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Jungle Survival Tips

When you’re in the jungle, you never know where danger will come from. This means that you always have to be ready for anything at all times. In this article, we are going to look at some basic jungle survival tips that can end up saving your life.

Jungle Survival Tips
Jungle Survival Tips

1. Stop

This stands for stop, think, observe, and plan, something that boy scouts adhere to, and it should be used without fail when in the jungle. You need to figure out where you’re getting”

  • Drinking water
  • A shelter before dark comes
  • A weapon to protect yourself
  • Where rescue will come from in case of an emergency
  • Food
  • The directions of travel during the daytime

2. Finding Water

Some of the sources of water in the jungle include rain, rivers, and bamboo stalks,

3. Finding Food

Plants, animals, fish, and insects are the primary source of food in the jungle. You just have to figure out how to trap them, and which plants are edible.

4. Build a Shelter

A shelter will protect you against elements such as harsh weather and wild animals, and lean-to shelters are the most common if you don’t have a tent.

5. Traveling/ Resting

It is best to travel during the day, and in one general direction. This way, you won’t be going around in circles.

6. Predators

So as not to arouse the attention of predators, you should move stealthily. If you don’t have any weapon, you might want to find a strong stick to ward off any danger, or for self-defence. You would probably want to shape the tip into a sharp spear like shape. It is also recommended to wear long sleeve shirts and pants to avoid insect bites and scratches, as well as covering any exposed skin with mud to prevent insect bites. Always check your shoes for unwelcome occupants such as spiders or snakes, before wearing them.

Bucket Dining Chair

Assuming that you make it out of the jungle successfully, you might want to congratulate yourself. You can do that by buying yourself a gift such as a bucket dining chair. In this part of the article, we are going to take a look at a bucket dining chair review. The bucket dining chair comes with a timber frame that is strong, covered with plush fabric. Retailing at $250, this is an elegant and sophisticated bucket dining chair that will generate a lot of attention when placed in your dining space. It comes in a variety of colors as listed below:

  • Dove and black oak
  • Espresso and black oak
  • Frost and black oak

You can check the product availability online and place your order. The bucket dining chair can then be delivered to your house. This would be a good addition to add to the décor of your house, giving your dining room a premium look.


It is important to master survival skills even before you head out into the jungle. These are skills that can get you out of tight situations so that you can live to talk about it. You would probably want to tell your children or grandchildren that you rewarded yourself with a set of bucket dining chairs after surviving in the jungle and making it out in one piece.

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