual will help you understand your machine more. Machines differ and that is why they all have different manuals. When it comes to electric trimmers it is pretty straightforward as all you have to do is check the power cables, wiring, switches and batteries. For other kinds of trimmers, there is more that is involved.

Check the air and fuel filters

When the filters are clogged, they will prevent air or fuel from going through the carburetor. This will in turn prevent combustion and if this goes on for a long time, your trimmer will get damaged.

Check the spark plugs

Since you want your engine to perform optimally, you will have to keep checking your spark plugs. If you don’t have the right spark plug, it may be hard to start the engine when a need arises. Good thing is that any damages on the spark plug can always be fixed and if not, the spark plug can always be replaced.

Check oil and fuel

What many people fail to realize is that most of the time, contaminated oil may damage the engine of a trimmer making it to get damaged. You should therefore always monitor the oil and make sure that it does not have any contaminants. You can confirm this by checking the color, it should be the normal color and not too dark. The fuel should also not last for too long before being replaced. The maximum period should be three months.

Trimmer line

This is normally replaced from time to time. It can be done using a spool or you can do it manually by winding the string. The trimmer line is normally replaced because with time there is wear and tear.

Check any additional problems

To make sure that all is well, you should check every section of the weed eater to ensure that nothing is damaged. You can do speed variations, check for any loose connections, wiring and broken parts.

If you are consistent in checking that from time to time, your weed eater will definitely last long.

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