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How to Survive Tented Sleeping If You Have Back and Sleeping Issues

Sleeping in a tent is great fun to young adventure seekers.  Tented camping grounds are a lot more affordable and enable you to enjoy a much greater variety of holidays in the same year thanks to all of the money you save on accommodation.

But not everyone is in love with the idea of sleeping in a tent.  Many people struggle with terrible back issues or simply don’t sleep well in a different environment.  Sleeping in a humid tent in a thin sleeping bag can be a nightmare that results in terrible back and joint pain that takes weeks to recover from.

Here are a few tips to help you survive tented sleeping arrangements without feeling sleep deprived and sore.

How to Survive Tented Sleeping If You Have Back and Sleeping Issues
How to Survive Tented Sleeping If You Have Back and Sleeping Issues

Get an Air Mattress

Air mattresses are the ultimate solution for those with sleeping issues.  Modern air mattresses are better than ever before because they are self-inflatable, strong, and comfortable and you can even adjust the firmness of your bedding.  These mattresses are incredibly compact and perfect for any camping trip.  Check out the Lazery Sleep Air Mattress Review to find out more about these fantastic mattresses. Just be sure to take along a tent that is big enough to house your air mattress and you should be all set to go.

Take Along Your Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are terrific whether you are sleeping on the ground or on your cozy air mattress.  They are easy to use and these bags are insulated which means your warm body temperature cannot escape and the cold air outside cannot affect you.

Get A Few Solar Lanterns

Good lighting is incredibly important if you are sleeping in a tent.  All sorts of creditors can creep and crawl into your tent if it isn’t closed up tightly during the day.  With good lighting, you can easily see everything inside your tent and you can check your bed before you dive in.  Solar lanterns are the best because you don’t need any electrical feed or batteries to keep these lanterns running and they deliver surprisingly good light.

Take Your Pillow

If you find it hard to sleep in a different location then take your usual pillow along.  The usual scents will make you feel much more comfortable and you will doze off a lot quicker.  This is a great solution if you don’t want to end up sleep deprived on your trip.

Drink Warm Milk with Honey

Warm milk with honey naturally calms your senses.  You won’t feel as on edge about sleeping out in the open if you enjoy a cup of hot milk with honey and this drink naturally helps you sleep much better`.

A Good Tent Really Does Make a Difference

Get a good quality tent that will provide you with the needed water and wind protection.  It is much better to invest in a big enough tents so you won’t feel claustrophobic while trying to take your nap inside your tent.

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