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How to Survive Your First Longboard Experience

Perhaps you have started to become interested in longboarding but you are a bit scared because you do not know what to expect. You have to remember that longboarding is somewhat similar to skateboarding but there may be some differences too. Longboarding is said to be easier for beginners because the board is longer.

It is okay to start practicing on your own. Do not do stunts that you know you cannot do yet. It will take time but when you practice, you can become better at longboarding. There are some things that you have to remember before you start though. The first thing that you have to do is to try finding the right longboard for you. Perhaps you start searching for top longboard brands 2017. You have to check the latest longboard brands because you only deserve the best that will fit your current skills.

How to Survive Your First Longboard Experience

When it comes to choosing, do not choose the one that you like best in terms of appearance. You need to choose the one that will fit you best. The moment that you have the right board however, that is the time when you can make use of the tips that will be mentioned below to help you survive your first longboard experience.

  1. Make sure that you know how to stop. There is a possibility that you already know how to move around and just ride when you are on the pavement and on flat roads but do you know how to stop when you are going downhill? There are different ways that you can stop but if you are still a beginner, you may still use your foot. If you are an amateur, you may try the heel slide or the tail slide in order to stop gaining speed. It will take time before you actually stop but it is the right way to do it.
  2. Adjust your trucks depending on how you are going to ride. You need to remember that your trucks can make or break your ride. If you make your trucks too tight, it will be harder for you to start turning and doing some stunts. If you would make your trucks too loose, you may wobble when you start moving around.
  3. It is okay that you will feel a bit anxious when you are riding but you should remain calm even if things are not going your way. Remember that the more you become nervous, the more likely your muscles are going to cause your ride to become more wobbly. This will further increase your chance of getting into an accident.
  4. Your weight should be more directed towards the front portion of your board. By doing this, you allow yourself to have better balance. Remember that you just have to relax and do not crouch too low especially when you are attempting to go fast.

With all of these things in mind, it will be easier to pick the right board from Top Sports Brands. For sure you will find some that are nice enough to take home. It will be up to you to pick the one that you are going to ride on for a long period of time.

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