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Jungle Survival Tips

When you’re in the jungle, you never know where danger will come from. This means that you always have to be ready for anything at all times. In this article, we are going to look at some basic jungle survival tips that can end up saving your life.

Jungle Survival Tips
Jungle Survival Tips

1. Stop

This stands for stop, think, observe, and plan, something that boy scouts adhere to, and it should be used without fail when in the jungle. You need to figure out where you’re getting”

  • Drinking water
  • A shelter before dark comes
  • A weapon to protect yourself
  • Where rescue will come from in case of an emergency
  • Food
  • The directions of travel during the daytime

2. Finding Water

Some of the sources of water in the jungle include rain, rivers, and bamboo stalks,

3. Finding Food

Plants, animals, fish, and insects are the primary source of food in the jungle. You just have to figure out how to trap them, and which plants are edible.

4. Build a Shelter

A shelter will protect you against elements such as harsh weather and wild animals, and lean-to shelters are the most common if you don’t have a tent.

5. Traveling/ Resting

It is best to travel during the day, and in one general direction. This way, you won’t be going around in circles.

6. Predators

So as not to arouse the attention of predators, you should move stealthily. If you don’t have any weapon, you might want to find a strong stick to ward off any danger, or for self-defence. You would probably want to shape the tip into a sharp spear like shape. It is also recommended to wear long sleeve shirts and pants to avoid insect bites and scratches, as well as covering any exposed skin with mud to prevent insect bites. Always check your shoes for unwelcome occupants such as spiders or snakes, before wearing them.

Bucket Dining Chair

Assuming that you make it out of the jungle successfully, you might want to congratulate yourself. You can do that by buying yourself a gift such as a bucket dining chair. In this part of the article, we are going to take a look at a bucket dining chair review. The bucket dining chair comes with a timber frame that is strong, covered with plush fabric. Retailing at $250, this is an elegant and sophisticated bucket dining chair that will generate a lot of attention when placed in your dining space. It comes in a variety of colors as listed below:

  • Dove and black oak
  • Espresso and black oak
  • Frost and black oak

You can check the product availability online and place your order. The bucket dining chair can then be delivered to your house. This would be a good addition to add to the décor of your house, giving your dining room a premium look.


It is important to master survival skills even before you head out into the jungle. These are skills that can get you out of tight situations so that you can live to talk about it. You would probably want to tell your children or grandchildren that you rewarded yourself with a set of bucket dining chairs after surviving in the jungle and making it out in one piece.

Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

It is important to learn survival skills from a tender age. There are many different survival skills that could be learned, depending on different situations such as where you are. Are you in a desert or jungle? In an area without clean water? The circumstances are many. In this article, we are going to take a look at some survival skills that could save your life. The first step is to know the rule of 3, which is as below:

  • A person can go without air or stay in icy water for only three minutes
  • In harsh environments, people can survive for three hours
  • People can survive for three days without water
  • People can survive for three weeks without food.

Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life
Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

Below are the survival skills

Survival Skills: Air

You can’t survive without air for three minutes. Some of the tips for ensuring clean air include ensuring you have air filtration masks if you’re ever in emergencies or other dangerous scenarios and using the Heimlich maneuver, which is a first aid method involving thrusting of a person’s abdomen to dislodge something stuck in the throat. 

Survival Skills: Shelter

You need to know how to come up with housing in different scenarios, which can include having emergency tents on he ready in the event of emergencies, creating tarps in between trees, and using nature (branches, clay, mud, leaves, etc.) to create structures.

Survival Skills: Water

You need to know how to find and purify water in the wilderness through things such as knowing the natural water sources such as underground springs and Rivers, tapping clean water from trees such as birch and hickory trees, tapping rainwater, and following animals like antelopes, which will lead you to their drinking sites. Once you get the water, you can purify it by boiling, distillation, use of iodine tablets, and through water filtration.

Survival Skills: Food

Knowing that you can survive without food for up to three weeks, you have to know plants that are edible such as grass, pine seeds, and acorn seeds. It is advisable to boil the seeds. You can also hunt for animals and insects, which are usually very rich in proteins. Remember that eating can dehydrate you and you shouldn’t do it if you don’t have water. Dehydration can kill you faster than hunger.

AngelCare Baby Monitor Review

Just the same way that we need to know how to survive, we also need to ensure that our babies are okay wherever they are. That is what brings us to this next part, the AngelCare Baby Monitor review. It comes with the following features:

  • It has under-the-mattress wireless movement sensors which detect any movements in the bed
  • An alarm system that goes off when movement (breathing) isn’t detected after 20 seconds
  • The parent unit is both portable and rechargeable, making it ideal for traveling
  • The nursery unit has an LED ring that shows the temperatures in the room, glowing blue (cold), red (warm), or white (right temperature)
  • The parent unit also displays the room temperature
  • You can talk two-ways using the monitor
  • The nursery unit comes with a tabletop stand
  • The sensitivity levels are adjustable
  • It can be connected to the mains or operated by battery


It is important to ensure that your baby is always safe when you’re not in the same room, and that is what makes the AngelCare Baby Monitor a very important device to have.

Desert Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life

Venturing into a desert without the right skills could easily land your life into grave danger. We need to be well prepared for what we are going to face there. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best desert survival tips that could save your life.

Desert Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life
Desert Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life

Keep a lid on it

The thing that people should take a keen interest in when in the desert is the fact that they could face grave dehydration due to exposure to the sun during the day, and cold during the night. This means staying away from the sun as much as possible or barring it with things like broad hats. Keeping the head covered from the glare of the sun means that your body won’t be working overtime to keep your body cool. In the event that you don’t have a hat, make some sort of shade from whatever you have at your disposal, such as clothing. The golden rule here is to keep your head covered by all means.

Get under cover

We have just talked about covering your head, but now we are referring to covering the rest of the body. This means that looking for shade, or constructing one so that it can keep you away from the scorching sun. You could also rely on the shades from small shrubs, cactus, and even rocks and hills. The main agenda here is to avoid getting dehydrated by staying under the direct or indirect sunlight. You can choose to travel or adventure when the weather is cooler.

Don’t drink the water

Drink your water sparingly, depending on the amount of water that you have. If water is scarce, you have to avoid drinking it every time that you get thirsty. You can also check the level of dehydration through the color of your urine, the darker it gets, the more the dehydration. Ensure you drink water when it gets dark, and should you come across water in the desert, observe extreme caution as it could be contaminated. It could also lead to more dehydration and disease through things like vomiting.

Stay hungry

Yes, stay hungry since when you’re full the urge to drink more water arises. You can contain the hunger pangs by eating just enough. If the water isn’t enough, avoid eating altogether. The good thing is that the body can go longer without food as compared to water. This means containing the thirst by sacrificing the food.

Don’t panic

It is important to keep calm whenever you’re in a survival situation so that you can make a proper judgment on the next steps to take. Panicking can lead to bad or hasty decisions, making the situation worse.

Make your mark

Always leave marks of where you have come from and the direction you’re headed. You can leave scratches, logs, messages that other people might come across. Anything that will be helpful in helping others track you, or if you wish to backtrack later on.

Back to the Roots Exfoliating Shampoo

If you’re reading this survival tactic article, it means that you care for your well-being. This also means that you care for your body, which is why we are now going to review a scalp exfoliating shampoo, the Back to the Roots Exfoliating Shampoo. This is the perfect shampoo for those with dandruff since it has organic rice and lactic acid, which are perfect for exfoliating the scalp. To top it off, the shampoo also features a bergamot scent.


This is the perfect desert survival article and people should follow the tips mentioned to reduce their chances of danger while out there. On the other hand, one of the survival tricks for hair is to use the right shampoo, such as the Back to the Roots Exfoliating Shampoo that we have reviewed above.

10 Survival Techniques You Should Know

Hard or complicated as it might sound, mastering survival skills is actually very easy. Many people would be surprised at how easy some of them are and yet they would never have thought of them when they needed to use them the most. As a matter of fact, it is important to teach people some of these survival techniques when they are still children. This is because it is easier for kids to master some things and live with them for life. In this article, we are going to take a look at 10 survival techniques that everyone should know.

10 Survival Techniques You Should Know
10 Survival Techniques You Should Know

How to Build a Shelter

A shelter protects against extreme climate and prolonged exposure, and this makes it a very important part of survival. This could be against extreme heat or cold, which could otherwise lead to disease. Wind and rain are some of the things that shelters protect us from, keeping us dry and warm.

Starting a Fire with Sticks

This is something that was actually done by early man, if science is anything to go by, and it can still work today. It involves putting a stick between your palms and sticking it against a larger piece of wood, before rubbing the stick between your palms. The sticks all have to be dry as this cannot work in a damp environment. The fire could be used for heating, signaling for help, and for generating heat during the cold.

Getting Drinkable Water

In the wild, you can either get safe drinking water or water that will have negative effects on your body. Going for three days without drinking water could kill you due to dehydration. The good thing is that finding water shouldn’t be a problem. The problem will be purifying it to make it safe for drinking since it could be riddled with harmful bacteria, algae, and other toxins. You could use purifying agents such as bleach, and purification tablets. You could also boil the water, or use a moisture filter.

Edible Plants

You could come across many wild animals, but you could end up losing all of your energy chasing them around unsuccessfully. This leaves you with the option of looking for edible plants. Many plants are poisonous and one has to be very careful or else they could end up dead. You need to figure out plants that are not dangerous for consumption, such as dandelions.


Chances are very high that you won’t have a compass on you, but there is a way that you can find your way around in any jungle or wilderness. You can use landmarks to determine certain directions, or you can use the sun to determine east from west since it rises in the east and sets in the west. Night navigation can use the stars, whereby you can determine your position and then have a directional reference using the stars. The North Star has been used by many to guide the direction in which they are moving.

Signaling for Help

Your primary motive when in a survival situation is to get yourself out of there and one method that can get you out of there is by signaling for help. A good tip is to go to the highest point or an empty space and then using fire as a signal. You can also use visible formations in an empty space to spell the word SOS. Reflective materials also work effectively by pointing the reflection towards the search party.

Minifigs with Mega Prices

I don’t know about you, but one of the things that triggered some of the survival skills I know was Lego. It taught me how to quickly build shelters, or how to get my Lego idols out of tough situations. It was innocent child play but to date, I still have the most valuable lessons that I learned from that. That is the reason why in this part of the article, we are going to take a look at what LEGO Ways has to say about minifigs. A minifig is one of those little figures that bring Lego to life. These mini-figures shine in their world, and they are rare with a huge following.

Minifigs include comic con superheroes such as Shazam, Bizarro, Venom, and Phoenix which retail between $150 to $180 dollars. Star Wars Lego also comes with precious collections that include Boba Fett and Mandalorian bounty hunter, which fetch close to $200. Star Wars also has the Yoda, retailing for up to $250, as well as the gold-chrome plated C-3PO that goes for close to $500. The most expensive minifig of the all is Mr. Gold that goes for a whopping $1,000.


It is important to learn and master survival techniques since we never know when we will need to use them next. If you follow the stories by some of the Lego minifigs we have looked at above, you will realize that they might actually give you survival tactics.

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