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Start a Survival Kit Business

When starting any business, it is important to take several matters into consideration. This will include the source of the customers, source of materials, if they are required, source of labor, etc. it also rounds down to the sort of interest that you have in the business. In this article, we are going to take a look at the survival kit business, which gives tools that are handy in the event of things such as disasters. How to start a survival kit business:

Research the Customer Base

Like I mentioned above, you need to know the source of your clients, which is why you will need to study the customer base. You need to know whether you will get actual buying customers, and this means being located in areas that are potentially hit by disasters such as hurricanes, often. You need to be in an area where there is a sense of emergency preparedness for anything that might come.

Design Survival Kits

You will need to make sure that you design survival kits based on specific disasters. If you are targeting floods, design disaster kits geared at floods, and not the jungle. Another thing one can add is to design kits aimed at organizations such as schools and businesses, going as far as personalizing the items by doing things such as branding logos.

Sell Individually

Whether online or through physical locations, you can sell individual items, and especially to customers who are preparing for any disasters. This is the group that tends to prefer survival kits created by them.

Sell Online

Most people nowadays, order their stuff online, and this is a route that you should consider. Opt them into an email list from which they can opt out at any time they wish. Through this, send those newsletters and news of your products.

Geographic Targeting

You need to ensure that your products target areas that are prone to disasters. Market your products in the areas where the disasters specific to the products, happens.

Build Trust

One of the best ways of creating trust is through blogs, where you can interact with your customers. Here they can gain trust and knowledge instead of getting the feeling that you are just a business after their hard earned money. Give them proper after sales service and proper customer care. Let them know that they can trust you with their safety and lives.

Hiveage – Free Invoice Creator

In order to increase efficiency in your survival kit business, you should consider using tools that create efficiency and reduce the workload. One of these tools is the free online invoicing creator by Hiveage. This is a tool which helps with different invoicing tasks such as the ones listed below. It makes work easier for you when it comes to time consuming tasks such as:

  • Requesting payments from clients
  • Tracking sales
  • Tracking stock and inventory
  • Forecasting and planning for the future in regards to past and present data
  • Record tax filings


Are you still thinking of starting a survival kit business? The tips above can come in handy when deciding what is best for you.

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