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Technology: How it Helps in Response to Disasters

Everything in this day and age revolves around technology, and most tasks such as shopping or checking the weather forecasts can be done right from the comfort of our smart phones, tablets, computers, watches, and even Tv’s. It has brought about efficiency in handling all sorts of tasks. In this article, we would like to see how technology helps in response to disasters.

Technology: How it Helps in Response to Disasters

Reach Areas Not Accessible by People

In the event that the disasters are in areas not accessible by people, devices such as aerial robotics can be used. These include unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s). They make it easier to scan and assess the damage, map terrains, and deliver things faster and at a lower cost as compared to other vehicles such as helicopters. They can also uncover any survivors, even at night using infrared technology.

Breaks Down Connectivity Barriers

Whenever there are disasters, such as hurricanes, there are connectivity problems. This means that victims cannot connect with the rest of the world and get the required aid. Some of the technologies, such as Cisco’s Tactical Operations (TacOps), embrace the latest mobile networking technology to bring about connectivity.

Digital Communities

These include mobile technology and social media users, who give feedback in the event of disasters, airing more light with real time updates.

Data Analytics

Huge data analytics provide enough intelligence to handle disasters. This can include personal data, medical data, tracking of victims, and a host of other things. It gives information which is crucial to disaster management.

Digital Assistant Devices Conquering Your Life

Still on matters technology, we are now going to look at digital devices that are taking over the world according to a technology blog. We are going to focus on digital voice assistants we have on our devices. They are mostly found on Android and iOS.

Google Assistant Google

The Google Assistant is a very accessible app for android devices. To make the experience even better, you can get yourself the Google home device, which you can integrate into your smart home. The Google Assistant is highly accurate when it comes to commands and questions.


Siri is for Apple device users, available on their phones, iPads, and computers. One of the best things about this is that it can understand up to 20 languages, and it can also integrate with the Apple HomePod. Siri cannot be used outside the Apple eco system.


Alexa, by Amazon, is quickly growing in popularity in many smart homes. It works with more than 7,000 home brands. There are, however, other digital assistants which come with more accuracy than Alexa.


This is by Microsoft and it easily integrates into most Microsoft devices. It doesn’t come with a standalone speaker, but it can help in planning your day-to-day tasks.


Technology plays a vital role in our lives as you can see from above, and the best part is that it is ever evolving, becoming better and more efficient. Above you saw how it can help in disaster management and also looked at some apps and devices which as taking the world by storm. Feel free to try them out and then give us the feedback.

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