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Six Most Dangerous Fishing Spots for Your Survival Bucket List

Do you love challenges?   Well challenges are the heart and soul of great stories to share with friends and family.   If you love adventures and challenges then you are absolutely going to fall in love with the following six most deadly fishing spots.  These types of fishing expeditions is definitely worth a spot on your survival bucket list and will result in quite a story to tell if you have the nerve to give these dangerous fishing trips a try.

Six Most Dangerous Fishing Spots for Your Survival Bucket List

Columbia Bar

Back in the day sailors used to refer to the mouth of the Columbia River as the graveyard of the Pacific or salmon fisherman’s nightmare.  In this particular spot the powerful river current collides with the ocean waves to create terrifying waves that have been known to tip boats and even claim lives.  It is also a superb place to fish salmon although it can be life threatening.  In 2001 thirteen boaters lost their lives in this dangerous fishing spot.

Great lakes

The great lakes are about 94 250 in square miles and 34 million people live along these shorelines.  What makes these lakes so dangerous is the weather.  Storms can arise on these lakes at any given moment on any given time and the result is unsuspecting fishermen that have to deal with 80 mile an hour winds and 12 foot waves.

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay’s weather is incredibly predictable and can change in a heartbeat.  Instant thunder storms can happen just about any time and causes havoc amongst fishermen.  The only way that more than 110 000 fishermen stay safe in these waters is by running for port whenever they see dark clouds on the horizon.

White River

The White River in Akransa is one of the best places to fish trout but it is a dangerous fishing spot since the water can rise so quickly.  This is because of eight turbines in the Bull Shoals Dam that can pump more than twenty-two thousand cubic feet of water per second.  The result is that a lot of fishermen ends up strangled or swept away.

New River

New River in West Virginia is also called the river of death.  This 320 mile river drops into a deep canyon that claims the lives of 3 – 5 fishermen each and every year.  This is because the river creates a condition fishermen cannot handle and bears great risk of drowning or injury.  Even low water areas can be dangerous.

Snake River

Hells Canyons Snake River has some pretty big fish but flows violently and has a rocky bottom that contributes to a lot of danger for fishermen but luckily inexperienced fishermen know enough to steer clear of this dangerous fishing spot which contributes to a low death rate.

Gear up for your trip

Now that you know what the six most dangerous fishing spots are you are probably dying with curiosity to give these spots a try.  Of course the right gear will make your trip a little bit safer and will help you get a good catch while you brave these treacherous spots.  On ReelWithStyle you can check out the best fishing gear and get some pretty good fishing advice that will help you make the most out of your survival trip.

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