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Survival Tips When You are on Camping!

Living near woods, away from high living and the city is an experience you get to learn a lot from. Pitching a tent, building a fire, cooking a meal, sleeping on the ground would test your patience and make you feel pretty great at the same time. The same trip can make it a bad adventure if you are not well prepared for the circumstances you did not expect. Therefore, make your experience a bit more fun and let the following tricks help you with this.

Emergency Rain Shelter:

Although you would be carrying your camps with you, you might encounter a situation where you need an emergency storm shelter. Tarpaulin is always a good idea against unexpected rain on your camp destination. Stake three corners of the canvas on the ground and hold up the fourth one with a pole. The half pyramid-shaped shelter would provide excellent drainage, and it has the power to stand up well against the wind.

Survival Tips When You are on Camping!

Design Your Campfire:

You wouldn’t like to miss out cooking over a campfire. It is always amusing to get your feast ready on coals. Design campfire by yourself. The fireplace should be double-wide. Divide the place into two sections. One part is to build a fire and other to maintain constant flame under the grill. Keep adding the coals to the pit to keep the heat even.

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Keep Boot Laces From Snagging:

Camping somewhere near the woods would allow you enjoy some hunting. Your shoes can make it hard for you to walk through the hedges and creeping plants by becoming untied. Duct tape is the best solution to that. Wind the boot lace around the shoe top and tie them at the back. Fold the socks down over the knot and wrap it with duct tape. Your shoes would provide a grip to your feet in some unfriendly woods.

Dry Your Digital Devices Using Rice:

You can assume any situation when you are far from the city and rain can hit you anywhere, anytime. Your equipment such as handheld GPS, digital camera, radio or any other device can get soaked out of the blue. In such situation, you require doing something immediately to keep them in operation. An instant solution to this is packing the device in a zip-seal bag full of uncooked rice. They will absorb all the moisture and keep the equipment from distorting.

Organize The Tools By Using Tool Belt:

You must be carrying some tools with you hope to cook by yourself on the site. Keep them organized with the help of many-pocketed apron. Tie the apron on at eye level on a tree near the campfire where you are cooking. These pockets can handle most of the kitchen items like pans, pots, spoons, and knives. This way, you can have all the tools close at hand, and you would always know where to get what you need.

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