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Emergency Kits

Depending on where you live, the emergency items in your emergency kit could vary greatly. In places like Western Australia, there are many hazards that you can come across such as storms and bush fires, which are usually very unpredictable and Swift. This makes having an emergency kit in the household an essential for you, your family, and even your pets. In this article, we are going to take a look at emergency kits.

The things in the emergency kit should cover both emergencies and natural disasters, and the kit should be in a place that is accessible to everyone in the family, and in a dry place. You should check it regularly to ensure some of the things haven’t expired, and to restock the provisions. Below are some of the things that should be in an emergency kit:

Emergency Kits
Emergency Kits

Food and water

The water should be enough for everyone in the family and should be able to last a couple of days. The food should be non-perishable, and you should also include things like can openers, cooking equipment, and cutlery.

Other essential items

Some of the other things that you might need can include blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, and face and dust masks.

Medical and sanitation supplies

A first aid kit and manual are essential in any emergency kit and should come with medications such as pain killers, salves, and bandages. Sanitation supplies and toiletries should also be included in the emergency kit. Sunscreen and insect repellants shouldn’t be left out either.

Baby supplies

Don’t forget to have things such as diapers/ nappies, food and drink, change of clothing, and even include toys that they like playing with so that they can keep them preoccupied during the emergency.


In the event that it is dark, rainy, or you need to signal for help, you will need to have a battery-operated waterproof torch, candles, spare batteries, and waterproof matches. 


Having a battery-operated radio will keep you up to date with the progress of the emergency or disaster, and where you can go to for help. You should also have a fully charged mobile phone for communication, along with a list of emergency contacts. A paper and pen could also come in handy.

Tools and supplies

You should always have a survival knife along with a basic tool kit and supplies. You’ll also want to throw in some duct tape that could come in handy.

Floormania – Maintaining a Bamboo Floor

You can also ensure more safety by having the right floor in your house. You would probably want to have a soft floor that isn’t skiddy where the kids play, and that kind of thing. That is what brings us to Floormania, your number one-stop-shop for quality wooden floors in Australia. Among the floor types that they sell are bamboo floors, and they even show us how to maintain bamboo floor types. Some of their tips include:

  • Protect the surface from scratches by placing mats at the entrances to stop dirt particles coming in, avoiding heeled shoes, and placing protectors at the base of furniture legs.
  • General cleaning
  • Be bamboo friendly by avoiding extreme temperatures and lighting
  • Recoating


It is important to have an emergency kit on standby at all times, and especially when we live in areas that are prone to natural and emergency disasters.

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