Best Paracord Survival Gear Review

Paracord Dog Leash and Collar

A paracord dog leash and collar is a winning combination between man and his best furry friend.  Paracord animal gear is the hottest pet items on the market right now. In fact, paracord is here to stay for the long haul. As it is seen in everything from survival gear to utility functions in home, to fashion statements, paracord is the essential wonder tool of today. You might even say it is the duct tape of the fiber world.

Why would you want a paracord dog leash and collar?

If you are familiar with paracord, then you know this cordage is not only tough but indispensible in alternative uses. The nylon sheathed rope is derived from military applications such as suspension cords in parachutes, for tying rucksacks and securing camouflage nets. Civilians were able to get their hands on this wonder cord after WWII in military surplus stores.  Since then, the uses of paracord have become endless and entirely left up to the imagination.

With the onset of paracord ‘survival’ bracelets, people caught on to the idea of wearing low profile paracord as an easy access tool in necessary, even emergency situations. This concept has exploded into other areas of daily life, even with our beloved pets. Paracord dog leashes and collars are another way to carry your essential life wear. Not only is your dog your safety, but your dog is wearing your safety. Sounds a bit crazy? Not necessarily, if you consider how many times you could have used some quick help with cordage. Take a quick look at some of the practical applications of paracord in common situations:

  • Braiding for even more combined strength
  • Tent and Pole support, building shelters
  • Clothes Line
  • Tow Line
  • Tarp Tie Down
  • Equipment Guy-lines
  • Pack Strap, Fasten, lash and secure gear to backpack
  • Shoe Lace, Boot Lace
  • Garden Lines
  • Shelter Making
  • Fire Bow
  • Lanyard
  • Survival kit
  • Knife Handle Wrap
  • Lifeline, since it will support the weight of a human
  • Inner strands: sewing, fishing, trapping-snares, dental floss, emergency stitches (boil first)

While you probably wouldn’t dare think of unraveling Fido’s favorite leash, remember chances are you may never have too. But what if you did? Luckily, paracord is very inexpensive and a fascinating creative endeavor for those who want to quickly make their own specially personalized paracord dog leash and collar.

Paracord comes in a huge array of different types, colors, and designs. Your best friend could get a different paracord dog leash for every day of the week for dirt cheap!  Making paracord weaves and knots is addicting once you realize how easy paracord DIY projects really are. This is the fun part of paracord. It is difficult to pair together the idea of how crazy creative paracord is, yet at the same time, remains a subtle instrument of survival. It is no wonder paracord is exploding into every home across America!

Fitting your best friend with paracord

The easiest way to add a paracord dog leash and collar is obviously to hop on over to store and check specifically for this type of gear. Remember, there is an endless selection of quality paracord products. Paracord has become so dependable; they are now using it for senior pets with a new technology called Active Edge which uses electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) to treat a variety of conditions.

Paracord is going to benefit your dog and you in some way. Whether it is only a super tough durable leash and collars that last forever or aiding a senior dog to go on that walk better, paracord is the very best decision you could make when picking out your dog supplies. You can take it to extremes with military standard dog tag collars or keep it light and fun with creative choices. If you enjoy walking your dog at night, there are some exceptional paracord leashes made with actual paracord reflective fibers.

Thinking outside the box is pretty standard these days, especially with pet products. We love our pets, they are family. The pet industry is prospering and will continue to do so as we feed the need to treat our beloved pets well. Paracord has made yet another way for us to not only take care of our dog’s safety, but at the same time, help us as well. Take your pet and your life to the next level, invest in a quality paracord dog leash and collar.

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