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Stress survival tips

We all feel stressed at one point or the other. The way one responds to the stress is what makes all the difference. Stress is hazardous and can even make one sick. That explains why there is therapy, such as the playa vista therapy, to help manage stress. With simple tips, stress can be well maintained, and that can make a big difference. Some of the survival tips for dealing with stress include:

survival tips
survival tips


Self-awareness is crucial as it helps you to deal better with what you are going through. You need to understand your situation, source of stress, and what makes you feel better. Being self-aware will help you understand you better, and that will, in turn, help you know how to better deal with stress.

Build a relationship with yourself

Most of the time, people are busy building relationships with others that they forget to build a relationship with themselves. Most of the time, life is more about the inside than the outside. That means that most of how we reach on what life throws at us emanates from the inside. Once the inside is strong, the outside will also be strong.


Many people think that meditation is overrated, but it works. Meditation helps to calm down your thoughts and prevent many random thoughts and overthinking, which may make the situation better. Meditation helps to radiate inner peace, which helps you deal with what you are going through in a sane manner.


Gratitude works like magic. It will help you realize that many positive things are still happening to you despite going through a stressful situation. That can help light up your world and change your perspective about what you are going through.

Deal with misunderstanding

There are a lot of times when misunderstandings cause stress. Disagreements are brought about when you are quick to judge or poor communication. It is good to put yourself in the shoes of the other party to try to see things from their perspective. You should also work on communication to make sure that there is no misunderstanding.


Sometimes all you need to do is to forgive. If you have had a conflict with another person, try as much as you can to forgive them. You also need to forgive yourself. Try and be kind to yourself as that can make a big difference.

Read a book

Many motivational books can help you know how to better deal with different situations. There are some which can also motivate you and keep you distracted from what you are going through.

Start a new hobby

In some cases, all you need to do is to start a new hobby. Learning a new hobby will keep you busy and distracted, helping your mind not to focus too much on the stress that you have. A new hobby will also teach you new skills and help you connect with new people.

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