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8 Uses of Serrated Knives You Did Not Know About

How regularly do you utilize a serrated knife? In the event that it just faces the light of day when cutting bread,in that case, you’ve been missing out on a lot. This instrument is unbelievably adaptable and its barbed edge makes it perfect for slicing everything from organic items, to vegetables, to cake and even rope. So move over bread…here are five different uses for a serrated knife:

Winter Squash

Next time you cut into winter squash, take a chance at utilizing a serrated knife. The sharp edge will slice through the vegetable’s intense skin and give additional help to cutting and dicing irregular shapedveggies like butternut squash.


Yes! You read that right. A serrated knife can help cut a paracord rope with the use of its sharp little teeth. A paracord rope, used for survival purposes, can be cut into your desired length with the help of a serrated knife.


Need to cut up a melon in a rush? Utilize serrated knives to cut through this tough and thick-skinned fruit. Not only will your cuts be steadier as well as the serrated knife will help peel off the skin easily. It works awesome on a wide range of melons.


It can be difficult to slice through the spiky skin of a pineapple. That is the reason we support a serrated knife for this errand. Lay the pineapple on its slice and cut off the top and then the base. At that point stand it upright and utilize a serrated knife to make vertical cuts and peel off the skin quickly and securely.

Slicing the Tops of Loaves

In bread preparing, you have to make a shallow slice on the top to enable it to grow equitably in the stove. We’ve taken a stab at paring knives, x-acto knives, chef knives, and we’ve at last arrived on serrated knivesfor making the best and cleanest to cut.


The sharp little teeth on serrated knives make it so much easier and cleaner to cut down a block of chocolate that we require broken into smaller pieces. This can help when you want to make chocolate desserts, or even when you want to chop down chocolate for the sole purpose of melting it – later to be added in frosting, cake, mousse or other desserts!


How do proficient cooks get impeccably level cakes? The mystery lies in utilizing a serrated knife to even out the surface. The length of a serrated knife guarantees you can cut through a 9-inch round cake can in one single swoop.


A serrated knife will slice through a tomato’s fragile skin in seconds. Another reward? The saw-like sharp edge skims effortlessly without applying weight to the natural product so you don’t end up with a soft tomato. We suggest that you should use a standard serrated knife for cutting large tomatoes and a serrated utility knife for slicing bite sized or mini tomatoes down the middle.


Survival Essentials Every Mountain Biker Should Have

The outdoors are a great way to refresh your mind and breathe some fresh air away from the city noise. The thrill of biking through a beautiful landscape is unmatched. It gives you a dose of freedom. It exercises your mind and body. Nevertheless, what about those who can’t bike? Maybe, they just don’t have the stamina to ride a bike, or they have got a condition that does not allow much movement to their knees.

Why should they miss out? Downhill biking is one for those who don’t want to put too much effort, they can let gravity do the work. However, just because you’re going down and doing minimum work, doesn’t mean there is not any technique involved.

Try these four tips for downhill biking:

Proper Gear:

Accidents can happen anywhere, especially when going downhill where gravity has full control. Proper gear like gloves, kneepads, elbow pads, helmet, eye protection and a full jersey with armor is important for protecting your body. A proper thermal suit in cold areas and one with sufficient padding can help protect you from cold and accidents. Likewise, a proper bike is essential, even a simple BMX would suffice. However, choosing the right BMX bike for your needs can be tricky. You can follow an online guide like ‘Bikes Reviewed’ where they have reviewed the best BMX bikes available. They walk you through some crucial information that may the determining factor for you. Their selection includes bikes from every price range. Furthermore, they test and research the bike for you.

They provide reviews about which bike to use for what purpose. For example, you might want to use it for flatland riding, dirt jumping, racing etcetera. For downhill bikes, choose one with a good suspension.

But don’t invest all your money until you know you’ll be continuing biking for a long time. You can rent out some equipment from a local bike clinic.

Body Position:

It is crucial to maintain good body posture when biking. Otherwise, biking done for exercise will be of no use. It will do your body more harm. The main points to remember are:

  • Lower your center of mass
  • Soften your elbows and knees
  • Look ahead
  • Balance your bodyweight
  • Control your braking

Remembering these points will help you prevent any accidents from happening as well as any health problems that might occur. This ensures your body gets the full benefit of biking as well as avoids any health issues.

Know When to Brake:

Braking is one of the most crucial operations in downhill biking. When downhill biking, braking is not only essential to stop, but also to turn corners and prepare for jumps and obstacles. It is a technique which will not only help you get better ay biking but also will help you in getting downhill faster. It will also prevent any accidents from happening by avoiding obstacles and sharp turns. Braking at the right time and at the right place could mean the difference between life and death. If you hesitate and brake at the wrong time, it could result in balance loss.

Prepare for the Worst:

The outdoors can be very dangerous. They are mostly unpopulated, so if you land yourself in trouble, only you can save yourself. It is, therefore, essential that you carry some survival gear with you whenever you go for downhill riding. Ropes, water filters, bottles, and some protein bars are the must-keeps. Learn how to tie a knot as well as how to build a fire. In addition, it is recommended to go through a survival guide and learn a few tricks and trips.

Tips for Becoming a Silent Killer

Don’t panic just yet – or get excited if you really do have someone you want to murder.  We are talking about being a silent killer hunter… as in animals… not humans.  It is important to be as silent as possible when hunting.  Animals can hear a lot better than we can.  Their ears are specially developed to channel sound and noises towards the eardrum so they can hear even the most silent of predators as they approach.  If you are attempting to hunt animals you should be quitter than natural predators or risk scarring your prey away.   It takes a lot of skill to be silent in the hunting field.  Here are some great tips on how to be the most silent of hunters so you can hunt more successfully.

Tips for Becoming a Silent Killer

Learn how to walk silently in the bushes

In the bushes there are plenty of twigs, rocks, grave, grass and brushes that will crunch, grind and crumble underneath your feet as you walk.  These breaking twigs and gravel noises will scare off animals long before you approach.  You need to learn to walk more silently in the bushes by constantly checking where you place your feet.  Try to avoid stepping on anything as much as you can or try to stick to bush paths.  It takes a lot of practice to walk quietly and fast at the same time.

Hunt with a bow

A bow is silent.  The only thing you hear from hunting with bow is the whip of the bow string when you release.  When you hunt with a bow you can perform multiple kills without scarring off your prey or you will have a chance at a second shot if you miss.  You should have a look at the diamond infinite edge bow because this bow is a great example of the ultimate silent weapon.  The diamond infinite edge bow is of the best hunting bows for youths, women and those who are new to hunting.

Get boots with rubber soles

Your shoes can easily give away your position if the soles are too hard.  With hard soles you will never be able to walk quietly even if there are no brushes or twigs in the way because the very ground you step on will make a lot of crunching noises.  A pair of boots with rubber soles are much more comfortable for walking long distances and will greatly reduce the noise your feet makes.

Learn to control your breathing

Hunting is quite a workout.  You will quickly start to gasp and wheeze for air as you hunt.  You should be careful of breathing too loudly because you can easily scare away prey or notify prey of your presence.

Watch out for making noises out of habit

It is easy to adopt a habit of sniffing or making noises with your mouth.  These noises probably doesn’t even sound that loud to you because you are so used to making habit noises, you hardly hear it yourself.  It is important to stop making noises well before your trip so you won’t scare off the prey.

The Best Gear That Every Newbie Hunter Should Have

Hunting is one of the most exhilarating sports there is.  The anticipation alone while you are searching for that perfect kill is usually enough to make a hunting trip worthy of your time.  Plus you get to spend a lot of hours out in the open where it is just you, nature and your thoughts and no other distractions to add stress to your life.  But hunting is also one of the most dangerous sports to take up because guns and nature is and will always be incredibly dangerous and incredibly unpredictable.

Have a Friend Golfing Day for Great Photos and Great Memories

Practice makes perfect

A misfire or insufficient gun knowledge can be deadly for you for two reasons.  The first reason is that you can end up injuring yourself if you don’t know how to use your gun properly and the second reason is that you might end up wounding an animal which can result in a full on attack on you that leaves you powerless when you can’t reload quickly enough.  Those who are just starting out with hunting should definitely get in some good practice before they take on big game and the best way to get in good practice is to go pigeon hunting.  Pigeon hunting is great for newbies because it teaches you to control your breathing, to be silent in the field and to aim small.  The Benjamin Marauder is one of the best pigeon hunting air rifles on the market because it is affordable, lightweight and gives you great practice before you invest in heavy artillery.

Always have a good pocket knife

A pocket knife can be greatly handy even if you are only pigeon hunting and is a must for when you are getting ready for big game.  You can use your pocket knife for skinning your kill or for cutting and opening anything you need such as ammo cases and ropes.

Keep a first aid kit

A first aid kit is one of the first things you should be buying if you are going to take up hunting as a sport because there are snakes and dangerous creatures like scorpions to be found in any location which can easily result in an injury.

Water is a must

You can forget anything at home but you should never forget to take a surplus of water.  Those who are new to hunting can get lost easily if they are not acquainted with navigating and you can get dehydrated incredibly fast on a hot day.

A two way radio

Accidents happens all the time and can happen at any given moment but they are much more prone to happen when you enter a wild and natural environment with a loaded gun.  Keep a two way radio and make sure that you are safe and able to call for help when you need it.

It is important to buy good quality gear right from the start so you can cut back on the cost of replacing beginners gear and so you can be completely safe on your trips.  Hunting gear is expensive and it can take you a while before you will be fully geared and ready for complete wildlife security.

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