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Ways to Improve Your Fishing Techniques

In this article, we are going to explore ways in which one can improve their fishing techniques. We will also review some of the popular and effective fishing rods in the market. In order for one to fish effectively, there are certain factors that have to be taken into perspective as we will see.

1. Use a good outfit

You would probably want to feel good having a good fishing outfit when you’re fishing, regardless of the price. It is advisable to save for a good fishing kit and with the huge variety of products on the market nowadays, you won’t miss one that will suit your pocket.

2. Have more than one outfit

It is always good to have more than one outfit, and especially if you’ll be fishing in different waters. This is also good if you’ll be using different fishing methods. Take it like playing gold with just one club. It wouldn’t make sense because different clubs are used for different types of shots. The same applies to fishing gear, and if you’re a serious fisherman than it is best to have different types of fishing gear. This way, you will be able to target different types of fish.

3. Practice your casting

Be the best you can be. When it comes to fly fishing, most of our failures are due to poor casting skills. Practice makes perfect. Make those fancy presentation mends and accuracy casts second nature, so you don’t even think about it.  Practice for distance, and work on your double haul, but don’t turn every practice lesson into a pissing contest.  Button off on the power. Get out the hula hoops and get the fly in the middle.

4. Fish like a Heron

Charging up the river to get to the best pool first is a good way to miss a lot of good fishing. Lakes and streams have far more fish in them that are visible, and trout, especially big trout, are very sensitive to movement, Fish like a heron. Dead slow and stop.  You’ll see more of what’s going on in and around the water, enjoy your time on the water even more and, importantly, catch more and larger fish.

5. Bait Choice

If forced to pick one single change that makes the difference between blanking and catching after swim choice, it’s always hook bait. Fish are incredibly fickle about what they will eat with enthusiasm and what they don’t eat keenly enough to get caught on. Experiment on different rods with different flavors, colors and shapes of boilie and pop-up, to plastic or tigers, Peperami, maggots and pellets. You will find that fish quickly get caught on one when you find which is the winner.

Ways to Improve Your Fishing Techniques

Now that we have looked at some tips on how to improve your fishing, we are now going to go through reviews of some of the popular fishing rods in the market today. All of them are easily available in stores like Amazon. We are going to guide you on how to choose the best fishing rod.

The basic parts of a fishing rod

A fishing rod consists of the following basic parts:

  • The handle (the grip) is where you hold it while casting and retrieving the catch., and is usually made of cork or foam. One should go for a handle that feels comfortable and won’t slip while reeling in a big catch.
  • The butt cup comes at the bottom of the handle and is typically made of foam or rubber. It is a very important piece because if the fish is giving a good fight, one will most likely end up pressing it against their stomach. Ensure that it does not hurt!
  • The reel seat connects the reel to the rod. Some fishing rods will have rings that hook over the reel foot, while others screw it in with a hood mechanism. Naturally, one will want this to be sturdy and well-designed so that it doesn’t fall apart when it’s used.
  • The fishing rod will also come with “guides” or rings which the line runs through. The number, size and spacing of the guides vary, but the best fishing rod will have the proportion of one guide for every foot (so a 7-foot rod will have 7 guides). The guides are attached with strings called windings, which ideally should be painted with enamel to prevent wear and tear.
  • The tip of the rod is thin and flexible, and the tip top (or the very end) or the guide at the end of the rod, is usually quite small. The best fishing rod will use only the finest quality materials for this tiny but very important piece. It can break off or get caught when you carry your rod around, so be careful!

Fishing Rod Reviews

In order for one to know the type of fishing rod to use, it is important for one to do a thorough research, which is probably one of the reasons that you are reading this right now. We are going to review some of the fishing rods that you might want to try out.

Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package

You get the fantastic AX56-090-4 Series, 4-piece fly rod with a Lifetime Warranty, a center disc drag die cast aluminum large arbor reel preloaded with backing, a weight forward (5 weight) floating fly line and 5X tapered leader, a rod sock, a rod case, a fly box with 9 flies and a spare leader. The rod is for 5 or 6 weight line and is great for everything from small trout and panfish to small bass. It will fish well at the local pond or on a trophy trout stream. This rod is designed by Wild Water to be very forgiving for the beginning fly caster yet sophisticated enough for an experienced angler to appreciate. When you look at the price you may need to read this a few times to believe it!! Rod Specifications: Line Weight: 5 or 6; Rod Length: 9 Feet; Number of Sections: 4; Rod Case Length: 32 Inches; Flex: Mid; Action: Slow; Material: Composite Graphite; Rod Weight: 5.7 ounces; Grip: Western; Rod Blank Color: Dark Gray; Winding Color: Black. Suitable fly pattern substations will be make if the flies pictured are unavailable. The reel in this package will arrive set up for LEFT hand retrieve but can easily be changed to right hand retrieve if desired.

  • The kit was very well reviewed for having a very sturdy rod. It can handle a five or six weight line, and the individual parts are quite sturdy. There is a center disc drag die-cast aluminum large arbor reel that has a backing, and a five-weight floating fly line.
  • This is a complete kit that already includes tapered leaders, a rod sock, a rod case, and a fly box that carries nine flies and an extra leader. You can literally take this kit and take it to the water!
  • The fishing rod measures nine feet and has four sections. It can be disassembled for easier storage and transport.
  • The rod is made of strong graphite and weighs 5.7 ounces.
  • The rod offers mid flex and is slow action.
  • The lures allow you to catch different kinds of fish. You will find three Black Winged Ants, three Parachute Adams and three Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymphs
  • The reel is set up for left hand retrieve but can be shifted to right hand retrieve.
  • The rod looks quite stylish, with a dark grey with black winding.


  • This product has received numerous five-star reviews. While it has limitations, the quality it offers for its price impresses even experienced fishermen.
  • The kit is well curated, with its above-average selection of fly patterns and lures
  • This is an ideal travel kit because the packaging protects all accessories from damage. The pieces are stored in fabric rolls and cylinder tubes that protect them during travel.
  • It is easy to use, even for new fly fishermen. You will not find it difficult to practice your casting skills with its slow action, mid flex design.
  • You already get a lot of value for money from the case, which is very strong and has a sleek and sophisticated look. It is also designed for convenience, thanks to its zippered pockets for small accessories.
  • The rod comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • The reel can be large and clunky, and has an inconsistent drag. If you are serious about fishing you may want to consider upgrading it.
  • Buyers have complained that the guides are made of plastic that can break off.
  • If the rod is damaged, the company promises a lifetime warranty. However, there will be additional costs for shipping and other service fees. You may find that it is more cost-effective to buy a new fishing rod.

Plussino Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

  • This is a complete kit that comes with a rod, reel, six fishing hooks, six fishing lures, four sinkers, and a fishing bag.
  • It is a telescopic rod. The company sells them in different lengths and actions, so pick one that best suits your needs.
  • It is made of high quality materials. The Plussino spinning rod is made of carbon fiber combined with fiberglass. This gives you both strength and flexibility. Even the individual parts are made of metals that resist rust. The guides are made of aluminum oxide, while the reel seats are made of high quality stainless steel.
  • The EVA grip is comfortable and will not slip
  • This is a short-body rod with large spool and large line capacity
  • It has excellent line winding because of the S-curve oscillation system
  • The handle can be adjusted for both left-handed or right-handed people
  • It has Medium power and an extended handle
  • It can be used in fresh and salt water



  • This is a very durable and versatile fishing set that you can take with you to the ocean or your local lakes or fishing ponds. It can take on any fresh water fish and smaller sea fish.
  • It is designed for convenience. The compact rod neatly fits into your car or boat.
  • It is an excellent kit for those who desire versatility, affordability and convenience.
  • It is ideal for the beginner fishermen, or more experienced anglers who want an all-purpose rod that is easy to carry around.


  • Though the Plussino Spinning Rod and Reel can be used in different kinds of fishing environments, it may not be able to take on larger and stronger fish. It is best for fishermen who want versatility but are not looking for the challenge of catching trophy fish.
  • It has good materials for its price range, but it will show the signs of wear and tear after a few years. You may need to replace this rod if you realize that you want to make fishing a lifetime hobby.

The Plussino Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

This is one of the best fishing rods for beginner anglers. Whether you’re a man or a woman, a young child or a grandparent, The Plussino Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo distinguishes itself for its combination of power, versatility and ease of use.


  • You will get a rod, reel, six fishing hooks, six fishing lures, four sinkers, and a fishing bag.
  • The telescopic rod is sold in various lengths and actions so you can pick the one that best suits your needs
  • The rod is made of carbon fiber combined with fiberglass
  • The guides are made of aluminum oxide
  • Stainless steel seats resist rust and corrosion
  • The EVA grip is comfortable and fits nicely into your hand
  • Can be used for boat fishing and sea fishing
  • This is a short-body rod with large spool and large line capacity
  • The handle can be adjusted for both left-handed or right-handed people
  • It has Medium power and an extended handle


  • You get everything you need to start fishing! This complete fishing kit doesn’t just give you a rod, reel and line. You get a really good array of fishing lures and basic fishing accessories. These are even placed in a customized kit that is compact and convenient to bring on fishing trips.
  • You don’t sacrifice price for quality. The rod is made of high-density carbon and fiber glass. The real seats and guides resist corrosion, and the EVA fore grip fits comfortably in your hand. It also has an extended handle.
  • The spool is made of aluminum and has double color and one line holes
  • It has a line capacity of mm/M 0.20/240 0.25/200 0.30/140
  • It comes with accessories like six fishing rules, six fishing hooks, and four sinkers.
  • It has Medium power
  • The fishing rod is made of a light but strong material, so it can handle large fish and the wear and tear of many fishing trips.
  • This is a telescopic rod that can be collapsed for convenient carrying and storage
  • It comes in several lengths which you can choose from. The smaller fishing rods are great for young children, while the longer and larger ones are suitable for adults
  • It has an anti-reverse feature
  • The short body is easier for beginner fisherman to control
  • The handle can be switched for right-handed or left-handed people
  • The tackle kit includes very good lures and hooks. Even serious fishermen were surprised by the quality of what was included: heavy duty worm hooks, bass jig heads, two powerful lures, brass weights for making a Carolina rig, and high quality swivels.


  • The fishing rod holder is not included in the kit, so you will have to buy it as an additional fishing accessory
  • If you are already an experienced angler, you may need more powerful accessories and features than what you would get from the Plussino Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Okuma Voyager Spinning Travel Kit

Amazing secrets are held by the small ponds, creeks, streams and rivers we pass by in our travels. The question is always, ‘I wonder if there are any fish in there?’ The Voyager Travel Rod and Reel Combo can unlock those secrets. Including a 6-foot fishing rod, 20-size spinning reel, small tackle box and a padded travel and storage case, the Voyager combo takes up minimal space and is always protected and organized. Perfect for keeping under a vehicle seat, in the trunk or in a backpack, this light-action combo is a great choice for trout, panfish, bass, catfish and walleye. Fill the reel with 2- to 10-pound test line, add a few fishing lures, split shot, bobbers or other fishing accessories to the tackle box and the kit is always ready to fish when the opportunity presents itself.


  • The kit includes a rod, reel, and high quality guides, stainless steel hooded real seats, brass pinion gear.
  • The spool is corrosion-resistant aluminum metal and will hold up well under the elements
  • The rod has five sections which can be assembled and disassembled for greater convenience
  • The spool is made of high-quality anodized aluminum
  • The Line Capacity is 100/6
  • This fishing kit will enable you to catch a wide variety of fish, including trout, catfish, panfish, bass, and walleye


  • It is convenient and easy to assemble
  • The carrying case can accommodate additional accessories in case you want to customize your set-up for the local fish.
  • It has received high praises for being balanced, easy to cast, have great sensitivity, and good drag
  • It is especially effective for fishing in lakes and streams. Many fishermen have had great success in catching bass and catfish.


  • The small spool is unable to handle heavy lines.
  • It does not have enough eyelets to handle more rod strain
  • The anti-reverse is made of plastic that can break down in more challenging fishing situations
  • It is not set up for catching saltwater or very large fish
  • It does not come with as many accessories as other fishing kits

The Shimano Solora Spinning

The Shimano Solara spinning rod is crafted with a durable aeroglass rod blank and a solid locking graphite reel seat. It includes reinforced aluminum oxide guides and comfort cork handles. They are equipped with comfortable cork handles, solid locking graphite reel seats, and aluminum oxide guides. The spinning rods are light and flexible fishing rods which enable you to catch fish.


  • Reinforced Aluminum Oxide Guides
  • Solid Graphite Reel Seat (Locking)
  • Cork Fore and Rear Grip Handles
  • Warranty


  • One area found with this spinning rod to be ideal for use is its sensitivity with large jigs. It enables one to feel soft bites, which means swing into action at the right time.
  • It is highly recommended for beginners. That’s because it’s a quality spinning rod that’s easy to use. You can use soft plastics to bait and wait. If you have children, it’s a perfect device to teach them on the basics of fishing without using your live lures.
  • You can also use it in oceans or bays. That’s because it has comfortable grip handles.
  • It’s also ideal if you prefer fishing while moving from place to place. That’s because you can break down its two pieces.
  • It also got delivered safe and fast.
  • Its price is excellent. That’s because of its durability. It has been used it to catch bigger fish without facing any difficulties. This would probably be attributed to its aluminum material.
  • The fishing pole is great; it has a good amount of flex for ultra-light action and the pole itself looks very nice.


  • One area that was found to be wanting is its size. That’s because its shorter size makes it hard to fish faster.
  • It was also found to be quite stiff, something closer to medium heavy.
  • According to some users, the piece that screws upward to secure the reel on a Shimano Spin Clam constantly loosens and must be adjusted.


Now that you’re armed with fishing tips on how to improve your fishing techniques, as well as some of the fishing rods that you can get on the market, you will be in a better state of mind to go fishing. Buy the rod that you think will work for you, and use some of the tips posted and you’re sure to bring home a couple of fish. Just remember that when choosing the type of rod to purchase, you need to know where you’ll be fishing, and the type of fish you’ll be targeting.

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