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The Link Between Democracy and Safety

Democracy is very important for the wellbeing of a community including its safety. When members of the community do not receive democracy then they are susceptible to do acts that compromise safety of the community. When citizens feel that their democratic rights are violated, they will cause protests or react in a way that will make sure they are heard. Unfortunately some of these acts may be destructive and m ay have a lot of negative effects.

When democracy is practiced, then citizens will feel they have freedom to make the decisions they want and will make them feel accountable for their actions hence are less likely to violate safety.

Freedom Citizens

With a functioning democracy, citizens have freedom, more opportunities, prosperity and a comfortable life. That will make them to live at peace with the surroundings. Most people are at war because of lack of freedom. Most people crave for freedom to be able to make the decisions they want and live where they want.

Where democracy is practiced, there is a sense of protection whereby people from the minority group or women have sense of entitlement to access what they want just like anyone else. They have the right for protection against assault and infringement and have the right to participate in politics and hold top leadership positions just like anyone else.

Democracy creates equality and fairness. As humans, it is natural to crave for equality and fairness and that is why democracy is important. If people have a feeling they are treated with equality and fairness than they are likely to be more confident with their surroundings and live with harmony and thus ensuring peace and safety in the surroundings. Before the law, we are entitled to equality and fairness, and everyone has the right of expression to express themselves as they wish.


As seen above, democracy is important in that it ensures everyone gets freedom, security, equality and fairness hence equal chance of opportunities. It is only through democracy that we can be able to ensure there is harmony in the society.

It is the importance and need for democracy that led to the formation of some organizations such as Foundation for defense for democracies was formed to make sure that democracy is practiced and everyone can get to exercise their democratic rights. The foundation has different programs and activities to make sure it can be able to achieve its goal. It has done this successfully and the leaders who may plan to deny others democracy may be prosecuted hence it reduces the chance of that kind of behavior. The foundation runs across different countries and is not limited to Israel alone. It however focuses its operations on countries where Islamic extreme groups exist and where democracy is not practiced. The fruits of the foundation can be clearly seen as there is now a higher record of democracy than it was a few years ago and the situation is getting better.

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