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Survive Stormy Weather with Ease with These Prep Tips

Storms are not to be messed with.  There are few things that can cause as much devastation as a quick and unexpected storm.  In many cases, no amount of prepping can help you when a storm hits but sometimes, a little bit of prep can make a world of difference in your comfort and ability to survive a stormy season.  Here are a few great prep tips to help you ease through stormy weather.

Survive Stormy Weather with Ease with These Prep Tips
Survive Stormy Weather with Ease with These Prep Tips

Get Your Roof Repairs Done Now

Get roof repair purcellville VA done in advance so your rooftop can be stronger and ready to handle those heavy rains and stormy winds.  Professional roofing experts can check for leaks, weak spots and will fasten up any loose areas on your roof like loose roof tiles.  When the storm hits, your home will be much stronger and the chances of roofing damage and water damage are greatly reduced.

Get Insurance

Insurance is a must for any homeowner.  Home damages are always costly to repair and with a good insurance company, you can survive even the worst of storms financially. You can get insurance for your home’s furniture and even for your entire home structure.  With good insurance, you can rebuild your entire life without having to fall into debt.

Steer Clear Of Transmitting Objects

Electricity travels through certain materials like water and steel.  If a lightning storm strikes then it is probably best to steer clear of things that can transmit electricity.  Avoid taking a bath, shower and don’t touch the taps or gate if you are in the midst of a storm, especially if your home doesn’t have a lightning rod.

Trim Tall Trees

Lighting has a tendency to hit the tallest object unless there is something else that attracts lightning.  Keep your tall trees trimmed or these trees can easily get hit by lightning and cause fires or fall on your house.

Gas Might Be Best

In remote areas, winter storms can easily knock out your electricity for days to come.  Gas stoves, ovens, and heaters are best, not just for power outages but also because they are a bit more environmentally friendly.   These types of homeware also produce heat which will keep you nice and warm during the stormy weather.

It’s better to Wait It out than to Push Through

In many cases, especially if you are driving, it is much better to wait for the storm to pass than to push through it.  If you are at home, don’t go out until the storm has passed.  If you are driving, pull over and wait for the wort of it to pass or you can easily end up crashing fatally.  If you are out in the open, find shelter as best you can and wait for the worst to pass instead of trying to make your way home in the midst of rain, thunder, and wind.

Keep an Eye on the Forecast

With modern smartphones, it becomes quite easy to predict the weather.  Simply Google your towns weather forecast and you can see exactly how hot, cold or stormy it will be for the next few days.  Try to make a morning habit out of checking the weather.  This won’t just help you survive, but greatly eases life choices such as activities and the outfit you should wear.

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