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Tips for Surviving A Very Long Biking Road Trip

Biking can get pretty tiresome if you take on a long journey.  The physical strain on your body is much more intense while traveling by bike than by car.  Just wearing that helmet for hours on end is a huge challenge on its own and then your body still needs to deal with all sorts of other strains such as wind friction, road noise, bumps and engine vibration.  We are not even going to mention the strain of sitting in the basic same position on the entire journey.  And despite the additional strain you also need to focus much more on your journey while biking than you would have in a car because biking is a lot more dangerous since so many other motorists just don’t keep an eye out for bikers.

Tips for Surviving A Very Long Biking Road Trip
Tips for Surviving A Very Long Biking Road Trip

Taking on a long road trip by bike is quite a challenge but here we are sharing the best tips to help you survive these trips with ease.

Get quality protective gear

The importance of your riding and safety gear can never be over exaggerated.  Even a small fall with your motorcycle can result in horrible injuries and many bikers obtain severe injuries each and every year. On Bikers’ Basics you can check out all of the best essential protective gear that will keep you safe on short and long distance rides, that will fit your body comfortably and that will give you the best possible chance at survival should you get in an accident.

Book your stay at a comfortable guesthouse

Don’t even think about backpacking and sleeping in a tent on your road trip.  You need a comfortable bed in which to relax when you get off that bike so you can give your body a good rest and so you can feel refreshed for your next day’s journey.  Book your stay in advance in a good guest house and get to bed early.

Make frequent stops

It is important to make frequent stops when you are taking on a long road trip.  Stops are great for keeping you awake and alert, for promoting blood circulation throughout your body and these stops are great for checking your phone, eating a bite and getting a drink of water.  You should try to fit a 15-minute pit stop every 45 minutes because your brain cannot focus for longer than 45 minutes in one sitting.  Some even have a shorter attention span and cannot focus for longer than 30 minutes.

Take along a snack pack

Your snack pack should be stuffed with all sorts of foods such as energy bars but you can also include healthy snacks like dried fruits and nuts. A good snack can do wonders for your body and especially for your energy levels.

Stay hydrated

Take along lots of water so you can stay hydrated on your long road trip.  Dehydration affects your ability to focus and to make good decisions.  Stay hydrated even if it means more frequent pit stops on your journey.

Don’t travel alone

It is never a good idea to take on a long biking road trip all on your own, especially if you are traveling through desolated areas.  Travel in a group or at least let someone know where you are heading and when you are expected to arrive so you can get help should the worst happen.

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