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Survival Essentials Every Mountain Biker Should Have

Mountain biking is one of the best and dangerous sports in the world.  It is one of the best sports because this activity is packed with a lot of fun adventures and cycling is superb for losing weight and for boosting your overall health.  The sport is also terribly dangerous because there are so many motorists that just don’t pay attention to bikers and mountain biking often involves ascending to incredibly heights and taking on dangerous yet fun routs.  Here are some survival essentials that each and every mountain biker absolutely must have with them so they can optimize their chances of survival in case of emergency.

Survival Essentials Every Mountain Biker Should Have

A biking helmet

The first and most critical survival essential that all bikers should have is a helmet.  You absolutely need to protect your head on any biking expedition.  Head injuries are the major cause for deaths and disabilities in cyclists.  It is so easy to slip when you are traveling along a steep hill, to lose your foothold, for your brakes to give out or for a motorist to run you over on your journey.  These accidents happen incredibly unexpectedly and quickly and can be terribly tragic.  With a good biking helmet you are much safer in case of a bad fall and you will have the needed protection to prevent brain damage.


Take along a pump so you can refill your tires if you get a flat.  IT might also be a good idea to get your tires filled with a puncture filler before you go on an off road journey.

Mini tool kit

A mini tool kit will enable you to make major adjustments to your bike as you go so you can be as safe as possible.

House key

Yes, you will need to take your house key along.  It doesn’t help much if you stay safe on the road only to be robbed when you get home.

Mobile phone

Your phone is good for taking great adventure shots, for staying in touch with friends and will enable you to make emergency calls should something happen.  Secure your phone in a waterproof plastic cover if you wear it on your body to prevent sweat from damaging your phone.

ID card

Take along your ID card so you can stay legal and so emergency teams can easily identify you in case of an accident.

Extra water

It is also important to stay hydrated, especially when it is extremely warm.  Take along more water than you think you will need.

Energy snacks

A few energy bars will keep you full, energized and can help prevent you from feeling off when you burn too much energy on your journey.


Extra money is always a good idea on a long journey, even if you don’t plan on buying anything.  With extra money you can make a call or get a taxi to take you home.

Carry bag

If you cannot fit all these essentials on your person then a tiny carry bag is a good idea because you can haul everything with you without feeling too restricted.

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