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Workwear to Help You Survive Dangerous Jobs

One of the most iconic photos of all time is called “The Kiss of Life”.  The photo was taken in 1967 by Rocco Morabito and consisted of a utility worker named J.D. Thompson giving mouth-to-mouth to co-worker, Randall G. Champion.  The two workers were working dangerously high on a low voltage line when Champion got electrocuted and fell unconscious.  His safety harness kept him from falling hundreds of feet to the ground and Thompson was able to save Champion’s life by providing CPR. While quick thinking and basic CPR knowledge was important for saving Thompson’s life, we can all agree that the safety workwear he was wearing was one of the most critical lifesaving factors in the entire incident.  The right workwear can mean the difference between life and death and is vital to help you survive some of the terribly dangerous jobs that so many people take on each and every day.

Workwear to Help You Survive Dangerous Jobs

Workwear must haves for dangerous jobs

Hi Craft Workwear & Safety is the best website to get access to all the workwear that you may need for any type of job.  They offer a wide range of safety solutions for any job type including all of the following must haves for taking on dangerous jobs;

Personal protective equipment – PPE must haves like hard hats, ear protection, gloves and eye protection are the basic essentials for most dangerous jobs.

Hi-Vis Workwear – This type of workwear improves your visibility so those that drive or deal with dangerous equipment can easily spot you.

Confined space equipment – Convinced spaces are a little bit safer when you wear the right harnesses and have the right tripods and winches.

Dangerous goods storage & containment – Secure dangerous products and gear with good quality storage containments.

Emergency equipment – First aid kits, fire safety gear and safety signs are just a few of the emergency equipment that helps improve your chances of survival when chaos strikes.

Industrial footwear – Safety footwear is important for all jobs and especially for dangerous jobs where you can easily lose a foot or toe.

Height safety gear – Randal G. Champion owes his life to good quality height safety gear and that is exactly why this is one of the ultimate must haves for working on heights.

Industrial workwear – This type of workwear gives your body the maximum protection against dangerous chemicals, warm elements and ricocheting objects in the workplace.

When do you need to wear safety gear?

Safety workwear is important for all jobs that are potentially dangerous.  Sure, it is especially important to wear and use safety gear when you are working dangerous jobs like logging, sea fishing, piloting aircrafts, fixing roofs, farming, working on structural steel or iron or working on heights.  But in truth all jobs can be terribly dangerous if you are dealing with dangerous tools or doing dangerous tasks.  The best way to ensure your survival for dangerous jobs is to always wear suitable safety workwear for each and every job you take on.

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