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Why You Need A Dehumidifier for Increased Safety in Your Home

Humidity has adverse effects on a home and it affects many parts of the home. One of the clear signs of high humidity in the home is the cool and damp unpleasant smell which if you check carefully you will notice mold and mildew and this is normally caused by too much moisture in the air. This is especially evident in the basement. That is a clear sign you need a dehumidifier to dry out the air as it may affect many things in the home. This is due to the fact that a humid environment is the right setup for bacteria and microscopic organisms to grow.

Why You Need A Dehumidifier for Increased Safety in Your Home

Some of the effects of high humidity in the home include:

Health problems: High humidity can have adverse effects on one’s health and it is especially known for causing respiratory problems. This is due to the fact that humid environment harbors the growth of mold and mildew spores which becomes toxic when they get into one’s body. Humid environments also harbor dust mites which cause allergies and respiratory problems. Some of the popular symptoms of allergies include: stuffy nose, skin rashes, itchy and watery eyes, and breathing problems. Mold growth in the environment leads to frequent illness and general poor health.

Rot of foundation and walls: When humidity is high, there will be mold and mildew on the foundation and the walls which will make the walls to rot. With time it may have an adverse effect on the house since it will spread with time.

Destruction of furniture: High humidity leads to high moisture levels on the furniture which results to weak furniture and quick wear and tear especially for furniture made of wood.

Destruction of the closet: When the humidity is high, it leads to a pungent smell on clothes and should because of mold which may even lead to rot of the clothes and shoes.

It affects electric equipment’s: High moisture levels may have an effect on TV, computers and other electrical equipment’s and may alter its performance. It may cause rust on metallic equipment’s.

Benefits of a dehumidifier

Some of the ways in which a dehumidifier will help to increase safety in the home is:

It reduces the moisture levels and thus helps to reduce the growth of mold and mildews which therefore means there will less sickness and allergens. This means that it will reduce breathing difficulties and skin irritations that are caused by allergens in the air.

Dehumidifiers help to reduce the level of dust mites in the air and thus if one has an air conditioner it is easy for it to clean the air as there is less dust in the air. A dehumidifier will also help to increase efficiency of the air conditioners in the home which will help in saving energy.

They help to clean the air by getting rid of the musty smell that is accompanied by mold.

Dehumidifiers help to preserve freshness in the home. It will preserve furniture as there will be no mold on them which means they can be long lasting. It will help to also preserve the freshness of clothes and all linens in the house. Food will also be able to remain fresher for longer. With less humidity in the air there will be no evident rusting because of high moisture levels.

With the many known effects and benefits of dehumidifiers in the home, it is important to know the best dehumidifiers and dehumidifier reviews in the market for more safety in the home. Some of the best dehumidifiers in the market in 2017 include:

Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

It is the best dehumidifier in 2017. Some of the main features of the unit that makes it the best are:

Best for large spaces: It is suitable for large spaces and can operate on a space of up to 4500 square feet. It has easy to use controls: It has auto features that can be used in turning on the unit. The auto feature also helps in controlling the humidity by cycling it on and off accordingly. The humidistat gives easy control of the humidity. With the auto features one can control the fan speed and can set the timer with an auto restart feature that saves all your settings incase the unit is switched off or there is a power outage.

Lightweight and portable: The unit is made with a solid metal caster and has a built in handle that makes moving it around easy. It weighs only 40lbs which makes it light to move around.

It is perfect for low temperatures: The frost sensor too protect the coil and prevent the unit from freezing when it is used in cold environments

It does not allow continuous drainage: The unit does not have a built in pump or an option for attaching a hose pipe for continuous drainage but instead has a reservoir that holds up to 1.3 gallons of water. This may pose as a limitation.

Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

This is a dehumidifier that is good for Basements and some of the features that classify it as a great dehumidifier are:

It can be used for large spaces as it has a 70 pint daily threshold

Energy star certified which makes it eco-friendly and does not consume a lot of energy while at the same time helping you to save energy.

Vibrant LCD screen with status indicators which makes operating it very easy and controlling the dehumidifier very easy such that you don’t have to fumble with settings

A filter that is easy to clean: Unlike other dehumidifiers that only serve the purpose of drying the air; this also contains an air filter that helps in further cleaning the air. The other thing that is a plus is that the filter is reusable and easy to clean.

Frost sensor: This makes it suitable for use in cold or freezing temperatures. This is especially suitable for basements or locations which have lower temperatures in the house.

Light and portable: It only weighs 40lbs which makes it easy to be carried around in case you want to change location of the unit.

The only limitations of this unit are that it is very loud and thus when put in some locations may be an inconvenience. The unit does not come with an inbuilt pump for continuous drainage which may pose as an inconvenience to its users.

Friedrich D70BP 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Built-In Drain Pump

It has been made with a modern and sleek design and is suitable for large spaces for up to 2500 square feet at different pint rates through the day. Its design can blend with any décor.

Continuous drainage: It has a built in drainage pump that helps in continuous dehumidification. You only need to attack a hose pipe for continuous drainage and can push water for up to a distance of 15 feet. If you prefer a reservoir tank it has a capacity of 16 pint to provide a lot of time between draining.

Energy saving: It has been rated with an energy star compliant which is ecofriendly and helps to save on energy.

Customizable settings: It has a centrally placed control system for easy set up.

The cons of this unit are its high price due to how it is made and its energy efficiency. The fact that this unit does not have a handle makes it very hard to move it around.

BLACK+DECKER BDT70WT 70-Pint Portable Dehumidifier

This is the most stylish dehumidifier that you can come across. Its minimalist design with only one window makes it very stylish and thus no matter the furniture used it will just blend in.  The window is for seeing the reservoir level. The unit has digital controls located on the upper part that will help you control your unit with ease.  With the digital controls, you can set the fan speeds, set drainage and timers in just a matter of seconds. What makes it sell more it’s the brand name which is associated with high quality.

Some of its other great features are:

Humidifier gauge: With the gauge you can set your humidity of choice and saves you the cost of buying a separate gauge for accurate settings

Great performance at a great price: The unit can work in a broad range of temperatures which makes it usable in any kind of environment. It can work in a range of between 38 degrees and 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though the unit is not energy star rated, it uses significantly lower energy than most units.

Water pump: It has a pump even though it is not the strongest but it still serves the purposes of pushing water out through a short hose to a nearby drain. For those that prefer using a reservoir, with its reservoir pulling it out and in is very easy.

Silence: For those that are sensitive to noise, this unit is not loud

Location: It cannot be placed in a small space as it emits a lot of heat. For the case of a small room one will have to run an air conditioner as well. The unit has ventilation at the back and thus it can’t be placed against the wall.

HI sense 70-Pint 2-Speed Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump

This is a simple dehumidifier operates on an area of up to 1500 square feet or smaller. It is very simple in operation but serves its function well. It comes with a built in pump to help remove moisture from the air and has a good price too.

The freedom of continuous is what some shoppers would go for and this is equipped with that by having a pump though the limit of the hose pipe for drainage is only about ten feet which is not as strong as others. For those that prefer a reservoir tank, the unit is equipped with an auto shutoff feature that automatically stops the system when the tank is full. It is even more convenient as tank removal and dumping is very simple.

The dehumidifier works best in low temperatures areas even freezing temperatures so long as it is above 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its noise level is very low meaning you don’t have to put it in an afar location because of the noise:

The cons of this pump are:

The pump is fragile: There have been complaints about the pump breaking after a short time. This may pose as an inconvenience for those that prefer the continuous draining option

The pump can only operate on a small coverage. 1500 square feet may be very small for some people.

Even though the unit is made with the option of auto cycles, it’s on and off cycles is very frequent

It is heavy and thus heavy to move around.

Frigidaire 50-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

This is the smallest model of the three Frigidaire models. Even though it is the smallest, all the other features are standard. It can only do up to 50 pint which makes it suitable for small spaces or areas up to 2500 square feet.

Some of its other features are:

Humidity control: The humidity control feature helps you to have a control on the humidity levels in the air and it also allows the unit to turn on and off according to need.

Spacious reservoir: It’s made with a spacious reservoir to give enough time before drains. It is made in a way that it is easy to take it out and dump.

Continuous drain: It gives you a continuous drain option even though it is not made with a built in pump. Because there is no pump, one will have to rely on gravity to drain the water.

Easy to carry around: It is made with a splash guard and carrying handle that makes it very portable.

Eco friendly: It is energy star rated that helps the unit to save on energy and keep your utility bills low.

Even though it is a small pump, it is still very noisy and thus it is better placed in further places. The fact that it does not have a pump for continuous draining may pose as a disadvantage.

Edge Star 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifier – Best for RV’s

This is specially made for people who have small spaces but still need quality dehumidifiers. It can operate on only a power of up to 30 pint which may not be suitable for big rooms. It is very small and lightweight which gives the convenience of carrying it around.

Some of its key features may include:

Small: The unit is very small and with low power. It works well in spaces of up to 400 square feet but may still be used in spaces of up to 1500 square feet. It is perfect for small spaces to do the job well.

Lightweight: The fact that it is very small makes it light weight as well. It only weighs 29 lbs. which is light and makes it very portable.

Energy star rated: You don’t have to worry about the unit increasing your bills as it is very energy efficient and thus has been star rated

Lower noise: The fact that it does not have a lot of power contributes to it being less noisy. This gives it the convenience of being used anywhere.

Continuous draining: It gives you the option of continuous draining if there is need. If you choose the reservoir route, it has a reservoir that holds up to one gallon.

Its main limitation is the fact that due to the design of the reservoir, it is prone to spillage. You may also have to upgrade the filter since it has not been made with the best quality.

1byone 400ML Powerful Thermo-electric Dehumidifier – Best for Closets

As the name suggests, it is best for closets and this is because it is small and has a small amount of power. With a weight of only 3 lbs., you can get a hint of how light and portable the unit is. It can only operate on a space of up to 100 square feet and can remove moisture of up to 170 ml a day.

Unlike other units that use compressor, this one uses Peltier technology which makes it simple and quiet in operation as compared to other bigger units.

The unit comes with a reservoir tank that can hold up to 400 ml of water meaning you can even take days before you have to empty the reservoir.

It has an auto shut off option that automatically shuts off the unit when the tank is full. Because of this reason, the chance of water spilling is very low.

Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier – Best for Small Spaces in the Home

If you have a small space but at the same time need more power than the 1byone, then this should be dehumidifier of choice. It is meant for small spaces and can remove up to ten ounces of water per day. It has been made with a sleek stylish design and with a neutral color.

The unit comes with easy controls such as the auto shut off and on which shuts off the tank automatically when the reservoir is removed.

It is very quiet and is almost not noticeable.

The main limit of this unit is its size and low humidifying power which may limit the square area that you can use the unit.


A dehumidifier is essential for every household for increased safety in the home. With the many models in the market you cannot lack what you need in terms of the price and size. It will save you the trouble of allergies and sickness and many problems in the home. With the right dehumidifier you can kiss high humidity in the home goodbye.

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