Best Paracord Survival Gear Review

Paracord Lanyard

Paracord.  You probably have seen this versatile nylon sheathed cord at some point in your life. Maybe there is some in your garage being used to tie down a tarp or your teenager is sporting a paracord bracelet. Paracord lanyard is common and favorite cordage incorporated into everyday uses.

This slim nylon rope is composed of 7-9 strands of nylon. Inside the strands are 2-3 threads, all meant to be unraveled for many different uses. Paracord lanyard was originally used on parachutes for the suspension lines.  The utility function of paracord is to have it as a quick access tool for situations where cordage is needed immediately.

 Paracord lanyard made the jump from the military using it right into a premiere survival tool for everyone.   After World War II it became a military surplus item available to civilians. Since then, paracord has been applied to rigging applications, retention, survival and even fashion. Between MILSPEC paracord lanyard and fashion lanyards, nylon paracord covers a broad spectrum of purposes.

Why you should have paracord

Arguably the most common reason to have some kind of quality paracord available is because it is invaluable in an emergency situation.  It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned outdoorsman or someone who only takes evening walks on a beaten path, at some point you will wish you had some paracord on you. All parts of paracord lanyard is useful as in fashioning a splint, rigging a shelter or making a fishing line, this is the essential number one item to carry.

Even the person who tackles a garage sale and needs to strap down a good find, paracord is always the answer.  The material is slightly elastic, and provides a great grip for snug wrapping around everyday items.

Knives have a lanyard hole for the purpose of adding paracord to it for easy retrieval.  Anything you might carry in your pocket or purse can benefit from adding some paracord to it in a couple of ways. First, it is going to be there and easily accessible when you need that extra cordage. Second, it helps in grabbing that item quickly, like keys or a pocket knife.  Finally, it does add visibility to those essentials that are tucked away tight, so brightly colored paracord is definitely going to make things easier to find and harder to lose.

Paracord is a very low profile carry item, yet once you start using it you will find a way to add this lanyard to much of your personal belongings. It is available in a vast amount of colors, types, and patterns offering the creative edge to personalize in a practical way. It has become a huge business in the DIY marketplace, as people eagerly find ways to up the ante on the functionality and look of paracord lanyard.

Efficient ways to carry paracord

Long lengths of paracord can take up space, but it is still advisable to keep a rope set tucked away in home or car. The number one less noticeable way to have paracord on you is a paracord bracelet.  They are referred to as “survival bracelets” and can be found almost anywhere. The bracelets can be 550 military (this is the preferred choice by most) or a simple braided DIY bracelet. Those who are in a survival mindset will choose paracord bracelets with hidden functions and compartments, and include hanks of paracord lanyard in their survival bug-out –bags.

Other ways to include paracord into your daily life is through clothing, like using paracord as boot laces, or a paracord belt. Paracord belts are fast becoming the favorite next to the paracord bracelet. These bracelets are now being worn around the ankles as well.  If you own a pet, think about the functionality of a paracord lanyard leash compared to other types of available pet gear.  Paracord is stronger with slight stretch, is inexpensive and if you are the creative type, you can make a personalized braided design for your pet.  The leash becomes your emergency access tool should it be needed. This is how you use paracord.

Paracord lanyard is a quiet tool, subtle in carrying but incredibly indispensible.  Think of all those times when you could have used cordage, everybody has had one of those moments.  This is a common occurrence.  Paracord is inexpensive, but necessary. You will fast discover this once you purchase anything with paracord. It becomes intriguing and fascinating as you learn more about the uses, or the designs.  If only to keep it near as a utility function, it is advisable to always have some kind of paracord lanyard in home, car, and person.

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