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Tricks To Survive Europe Trip With A Limited Budget!

A trip to Europe can have your travel fund disappearing in no time. Especially, if you have not planned it before landing in those beautiful and extremely expensive countries. The point where you think you now have just enough money for a Europe trip and you can pack your bags; stop fooling yourself right there.

No amount of money is enough for such trips unless you plan your budget beforehand. Yes, those cities are expensive but you can still survive and have the best experience.

Tricks To Survive Europe Trip With A Limited Budget!
Tricks To Survive Europe Trip With A Limited Budget!

How would you do that? You would find here in this article:

Do not miss out on the freebies:

There are plenty of places in Europe where you can enjoy eating and drinking without reaching for your wallet. Do not expect to enjoy a full meal for free. We are here talking about some drinks, sweets, or whatever side dish the place has to offer.  Moreover, if museums are your thing, you would find a lot of them and some would even have free days or free hours.

The tour desk in the hostels can tell you about that. Granada in Spain offers a free tapa with every drink. Hostels also provide free cups of tea and coffee. They might sound like nothing but you would be saving a lot.

Be wise with your transport options:

Do not go for the popular choice, instead, go for the cheap one. Trains in Europe are the most used transport, but it is not cheap. You might get excellent deals if you book in advance, but getting a ticket in the nick of a time would cost you a lot more.

Buses are also a good option for long distance route. The ticket price is very reasonable even it is bought in the last minute. Low-cost carriers are available if you prefer flying from one place to another.

Eat Local:

You need to be smart when it comes to buying your food. Eating in the restaurants or cafes that are near major attractions of the cities would pinch holes in your pocket. They are extremely expensive.

However, if you go for locally prepared food, you wouldn’t have to have your budget go out of your hand. Ask at your guesthouse about the places where you can eat at an average price. Local markets have a lot of food options to offer. Visiting them can be fun too.

Book a room in a hostel rather than a hotel:

Hostels are way cheaper than hotels. When you have more than one city to visit and most of your time is going to be spent exploring, it wouldn’t be wise to book in a hotel for each spot. If Prague is on your list, Ananas Hostel is giving the best services. It is located in the lower part of the famous Wenceslas Square. Rooms of various sizes are available. These rooms are big enough to accommodate a maximum of twelve people with every person having his/her own space. They provide a comfortable and stress-free environment. The staff there would be present 24/7, in case you need any help during your stay.

They also have a tour desk that can help you plan your day. They would tell you about the places to visit in the city. Moreover, there is no compromise on cleanliness. They provide daily maid service to keep the place clean and tidy.

You would also be provided with a shared kitchen that you can use at any time. There is a long list of facilities that you can find on their website. Furthermore, you can instantly book a room from there.

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