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Tips for Becoming a Silent Killer

Don’t panic just yet – or get excited if you really do have someone you want to murder.  We are talking about being a silent killer hunter… as in animals… not humans.  It is important to be as silent as possible when hunting.  Animals can hear a lot better than we can.  Their ears are specially developed to channel sound and noises towards the eardrum so they can hear even the most silent of predators as they approach.  If you are attempting to hunt animals you should be quitter than natural predators or risk scarring your prey away.   It takes a lot of skill to be silent in the hunting field.  Here are some great tips on how to be the most silent of hunters so you can hunt more successfully.

Tips for Becoming a Silent Killer

Learn how to walk silently in the bushes

In the bushes there are plenty of twigs, rocks, grave, grass and brushes that will crunch, grind and crumble underneath your feet as you walk.  These breaking twigs and gravel noises will scare off animals long before you approach.  You need to learn to walk more silently in the bushes by constantly checking where you place your feet.  Try to avoid stepping on anything as much as you can or try to stick to bush paths.  It takes a lot of practice to walk quietly and fast at the same time.

Hunt with a bow

A bow is silent.  The only thing you hear from hunting with bow is the whip of the bow string when you release.  When you hunt with a bow you can perform multiple kills without scarring off your prey or you will have a chance at a second shot if you miss.  You should have a look at the diamond infinite edge bow because this bow is a great example of the ultimate silent weapon.  The diamond infinite edge bow is of the best hunting bows for youths, women and those who are new to hunting.

Get boots with rubber soles

Your shoes can easily give away your position if the soles are too hard.  With hard soles you will never be able to walk quietly even if there are no brushes or twigs in the way because the very ground you step on will make a lot of crunching noises.  A pair of boots with rubber soles are much more comfortable for walking long distances and will greatly reduce the noise your feet makes.

Learn to control your breathing

Hunting is quite a workout.  You will quickly start to gasp and wheeze for air as you hunt.  You should be careful of breathing too loudly because you can easily scare away prey or notify prey of your presence.

Watch out for making noises out of habit

It is easy to adopt a habit of sniffing or making noises with your mouth.  These noises probably doesn’t even sound that loud to you because you are so used to making habit noises, you hardly hear it yourself.  It is important to stop making noises well before your trip so you won’t scare off the prey.

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