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Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

It is important to learn survival skills from a tender age. There are many different survival skills that could be learned, depending on different situations such as where you are. Are you in a desert or jungle? In an area without clean water? The circumstances are many. In this article, we are going to take a look at some survival skills that could save your life. The first step is to know the rule of 3, which is as below:

  • A person can go without air or stay in icy water for only three minutes
  • In harsh environments, people can survive for three hours
  • People can survive for three days without water
  • People can survive for three weeks without food.
Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life
Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

Below are the survival skills

Survival Skills: Air

You can’t survive without air for three minutes. Some of the tips for ensuring clean air include ensuring you have air filtration masks if you’re ever in emergencies or other dangerous scenarios and using the Heimlich maneuver, which is a first aid method involving thrusting of a person’s abdomen to dislodge something stuck in the throat. 

Survival Skills: Shelter

You need to know how to come up with housing in different scenarios, which can include having emergency tents on he ready in the event of emergencies, creating tarps in between trees, and using nature (branches, clay, mud, leaves, etc.) to create structures.

Survival Skills: Water

You need to know how to find and purify water in the wilderness through things such as knowing the natural water sources such as underground springs and Rivers, tapping clean water from trees such as birch and hickory trees, tapping rainwater, and following animals like antelopes, which will lead you to their drinking sites. Once you get the water, you can purify it by boiling, distillation, use of iodine tablets, and through water filtration.

Survival Skills: Food

Knowing that you can survive without food for up to three weeks, you have to know plants that are edible such as grass, pine seeds, and acorn seeds. It is advisable to boil the seeds. You can also hunt for animals and insects, which are usually very rich in proteins. Remember that eating can dehydrate you and you shouldn’t do it if you don’t have water. Dehydration can kill you faster than hunger.

AngelCare Baby Monitor Review

Just the same way that we need to know how to survive, we also need to ensure that our babies are okay wherever they are. That is what brings us to this next part, the AngelCare Baby Monitor review. It comes with the following features:

  • It has under-the-mattress wireless movement sensors which detect any movements in the bed
  • An alarm system that goes off when movement (breathing) isn’t detected after 20 seconds
  • The parent unit is both portable and rechargeable, making it ideal for traveling
  • The nursery unit has an LED ring that shows the temperatures in the room, glowing blue (cold), red (warm), or white (right temperature)
  • The parent unit also displays the room temperature
  • You can talk two-ways using the monitor
  • The nursery unit comes with a tabletop stand
  • The sensitivity levels are adjustable
  • It can be connected to the mains or operated by battery


It is important to ensure that your baby is always safe when you’re not in the same room, and that is what makes the AngelCare Baby Monitor a very important device to have.

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