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Benefits of Adventure Travel Plus Trip Ideas

When most people think of going on vacation, they normally think in terms of going to the beach, or somewhere that they can just relax and do nothing until the vacation is over. There is nothing wrong with that since they probably had a stressful time at work or school. There are, however, other vacation options that people should consider opting for, especially after checking out the advantages. In this article, we are going to look at some of the benefits of adventure travel plus trip ideas.

Benefits of Adventure Travel Plus Trip Ideas
Benefits of Adventure Travel Plus Trip Ideas

Improve your immune system

When people are out on adventure trips, they are bound to get dirty. I know what you’re thinking, the filth and all. But that is precisely where the problem lies. Today’s society is too obsessed with cleanliness, and this is leading to an increase in conditions like allergies, asthma and even inflammatory bowel disease. Getting dirty actually boosts the immune system of our bodies, boosting the overall health.

Stay mentally sharp

Indulging in new experiences is something that makes people mentally sharper, a good thing. The best part is that according to studies, people that took part in physical activities like hiking, walking or biking improved their memory retention, because the hippocampus, which normally starts to shrink in the later adult years, grew.

Boost self confidence

Self-confidence is something that adventure travel really enhances as people dive into unknown territories. The more we experience it, the more self-confident we become, no matter how small the adventure is.

Spark the desire to explore

In the old days, people had the urge to explore and take part in outdoor activities, but this has been on the decline in recent years, and the spark of wanderlust is slowly disappearing. People would rather take a helicopter up a mountain than trek. Adventure travel can reignite this.

Help to cope with the challenges of life

People tend to learn how to tackle challenges since they constantly find themselves in situations that weren’t planned for while on adventure travel. This hardens them.

Irena’s XERO Bookkeeping, Sydney

There are many reasons why people should go on those adventure travel trips, and one of the most common ones is taking a break from work so that the mind can refresh. Work can be stressful when done continuously and it gets to a time when we all need a break. To make work less stressful, there are things that we can do such as hiring other people to ease the burden. Bookkeeping and accounting are some of those jobs that can really bog us down if we aren’t careful. The good thing is that there is a way out. Hiring professionals to do it for us. If you’re in Sidney and looking for bookkeeping XERO Kent Street, Irena’s XERO Bookkeeping should be your first stop. They are bookkeeping professionals that deal with a wide range of software platforms such as Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks. They work with small and medium sized businesses, doing their bookkeeping and saving them time and money by identifying, reporting, and implementing efficiency improvements. Some of their services include:

  • Set-up and data entry
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory Control
  • Month and Year End Accounts
  • Monthly and Annual Reporting
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Debt collection
  • Invoicing
  • Manual Bookkeeping
  • Filing and Administration

They can come in for a couple of days a week, monthly, or even yearly, to do the bookkeeping, at your convenience. They offer free consultations and quotes, and can be reached by filling an online form, or via phone.


Going on vacation is important, since people always get back to work more refreshed and productive. However, should they not have the time or knowhow to do certain jobs, they can always outsource to companies like Irina’s XERO Bookkeeping, which can keep their accounts in good order.

Survive a Rowing Contest with These Tips

Rowing is a fun water sport that thousands of people enjoy each and every summer.  A grand rowing contest certainly isn’t something you want to pass up either.  These contests are incredibly exhilarating, adventurous and great fun.  If you want to enjoy your contest without feeling exhausted and sore or if you at least want to stand a chance at winning then you can definitely consider the following tips.

Survive a Rowing Contest with These Tips
Survive a Rowing Contest with These Tips

Invest In a Home Rower

A Home Rower is just what you need if you want to stand a good chance at winning or don’t want to feel sore and tired.  It is always best to row in natural waters but with your home rower, you can spend some time each and every day on this activity.  Your home rower will also develop all the muscles that are needed for rowing and increase your fitness levels so you can row your heart out and actually stand a chance of winning.  If your body is fit and used to the rowing motion, you will have much better endurance during the race and your body won’t feel nearly as sore the next day.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

It is important to start off slowly when you are working out.   If you push too hard you can easily wear out the skin on your hands or cause lots of damage to muscles too much.

Get Your Technique Right

With the right posture, breathing, and rowing technique, you can perform much better.  Adopt a straight firm posture, don’t let your butt handle the entire stroke and don’t pull with your arms.  You should also push the weight with your back and not with your legs.

Wear a Good Sunblock

It is incredibly important to wear sun protection when you are having fun in the sun.  As you row, the water will reflect lots of sunlight into your face and on your body which could cause terrible sunburn.  Invest in a good sunblock when you get out there.

Stay Hydrated

Yes, you are going to be surrounded by water but it probably isn’t the best idea to drink this water when you feel sore, even if the water seems clear.  Take some water along on your rowboat so you can stay hydrated while you are sweating it out in the big blue.

Eat a Power Breakfast

It isn’t a good idea to set out on your rowing contest all hungry.  Eat a powerful energy-boosting meal.  The best foods to include are foods like protein bars, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, full grain bread and more that contains a lot of nutrition, won’t make you feel bloated and doesn’t affect your energy levels negatively.

Have Fun

Rowing is a lot of hard work and after just a few minutes you will be sweating a lot.   Remember to have some fun while you are out there giving it your all.

Rowing machines are terrific for working out, whether you are prepping for a rowing contest or simply want to boost your overall health from home.

Emergency Survival Tips for A Long Outdoor Trip

Planning a trip of more than ten days is a huge responsibility. Especially when you are not the only one going, you have to keep in mind the needs of the other folks who will be going with you. While long outdoor trips are fun and can often lead to new found friendships and memorable moments, they can have their disadvantages too just like every coin has two sides.

One of the major issues that can occur on long outdoor trips are the emergencies. An emergency can be another abrupt and disastrous that needs your immediate attention. Here are some emergency survival tips for a long outdoor trip:

Emergency Survival Tips for A Long Outdoor Trip
Emergency Survival Tips for A Long Outdoor Trip
  1. Know the safe spots

When you finalize a place where you will be spending time on your outdoor trip, you should always scout the area for all the places that deal with emergencies. At you can find the social security office details. If you happen to find yourself in a tight situation when you are in West Frankfurt you can easily go to this social security office and they will deal with your issue in the best way possible.

It is imperative to note here that you have to be a citizen of the United States if you need help from a social security office. There are certain documents and numbers of identification that will be required to obtain the necessary information needed to assist you.

However, the staff is very friendly and even if you are just a traveler passing through, they will guide you to the right place and do whatever they can to get you through the ordeal. It is a better idea to have the numbers and addresses of these offices written with you before you start your trip. You never know if you will have an internet connection when you are on your trip.

  1. Overcome the language barrier

One of the most important emergency survival tips for when you are going out of the country or to a place where you do not know the local language is to overcome the language barrier. The language barrier is the biggest issue, which travelers face when they have an emergency. They cannot get their message across and the communication bond breaks. In such a situation you should also keep a translator with you.

Thanks to the new technology you can now download a translator application easily on your phone and the work will be done for you in no time. If you are not a fan of cell phones, you can also buy a book which can give you the translations of the words and sentences from your native language to the language of the country you are going to.

  1. Can-do attitude

When faced with the worst of times, the best tip for getting through them is to keep up your level of hop and have a can-do attitude. You should know that you have come this far and nothing can stop you from getting to where you want to go. Always keep the end in mind and you would automatically have the will to fight harder and become a strong person. Emergencies can come at any time. You can never be prepared for them.

All you can do is learn how to cope with the fear and deal with the situation calmly. Breathing exercises can really help in maintaining a balance in your mind and your body. Moreover, you should know that it is okay to depend on individuals and ask for help when you need it. Be confident and there will be no emergency which you cannot survive.

How Can You Survive The Birthday Party of Your Spouse?

Your spouse always does something spesh and delightful on your birthday and now you want to do the same on his/her birthday? This becomes a big deal especially when you haven’t done something like that before. Or, you want to do something exceptional this time. You can only do this with some flawless planning. The planning includes knowing what kind of parties your spouse desires and doing it in view of that.

The main thing is knowing how to get started. You would find some amazing tips below that can have you arrange a party that would leave your spouse in awe.

How Can You Survive The Birthday Party of Your Spouse?
How Can You Survive The Birthday Party of Your Spouse?

Discover something meaningful for your spouse:

It’s not always the expensive gifts that can make your partner happy. Sometimes, a rose and a romantic dinner make him/her happier than some expensive piece of jewelry. Be acquainted with what’s meaningful to your spouse. If he or she likes to remember the important events of life, we would recommend you to get custom star map.

You might have not heard about it before but this is something really amazing. You can convert an important date of your life into a star map. ‘Modern Map Art’ does this for you with massive star database they have. They get a picture of the sky on a particular day. They will tell how the sky looked like when your spouse proposed to you, or when you got married, or the first time you dated, or you went on vacation for the first time.

They use a very fine quality of canvas to print your star map. You can choose the size between 8×10 and 24×36. What makes it more special is that there is no other map same as yours. They use specific time and place to create a stunning piece for you. They provide a design tool that you can use to design your piece. You can choose the style of your own choice. Order with the offer of free delivery and your map will be at your door in a few business days. Your partner is definitely going to love it.

Suggested locations:

You shouldn’t choose a location because it is pretty and cheap. Look for the meaningfulness of a place. Seek a place that can make your spouse feel special. Prefer splurging on something you partner truly love. We have here some ideas;

  • Go to Local Park and make it a bit romantic.
  • If your spouse is an art lover, go to some art council or gallery.
  • A museum that offers some events and tours.
  • Arboretum if your partner is a nature
  • His/her favorite eating place.
  • Beech
  • A dance party
  • Home is the best option if your spouse is stay-at-home kind of person. Make something special for dinner and enjoys it in the light of candles.


The theme is not necessary though. However, it is for the loved one and things should go as per his/her choice. If your spouse is into themes or something similar, just go for it. After all, everything is for him/her. The theme can be based on your spouse’s favorite, favorite place, or favorite movie. Add some kind of twist to make to more fun.

Here is a list of ideas:

  • A romantic movie that you both love.
  • Scavenger hunt with the clues your lover love.
  • A musical party with your spouse’s fav decade like 60’s, 70’s, or 90’s.
  • Moveable meal.
  • A picnic at a favorite

You can add more to these options. You can definitely survive it even if you haven’t done this before.

Survive Trichomoniasis with These Tips

Trichomoniasis is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the world.  The infection is caused by a parasite that causes all sorts of discomfort, pain, and symptoms. The fact that this infection is common doesn’t make it any easier to live with; in fact, it can be life-threatening to newborns. But the good news is that there are treatments that can help you get rid of this infection pretty quickly.

Survive Trichomoniasis with These Tips
Survive Trichomoniasis with These Tips

Symptoms of Trichomoniasis

Both men and women can get this infection but it is much more apparent in women and can often be unnoticeable in men.  Women especially experience symptoms such as a foul-smelling vagina, vaginal discharge, painful urination, pain during intercourse and genital itching.  Men can experience discharge and itching but it is uncommon for men to show any symptoms even though they might be carriers of the disease.

Prevention Is Best

Naturally, it is always best to avoid getting this disease entirely by using protection, reducing the number of sexual partners you have and by using proper bathroom hygiene, especially when using public restrooms.  But if you do have the condition then these tips can help you ease through the infection just a little bit quicker.

Use Natural Remedies

Natural remedies for trichomoniasis can help you treat many of the painful and irritating symptoms of this infection, can speed up the curing process and can help you get rid of your infection properly.  There are quite a few natural remedies you can try for this infection such as tea tree oil, bergamot, colloid silver, apple cider vinegar, citrus and much more.  These natural home remedies are definitely worth looking into if you are prone to genital infections.

Antibiotic Treatment Might Be Required

If natural remedies don’t seem to work for your infection then it is time to make your appointment with your doctor because you will need a prescription of antibiotics.  In most cases, one large dose of oral antibiotics are prescribed to both partners and this is usually enough to get the infection under control so your body’s white blood cells can fight off the infection.  These antibiotics are even safe for use during pregnancy or even preferred during pregnancy since the parasite can have a huge impact on infant health and is transmitted through natural birth.

What Happens If Pregnant Women Are Not Treated?

Trichomoniasis can be dangerous for your pregnancy.  It usually results in preterm birth, low birth weight, premature rupture of membranes. Babies born from a mother with this infection don’t usually get the parasite but they do develop a fever after birth.

It is always best to get trichomoniasis treated whether you are pregnant or not.  The infection is painful and horrid for women and can easily be treated with simple home remedies or oral antibiotics.  By treating the condition early on, you can also prevent the spread of the infection to other sexual partners in your life. Get treated and enjoy a happy, healthy sexual life.

Survive Stormy Weather with Ease with These Prep Tips

Storms are not to be messed with.  There are few things that can cause as much devastation as a quick and unexpected storm.  In many cases, no amount of prepping can help you when a storm hits but sometimes, a little bit of prep can make a world of difference in your comfort and ability to survive a stormy season.  Here are a few great prep tips to help you ease through stormy weather.

Survive Stormy Weather with Ease with These Prep Tips
Survive Stormy Weather with Ease with These Prep Tips

Get Your Roof Repairs Done Now

Get roof repair purcellville VA done in advance so your rooftop can be stronger and ready to handle those heavy rains and stormy winds.  Professional roofing experts can check for leaks, weak spots and will fasten up any loose areas on your roof like loose roof tiles.  When the storm hits, your home will be much stronger and the chances of roofing damage and water damage are greatly reduced.

Get Insurance

Insurance is a must for any homeowner.  Home damages are always costly to repair and with a good insurance company, you can survive even the worst of storms financially. You can get insurance for your home’s furniture and even for your entire home structure.  With good insurance, you can rebuild your entire life without having to fall into debt.

Steer Clear Of Transmitting Objects

Electricity travels through certain materials like water and steel.  If a lightning storm strikes then it is probably best to steer clear of things that can transmit electricity.  Avoid taking a bath, shower and don’t touch the taps or gate if you are in the midst of a storm, especially if your home doesn’t have a lightning rod.

Trim Tall Trees

Lighting has a tendency to hit the tallest object unless there is something else that attracts lightning.  Keep your tall trees trimmed or these trees can easily get hit by lightning and cause fires or fall on your house.

Gas Might Be Best

In remote areas, winter storms can easily knock out your electricity for days to come.  Gas stoves, ovens, and heaters are best, not just for power outages but also because they are a bit more environmentally friendly.   These types of homeware also produce heat which will keep you nice and warm during the stormy weather.

It’s better to Wait It out than to Push Through

In many cases, especially if you are driving, it is much better to wait for the storm to pass than to push through it.  If you are at home, don’t go out until the storm has passed.  If you are driving, pull over and wait for the wort of it to pass or you can easily end up crashing fatally.  If you are out in the open, find shelter as best you can and wait for the worst to pass instead of trying to make your way home in the midst of rain, thunder, and wind.

Keep an Eye on the Forecast

With modern smartphones, it becomes quite easy to predict the weather.  Simply Google your towns weather forecast and you can see exactly how hot, cold or stormy it will be for the next few days.  Try to make a morning habit out of checking the weather.  This won’t just help you survive, but greatly eases life choices such as activities and the outfit you should wear.

How to Survive River Currents

Swimming in lakes, rivers and streams can be safe at assigned swimming territories that are watched over by lifeguards. Nonetheless, drowning is the fifth leading cause of inadvertent damage and death in the world. More energy and skills are required for normal water situations as a result of cold water and air temperatures, currents, waves and different conditions—and these conditions can change because of climate. Knowing how to survive and escape a river current can save your life – and others.

How to Survive River Currents
How to Survive River Currents

Know the dangers of swimming in rivers. Swimming is an unsafe action, even for individuals who are solid swimmers. Regions which are not checked or assigned for swimming are considerably more so. Despite the fact that swimming in a river on a hot day is an incredible delight, all the time there are not the safeguards one would discover at a pool or a lifeguard secured shoreline.

People don’t swim well. Humans are not well-designed for swimming. An Olympic-class competitor can swim around 4.5 mph, or around 2 meters every second. The normal swimmer is considerably less than that. It doesn’t take quite a bit of a current to defeat a swimmer’s capacities. Most drownings happen in open air water bodies.

Know the risks of currents. Rivers are natural features, which are regularly capricious and change every day, season to season. Rivers may have quick currents, and getting caught in surging water can be extremely hazardous. Additionally, it isn’t in every case simple or clear that a conduit has a solid current. Check for:

  • In the event that it has been raining vigorously, odds are great that the water level is up.
  • “Flash flood” prone areas. A few streams recognized for sudden flooding because of mountain rain or other land conditions.
  • Evident quick moving currents, waves and rapids, even in shallow water.
  • Perils, for example, dams, submerged hindrances, or debris or rocks moving on the surface or along the base of the water.

Endeavor to decide how quick the water is moving. Tossing objects, particularly buoyant objects, for example, wood or a stick (Do not toss man-made things, plastic or glass) into the center of the stream will start to give you an idea of the speed. Keep in mind, there is at times a current at first glance, and a propensity. The speed at first glance won’t give you a sign of the propensity. Because the surface is moving moderate does not mean it is safe. You also need to be careful if you’re going fishing around water like that. You need to use the right fishing equipment such as the right bait and the right fishing reel. Head over to to learn more about choosing the right reel for your fishing adventures.

Know the capacities of those running with you, including swimming capacities and level of supervision required. Make sure to give suitable supervision.

Guarantee everybody figures out how to swim well by enlisting them in age-suitable figure out how to-swim courses. However, this does not mean individuals are shielded from incidents. On account of youngsters, it can really make them over-confident regarding their abilities.

Have weak swimmers wear life jackets at whatever point they are in, nearby water. Try not to depend upon water wings or inflatable toys; they can empower swimmers to go past their capacity or abruptly flatten, which could prompt a drowning situation. Always swim with a partner. Never swim alone, or with somebody who can’t swim.

Tips for Surviving A Very Long Biking Road Trip

Biking can get pretty tiresome if you take on a long journey.  The physical strain on your body is much more intense while traveling by bike than by car.  Just wearing that helmet for hours on end is a huge challenge on its own and then your body still needs to deal with all sorts of other strains such as wind friction, road noise, bumps and engine vibration.  We are not even going to mention the strain of sitting in the basic same position on the entire journey.  And despite the additional strain you also need to focus much more on your journey while biking than you would have in a car because biking is a lot more dangerous since so many other motorists just don’t keep an eye out for bikers.

Tips for Surviving A Very Long Biking Road Trip
Tips for Surviving A Very Long Biking Road Trip

Taking on a long road trip by bike is quite a challenge but here we are sharing the best tips to help you survive these trips with ease.

Get quality protective gear

The importance of your riding and safety gear can never be over exaggerated.  Even a small fall with your motorcycle can result in horrible injuries and many bikers obtain severe injuries each and every year. On Bikers’ Basics you can check out all of the best essential protective gear that will keep you safe on short and long distance rides, that will fit your body comfortably and that will give you the best possible chance at survival should you get in an accident.

Book your stay at a comfortable guesthouse

Don’t even think about backpacking and sleeping in a tent on your road trip.  You need a comfortable bed in which to relax when you get off that bike so you can give your body a good rest and so you can feel refreshed for your next day’s journey.  Book your stay in advance in a good guest house and get to bed early.

Make frequent stops

It is important to make frequent stops when you are taking on a long road trip.  Stops are great for keeping you awake and alert, for promoting blood circulation throughout your body and these stops are great for checking your phone, eating a bite and getting a drink of water.  You should try to fit a 15-minute pit stop every 45 minutes because your brain cannot focus for longer than 45 minutes in one sitting.  Some even have a shorter attention span and cannot focus for longer than 30 minutes.

Take along a snack pack

Your snack pack should be stuffed with all sorts of foods such as energy bars but you can also include healthy snacks like dried fruits and nuts. A good snack can do wonders for your body and especially for your energy levels.

Stay hydrated

Take along lots of water so you can stay hydrated on your long road trip.  Dehydration affects your ability to focus and to make good decisions.  Stay hydrated even if it means more frequent pit stops on your journey.

Don’t travel alone

It is never a good idea to take on a long biking road trip all on your own, especially if you are traveling through desolated areas.  Travel in a group or at least let someone know where you are heading and when you are expected to arrive so you can get help should the worst happen.

Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

People blog for all sorts of reasons. It could be for business purposes, or even for fun. Many people think that blogging is something that is easy to do when the truth is that it could also be very tricky. You can set up a blog and put your content in it but you might not get any visitors to the site. In this article, we are going to take a look at some blogging mistakes that most beginner bloggers make. These are mistakes that you can avoid when beginning.

Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make
Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

Create blog posts that serve your larger company goals

The first thing that you need to know and acknowledge is the fact that the blog is supposed to be read by many different people. That is the reason why you should avoid putting content that only suits or interests you. Just because something feels like a good idea doesn’t mean it will be good for your business.

Write like you talk

Your writing shouldn’t be too stiff because this isn’t a term paper that you’re writing. You need to write something that people will enjoy reading. Most readers don’t go through the whole article and that is a reason to keep it engaging from the start. This will compel them to read to the end.

Show your personality; don’t tell it

When setting up a blog, most people assume that readers actually care about them. The hard truth is that they don’t. They care about what you’re teaching them, when you’re new to blogging. Write informative content.

How to Start a Blog in 3 Simple Steps

Before you can post content on the blog, you need to create the blog. That is what brings us to the next topic, how to start a blog. Zac Johnson, an experienced blogger that has made a lot of money through blogging, is going to show us how to start a blog in three simple steps.

Choosing the right blogging platform

The first step is choosing a platform. WordPress and Blogger are some of the platforms that you can use to set up your blog, coming with several plugins to suit your needs. The best part of it is that they are 100 percent free of charge and you don’t need to know anything about coding and other things related to setting up sites.

Selecting your domain name and blog hosting

The next thing is to come up with a domain name ( and hosting provider. There are many companies that offer these services, at different costs.

How to create a blog with purpose

The final thing once you have set up the blog is to put in relevant content. The content needs to be original, which will make it rank better on search engines. The content should be relevant in order to attract an audience.


By following the tips above, you can easily set up your blog and avoid the regular mistakes that most beginners make. It will give you a smooth entry into blogging.

Survive Those Hot and Sunny Fishing Expeditions with These Tips

Fishing expeditions are brilliant. The open waters are incredible for relaxing your mind and for reducing stress levels and getting that big catch sure does give you something brilliant to talk about or brag about on your social media account.  While you are busy planning your next big fishing expedition you can also consider these tips to help you survive those sunny expeditions without getting sunburnt or heat exhaustion.

Survive Those Hot and Sunny Fishing Expeditions with These Tips
Survive Those Hot and Sunny Fishing Expeditions with These Tips

Invest In a Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt

The hotter it gets, the less we tend to wear and this is a huge mistake.  Those UV sunrays are no joke and can cause terrible skin burn and can even result in skin cancer.  Modern long sleeve fishing shirts will protect your arms, neck, and body from sunburn while you are out there having fun in the sun.  These shirts are developed from specialized UPF 50 fabrics that will protect you from the sun.  But that is not all.  These shirts also look great, they are light and breathable and actually keep your body nice and cool. They are also available in various colors, sizes and you can find ranges for men, women, and children.

Drink Lots of Water

It is important to stay hydrated when you are out fishing.  Dehydration causes damage to your organs and brain.  Stock up on lots of water so you can drink up and stay cool.

Keep Beverages Cool

Cool beverages are terrific for cooling down your body when it gets too hot.  You can also use the ice or ice packs to cool down your body if things get too hot.

Don’t Go Fishing During Mid-Day

It is best to avoid the waters when the sun is at its hottest, especially since UV rays are also reflected and intensified by water.  Enjoy early morning or evening fishing expeditions and use those hot times for other adventures or for a nap.  It is probably best to avoid the waters between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm unless you are sitting in a shady spot.

Wear Sunglasses

Good quality UV shades will protect your eyes and will keep those bright reflecting sunrays from blinding you while you are out there on the open waters.

Remember Your Hat

A good sun cap or hat is a must if you are going to spend lots of time in the sun.  The more sun protection you have, the better.

Get a Small Fan

If it is particularly hot then perhaps consider taking along a portable battery operated fan to keep you chilled when the winds are quiet.

Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a great help if you are spending a lot of time in the sun.  These creams prevent sunburn and also enable your body to tan nice and dark brown without the pain.  Many sunscreens also contain insect repelling oils or fragrances to keep the bugs off when you are out there on the waters.

Watch How You Feel

If you start to feel bad heat stroke symptoms such as fatigue, a headache, dizziness, blurred vision or more then perhaps it is time for a break from your fishing break and to start looking for a cooler activity to try such as swimming.

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