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Surviving SUP Fishing: Some Do’s and Don’ts

Fishing on stand-up paddle allows you to do things you cannot think of doing on a big boat. SUP fishing is cheap and cheerful and it lets you visit the places where other watercraft cannot go. You are supposed to take plenty of things into account when planning to make it a success. Deciding a place and getting gears is not everything you need for this activity. We have penned sow the things you should and should not do when fishing on the stand-up paddle. Spice up the fun with following tips:

Surviving SUP Fishing: Some Do's and Don'ts
Surviving SUP Fishing: Some Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Get a right paddle board (stand-up):

The entire paddle that are known as stand-up are not for fishing. There are numerous other water sports that involve paddle boards. Thus, when you hit the market, you have to make sure you are picking the best fishing SUP. It is always wise to walk through the reviews rather than going to the market directly and standing there hanging in balance. Fishing paddle board looks same as other paddle boards. However, some of its features make it different from others as it is particularly designed for fishermen. Outdoor champs have made it simple for you to get the right product.

This webpage had talked about some best quality fishing paddle boards. On the top of the list is Atoll 11′ iSUP. It has gained popularity for its reliability. It can definitely help you to pull off your fishing experience on the paddle. Other amazing inflatable boards include Airhead AHSUP-3 SS, Z-Ray FS7 Fishing iSUP, and-Ray FS7 Fishing iSUP. All of them have an incredible quality and you can count on them. Go through the detailed review of all these items to make the best choice.

Do: Take into account all the elements:

Wind, currents, and tide are some significant elements you should always take care of. Keep all these things in mind when choosing the place for fishing. You will not be able to fight all these elements at the same time. You have to keep everything in order so that you can paddle to your destination without any trouble. Work with the tides and winds to keep yourself in the right direction. You should also have the idea about how you are going to paddle back as it can be against the element.

Do: Carry a small anchor:

Carrying an anchor is handy when you want to spend more time just fishing and not focusing on getting into a right position. Once you reach a fishing spot on your paddle board, anchor up and spend some time focusing on catching the game. Except for this, you can drop the anchor anywhere to enjoy the place or for any other reason.

Don’t: Bring too much stuff:

Bringing everything that comes to your mind to survive SUP fishing is not a good idea. A lot of stuff actually limit your chance to catch the fish. You lost actual fun somewhere between handling your stuff and all. You should keep in mind the mantra ‘less, but better.’

Don’t: Forget the sunblock:

Sun is not your best friend when you are fishing and there are no shades around. Your skin is not protected when you are out in sun with most of your body exposed. The best solution for this s to keep a sunscreen with you.

Don’t: Keep standing:

You don’t have to always stand up. Be on your knees to see how the paddle works if this is your first time. Start with standing position might be hard to maintain balance. But, it is easier when you are on your knees.

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