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How to Survive Camping In the Wild

You get camping and then you get camping.  The words may seem the same but they are very different. To some camping means taking a fully equipped caravan to a caravan stand where you have access to electricity and basically setting up a mobile home in a holiday resort with plenty of pools and fun activities.  To others camping means setting up a tent in the wilderness where you have no electricity, no human built activities and nothing but wildlife and nature to enjoy.  And sorry to step on anyone’s toes but the real way of camping is actually the secondly mentioned camping type because caravanning with all your home luxuries is more like a holiday than a camping trip.  So how do you survive camping in the wilderness if you have never tried it before?  Well, with the right gear of course.

How to Survive Camping In the Wild

Gear you need for wilderness camping

Wilderness camping is the ultimate adventure because you learn so much while on one of these trips.  You learn all about outdoor surviving, you learn to set up a good camp, you learn how to build a campfire, how to clean a camp site and basically how to survive without all of those things that makes living easy such as electricity and technology.  Here is the top gear that you should include in your trip to help you survive these trips and actually have fun while taking on nature’s elements.

Portable generator – Even the toughest of campers need lighting and even the baddest of people will want to share a few camping photos with friends on social media.  You can get the best portable generator by checking out The Tool Report which is a review site where all of the best small generators and invertors are discussed.

Invertor – An invertor is needed to control the power feed of your generator so your devices won’t burn out. You will need an inverter through which you can charge your devices and keep your lights on.

Good tent – A good rain proof tent that can be secured tightly is a must for your camping trip.  This will protect you against weather, wild animals and dangerous insects.

Sleep sack – A good sleeping bag will keep you nice and warm and won’t take up much space.

Fire cookware – You absolutely have to give fire cooking a try on your camping trip.  For this you will also need fire cookware that can withstand the open flame.

Clearing tools – It is always good to take a few garden tools like a spade along so you can clear a camp site and keep your campfire contained.

Adventure gear – No one likes to sit in a warm tent all day so be sure to take your adventure gear along.  If you are planning on watching wildlife then binoculars, hiking boots and hiking gear should be tagged along.  If you want to give fishing a try then remember your fishing gear.  A kayak or paddle board can also add a lot of fun to your wilderness adventure.

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